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The Teddy Bear is a modern day dream totem protecting us from bad dreams and negative energy. An Illustrated Novel featuring the adventures and exploits of Mr Squishy Squashy, proud member of The Teddy Bear Army, as he battles to defend his charge Michael against his nightmares. I was really enthusiastic, I really felt I had a comprehendible project of substance on my hands. My wife needed a serious operation and I was struggling to see if I would be able to return to work as a tattooist with the limitations the hemiplegic migraines I had been regularly suffering with were imposing on me. Standing firm in the face of adversity striving to make the world a better place.A NEW KIND OF ARMYA multi media magical art project.

Then I seized the opportunity to make a positive out of a negative and to finally make the time to get finished writing "If you go down to the wood today". I knew for the first time ever in all my attempts to write a book exactly how the story worked, or at least I thought I did.
After many failed attempts at trying to convince him to stay, I eventually sucked it up, and accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to be here.
Our agreement was, on our 7 month(friday), he would come to my school during lunch to be with me for 10 minutes. During the early stages of the grieving process my creative energy went into hibernation for a while before refocusing itself on completely new facets of expression.

I was so beyond happy, and he got his friend to cover for him at work so he could be with me on our anniversary.

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