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In the middle of divorce, it's important to remind yourself that life won't always be so difficult. Still, it's hard to believe that things get better when you're dealing with the stress of a split, so to help remind you, we've compiled 10 of our favorite quotes on self-preservation and rebuilding your life after a hardship.
Click through the slideshow below to read them, then head to the comments to share your favorite quotes or sayings on perseverance and moving on.
While we love the idea of being 100% fully authentic and self-expressed, sometimes this behavior scares the crap out of the new person you’re dating. I once wrote an important post about how text messaging is the devil, and your email only underscores it. Now, to be crystal clear, your guy was probably never going to be your future husband, so it’s not like you’ve lost someone too important. First is that while we love the idea of being 100% fully authentic and self-expressed, sometimes this behavior scares the crap out of the new person you’re dating.
In short, you emailed him to say hi, you followed up with a phone call, and then sent several frustrated text messages. So please, for your own sake, stop trying to talk about important things via email or text. The bigger lesson I get from your story is one I was actually discussing with a client yesterday on the phone.
The emails were articulate, heartfelt…and utterly the worst possible way to communicate such an important relationship issue. I’m not sure if we communicate this way because we’re cowardly and afraid of confrontation, or if we’re trying hard to get our words just right by writing and rewriting, or if we actually think that texting “why r u ignoring me” is an effective way to change a relationship for the positive. All I know is that without having the opportunity to listen to a human voice, process the information, and explain oneself patiently, it is next to impossible to have a productive discussion via email.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. He prefers to talk, and I prefer to e-mail, so anytime we have a conversation I don’t say much and then send him a long e-mail later. I found the daily e-mail and text a bit much, but in her defense, she has known him for 5 years. If you know some-one for that long, and start dating do you really still need to follow the whole “do nothing” routine? I’ve learnt the initial contact(let him chase) thing, but trying to find that point in the relationship where you can be a little more relaxed is really hard to do. Roberta- Did you call and text him with that frequency over the last five years that you’ve known him?
With that being said, I don’t blame you for being annoyed to not have communication returned for 2 days. And on a totally random, unrelated note, I’m really curious about why you go to bed so early? Personally, if someone started unloading on me too soon I would hope to respond to that in a polite way, even if confronted.
However, if you act a certain way you are going to get a certain kind of response so if you don’t want that response it is up to you to change how you act.
My guess is that he was having second thoughts about getting into a romantic relationship with her and tried slowing it down by not responding to her communications for a couple days. This article is right on the spot, I remember having the same problem with a needy girl, ladies please don’t abuse your communication devices like phones, text massages, mails, twitter, personal notes, etc etc. It’s been my experience that the proper response is to allow things to slow down, or give the person the space they want. You seem to be saying that a man ought to be able to put up with you venting over the little things. Karl, you ignored the part of my post where I said that she wasn’t necessarily in the right either for reacting the way she did.

Here's a little PSA for people who find themselves coupled up this Valentine's Day: If you value your relationship in the least bit, do not give your significant other a valentine as crappy as the ones below. Nah, but kudos to this person for not caring about the theft, and for leaving this hilarious note. In this post, I’m going to answer this question and reveal some important texting tips that will give you confidence as you take steps to get your ex back. Do a quick search online and you’ll probably find countless advice columns discussing the horrible experiences people have with texting in relationships. It’s these types of experiences that cause many relationship experts to advise against texting your ex after a breakup. Those of us who understand just how ingrained texting is in our lives and how powerful, personal, and intimate it can be choose to use text messages to improve human connection in our relationships…and, yes, that includes helping you get your ex back after a breakup. If you want to text your ex back into your life after a breakup, it’s important to understand the pitfalls and perils of texting so you can avoid them.
And it’s true that sending the wrong texts at the wrong time to your ex can really mess things up and make things worse. On the surface, it may seem like the best time to text your ex is shortly after the breakup.
To give yourself the best chance of getting your ex back after a breakup, wait a solid 3-4 weeks before you make the initial contact.
If your ex shows negative emotion toward you, there are certain texting techniques you can use to change negative feelings into positive ones and turn things in your favor. If your ex shows no emotion toward you, good or bad, then you may have a very difficult road ahead of you. Your texts should never be formatted in a way that makes your ex feel pressured or like they HAVE TO respond.
Ok, so this kind of goes along with the rule above, but I think it’s important enough to separate it out on its own. Texts like the one above are a great way to come across as super needy and super desperate.
Never get into big, long conversations with your ex over text, even if things seem to be going really good. By pulling away just when your ex is wanting and craving more, you keep your ex thinking about you and the positive vibes they were feeling. This works great both for breakups and for flirting over text which is another topic we’ll discuss later on. There will, in fact, come a day when you don't struggle to pull yourself out of bed and get yourself to work. Believe me, no one enjoys taking the side of “hold a little bit back, bite your tongue, play it cool”, but, in the early phases of dating, it’s the best course of action. She was reading me emails that she wrote to her boyfriend about how she was upset that she hasn’t yet met his kids. Way too many things can go wrong, from the absence of voice, tone, and nuance, to the simple fact that a person can ignore you for days at a time after you gave your deep, emotional confession. Not about the texting or the frustration…but about letting the guy know too much too fast. And I completely agree that texting is not the medium with which any serious matter should be discussed.
No woman wants to have to walk around on egg shells around a guy just because he can’t handle the more tough stuff. Jake and I have a communication plan that we worked out when we had our first major disagreement, and it allows us both to use the communication styles that come easiest for us. Could some-one you’ve known for 5 years, discussed having a relationship with really fit into the same category of the new man in your life?
If you don’t give the guy a chance to initiate contact, how are you ever going to know that he truly wants to?

You just need to temper your reaction a bit (I’d be saying the same thing if you were a guy). Without knowing the specific words that you wrote to him regarding what you perceived to be his lacking communication, and the vibe it gave off, maybe he felt that you were chastising or criticizing him.
Sometimes that’s all they need before they decide to continue pursuing the relationship. You won't always want to take cover and curl up in the fetal position when someone has the nerve to mention your ex's name.
Last weekend we spent together, he gave me a single red rose and it was wonderful, just getting to know each other on a different level.
I think that verbally discussing something is an important component, but think it’s perfectly okay to open up that conversation with the written word.
We actually look for men that can infact handle the tough stuff and stay strong handling it.
He’s likely freaked out because you guys started dating and you made his worst nightmare come true- you turned into different person. They had a usual (?) style of communicating twice a day and then for 2 days he ignores her completely. Assuming, mind you, that this it is a real relationship and not the beginning stages of dating. You don’t know he would have reacted had they been together for an appropriate amount of time for him to be her ear bending buddy. You want to know if this is a guy who is interested enough in you that he’ll initiate a call to you wiithin a reasonable amount of time.
But if you try to pursue them harder, they will slam on the brakes harder, or want more space, or pull away faster.
We automatically devalue someone who comes on too strong to us – especially if we haven’t sorted out our own feelings yet. And the only way to really know that is to do the hard thing of practicing restraint and not initiating. I know that sounds passive and powerless, but I think it actually shows maturity and confidence, and is proof that you have a full life outside of a relationship and can independently make yourself happy. The thing is, she is really really pretty – like was voted most attractive in high school or something, one of those, so guys would always fall for her, and she would drive them away like crazy with exact behavior like the poster.
I was a bit frustrated after a bad day at work and I sent him several text messages about how I felt concerning his lack of communication. And apparently they weren’t strangers at all, they apparently knew each other for 5 years. I responded by saying I accepted his apology but reminded him that although my days were not as long as his, they were just as busy if not busier. The reason is irrelevant, so don’t waste your time and energy insisting on an explanation. What do I do, do I wait until he contacts me or should I call or send an email letting him know that I was concerned about how he was doing?
If you cut and run everytime things turn difficult, then you aren’t ever going to be happy.
Watching my friend do this to guys was like watching a trainwreck, no matter how many times you tried to tactfully tell her DON’T DO IT!!!

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