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With Google changing their algorithms like the rest of us change our underwear, what were once sound SEO techniques are now little more than a pipe dream for those of us in the industry. Google knows your search history and wants to show you what they THINK you are looking for. Just like the search engines try to outguess what we are looking for by our search history, they also assume that we are more interested in businesses that are local to our individual locations. What I believe is a more important measurement are the actual keywords that are actually driving traffic to your site.
Web presence optimization techniques are now more about organizing groups of related keywords into themes. The example below shows that over a 30-day period we drove 3,142 visits to the website from 2,035 different keywords. Advice for Business Owners: Your SEO team (In-House or a professional firm) should be using a variety of different criterion to measure success.
Chuck Bankoff has been a Digital Marketing strategist since 1999 and is an International speaker, author and trainer to WSI Internet Consultants on 5 continents.

As he has just started doing this perhaps you need to consider that, as other aunts have said here, it could be some kind of memory issue developing? I regardless, once you've expressed your feelings and needs, his refusal to honor them is a very large problem in your relationship.
I'd stay really alert and watch him like a hawk for when he goes into the bathroom, and then check on it immediately after he leaves (ew, I know). If this doesnt work, leave the box of toilet cleaner, brush and plastic gloves on the toilet seat. Either that or make a big sign that says "PLEASE FLUSH AFTER USE" and place it in a prominant position on the toilet.
How did I not know?  There were signs, even from the beginning that I either was too ignorant to know the difference, too trusting and believed his explanations, or downright denied the evidence right in front of me.  Never underestimate the power of denial. Blog about sewing and fashions and how every woman needs three dresses to make her feel as beautiful as she real is.
My favorite piece of art: perfectly patinaed signs my husband salvaged off a building on North Capitol. Still a good indicator of your popularity and certainly an influence on your website traffic, it’s not in itself a goal with much significance any longer.
So where does that leave your search ranking reports when different people may see different results regardless of where your report tells you that you rank?

Since they know where we are by the IP address of the Internet connection we are using, the search results are skewed to the location of the searcher, not the location of where the report is being generated from. If you searched on the same thing from your (fill in the blank) location, you will see a completely different set of locations. Search engines have become smart enough to rank good quality websites for keywords that aren’t even mentioned on the website because they understand what the website is all about. Chuck manages a team of website development and web presence optimization specialists from the Kreative Webworks office in Capistrano Beach, CA. He probably would deny forgetting to flush, because it's embarrassing, but there could be more to it than that. Are there other things that he is doing that seem "off" or different than his "normal" self?

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