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Lead generation companies often have to juggle two competing priorities: our clients want more sales leads, but they also want to convert a higher percentage of the sales leads that they already have. Many sales leaders have the misconception that lead generation and sales conversion are two separate goals – the sales people constantly cry for “more sales leads” while their managers insist that the sales people need to get better conversion rates from their existing sales leads. Not all sales leads are created equal, and not all sales leads are worth giving the same amount of attention. Most sales people are eager to jump on the “highest priority” sales leads which have indicated a willingness to buy. Instead, lead nurturing is often well complemented by the smart use of content marketing materials, which present information and build credibility with prospects in a helpful, educational way. For example, your sales team, as part of the longer-term process of building relationships and addressing the prospect’s pain issues, can offer to send free web demonstrations, white papers, case studies, “success stories,” and blog articles that are relevant to the prospect’s needs. Even if the material shared is not relevant to the immediate sales conversation, it’s often beneficial to share great content with prospects just to show them that you care about helping their business – for example, you could send articles on industry trends or business intelligence that might benefit the prospect. Just like a magazine or website publishes an “editorial calendar” to schedule content creation around certain topics and times of the year, your sales organization should create a regular “sales follow-up calendar” that works as a cohesive, repeatable, consistent process to keep making contact with prospects, and to keep maximizing every sales lead on your list.
In the long run, there are very few truly “good sales leads” or “bad sales leads” – almost any sales lead can turn into a sale given enough time, nurturing, and appropriate follow-up.
April 16, 2012 by bmichellepippin 9 Comments Recently, I’ve been reminded by so many of my clients (and prospective clients) how easy it is to overlook, discount or misjudge what is simple. What if you knew exactly what you wanted from your business, had identified the shortest route to get it, and knew what you had to DO to get there in the least amount of time possible? This stood out to me right away “Consultants will wow you with charts and graphs and systems with some corny acronym… crazy hair, glitzy events, and more.
How many times to we go to a well publicized event to learn something about business and what you get are little bites of information from all of the presenters and opportunities to buy the complete program for more money. Each month I sit down and write a statement about what I would like to accomplish that month and how I am going to get there. I really resonate with this because it seems to me that you are teaching folks to stand in their own authority, strip it down, make it plain, and then go do it!-lovely and well done! While reading this a colleague was looking up directions to a restaurant and it was giving a circuitous route rather than direct.
God bless you Michelle as you continue to reach out to others with the wisdom God gives you. In 2008, my husband and I DOUBLED our income following Michelle’s super -simple guidance and out of the box suggestions.
Michelle lights up the room with her energy, but she does something even more important: she directs your focus to results, performance and taking full, joyful responsibility for their success in business.
Thanks to Michelle’s business strategies, my business has double the revenue from last year so far. After working with with my share of the high-profile online marketing coaches with disappointing results,I wanted and needed something really different.Quick story- I had a very bad month last Fall. Michelle is an exceptional business coach and mentor for entrepreneurs leading organizations both big and small. In a world where there are so many people who are all about hype, all about “making the sale” and all about themselves, it’s extremely refreshing to work with someone who is exactly the opposite… and then some. Before I met Michelle I was struggling with two major things that would make or break my business – believing in my value and how to powerfully speak to the needs of my target market.
Since coaching with Michelle, my entire professional career and life has been completely transformed, Michelle’s out-of-the-box-thinking and provocative questions made me really evaluate who I was as a woman, wife, mother, friend and professional. Living an organized life is a lot easier when you have systems and tools that are themselves well ordered.
So in this Get Organized Mission we’re going to tackle that modern repository of information and entertainment – the computer. If these folders aren’t already set up at the top of your folder hierarchy, create them now.

Date – only useful if you remember things by date, otherwise retrieval may be time-consuming. I’m a liberal deleter, and happily take the risk of missing something later (I rarely do) in exchange for the fabulous feeling of clearing computer clutter. You’ll need to work out for yourself where you sit on the delete scale – but don’t overthink it.  Decide fast and move on. This approach isn’t perfect, but you’ve promised me 30 minutes and we need to take the best organizing action we can in that time.
Instead of archiving everything non-current in Step 6, quickly go through your files and move them to the correct folders in your new organizing system. If you share a computer with your kids, create a folder for each child under Family, and show the kids how to save and find their stuff in the right place. Now that you have a lovely, clean desktop, you may want to update your desktop background to something fresh and motivating. Once you’ve completed this week’s Get Organized Mission please add a comment to let us know you’ve done your assignment and you’re keeping your commitment. Michele Connolly is into writing, books, simplicity, love, TV, productivity, and staying thin in a world of chocolate. I set it up to match my paper filing system for my business, so I can easily flip from one to the other! I purchased a portable harddrive and saved all of the most loved and cherished photos and movies.
At times during the day do you find yourself so exhausted that you wish you could curl up and go to sleep?
Secondly If you’ve been running on empty for a while then likely your energy stores have become depleted, a bit like a battery that has been over used.
Fundamentally we may need to break the stress cycle that could have initiated the stress hormones at the outset by incorporating some forms of relaxation (meditation, yoga and nature) and stress relief (fun, laughter and exercise) into your routine. In the meantime, some energy boosting herbs and foods you can also try – Goji berries, liquorice, the ginsengs and rhodiola.
Women’s Health & Vitality Specialist and the author of ‘The Good Health Guide’ a bi-monthly ezine, Sue's mission is to help women have the best health they possibly can.
Corry MacDonald of Core Creative Energy is a Canadian born expat living and creating a fantastic life overseas. Currently based in Bangkok, Corry takes a transpersonal slant with her art therapy training, and focuses upon the personal growth and happiness of those she works with rather than pathology and labels. As you research to find the best ways for you to connect online, keep in mind that you can’t do everything. Once you complete these three simple steps, you should then start connecting with others socially. Along with a robust lead generation program to keep more new sales leads coming in, it’s also important for sales organizations to create a solid pipeline of sales opportunities by managing their sales leads for the long term. One of the first principles of lead management is that sales leads need to be constantly evaluated, sorted and ranked in order of priority. Qualifying B2B sales leads is not just about robotically reading from a script, it’s about building rapport and beginning to develop a relationship where you can talk to this person multiple times over a longer-term period – and sometimes your lead qualification questions might uncover some other opportunities for sales. But your company will be well served if you can also teach your sales team to value the “lower priority” sales leads – because these sales leads will enter the pipeline to become future sales opportunities, if the team knows how to nurture them and guide them through the sales process.
In addition to phone calls, fortunately there are a variety of solutions on the market that makes it possible to automate much of the sales lead follow-up activity, such as e-mail newsletters (your sales team can ask prospects to opt in to your e-mail newsletter, even if they aren’t ready to buy), Webinars (to continue to educate the prospect and offer helpful information along the way), and product demonstrations. By ranking and qualifying your sales leads, following up with helpful content marketing and information that benefits the prospect, and by ensuring a consistent system for nurturing leads, your sales organization will start to maximize the potential in every name and number on your sales lead database. And they’ll want you to believe that success is so complicated that you need them as a guide, revealing all of their “little known secrets” to you in bite-sized chunks.
I am endebted to you forever and I am so excited about all of these developments in my business I can hardly stand it!

Her emphasis on RESULTS rather than EXCUSES turned my thinking, and that of my employees, around dramatically.
Her brain is crazy good and she can find money for your business where you didn’t even think to look:)) With just one suggestion she made, I’ve been able to triple my income. Michelle exceeded our expectations and I would recommend her to any organization needing a truly inspirational, results-driven speaker.
Michelle is the kind of person that takes the time to know who you are and what your business is all about. I wanted to take a moment out of my extremely busy schedule to thank you for your help in building my business success.
I have become re- aquatinted with my-self, and my dreams, and unlocked the “present” of living today. Our organizing process will make it easy to know where to save your files, give you confidence to find stuff when you need it, and create a lovely sense of order in your digital life. As we only have 30 minutes, we’re going to start afresh and file new stuff as we create or update it. It’s a way to avoid decision making – and you need to make decisions if you want to be organized. To leave a comment: Scroll to the bottom of this post, where you’ll find a comment box waiting for you.
Thank you for your good tips, I?ve learnt many things while reorganising my house…and life. To keep energy levels high you’re body needs the right type of fuel, so make sure you have 3 balanced meals and 2 healthy snacks throughout the day. She is passionate that women are empowered with the best knowledge, easy to implement health practices and tools available, so that with their health taken care of, they have one less thing to worry about!Her background of many years in the corporate world, education, industry and now as a busy mum running her own private practice, means she knows first-hand the pressures and challenges of busy, stressed out women who are juggling a number of things at the same time.
Connecting with other business owners can help find potential clients or a potential business partner. With the right sales lead follow-up and sales lead nurturing techniques, sales teams can keep maximizing the value from every new sales lead that comes along. For example, you could list your sales leads in order of “perceived pain” (how urgently they are looking to make a purchase) based on your sales team’s conversations. Today’s “low priority” sales lead could become a lucrative sale six or nine months from now.
Not only is she exceptional at what she does, her practical insights are immediately applicable and her absolute commitment to our success is invaluable. Instead she tells you exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level and produces results.
For most people the most rejuvenating sleep is between 10 and 12pm, try going to bed before 10.30pm and aim to get at least 1 hour before midnight. And I have found in my business, that often I know the simple thing to do is not always the easiest. The analogy is bit like a car when you put diesel in a petrol car it won’t get very far!
These additional nutrient requirements can often be achieved with one good multivitamin depending on your situation.
Research has shown that the optimal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep a night, but you may need more if your serious about getting more energy. If you struggle with insomnia then you may need to address this to ensure quicker recovery. And your courage will always be rewarded” because next week is all about taking steps to simplify my business and now I have faith that I will see the results.

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