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Experts have said for years that if you get attacked by a shark the best thing to do is to punch it in the nose. Lay down some suppressing fire and send that cartilaginous carnivore heading for the undersea hills. It’s going to be kind of hard for that shark to bite you when it’s been cut in half with a Jedi laser sword, now isn’t it? Dazzle the shark with your rock-hard bi’s, tri’s, lats and abs and make it feel bad about it’s body and overeating issues, thus losing its appetite and leaving you alone.
Beating a shark with a two-by-four puts you out of the reach of its jaws and might just land you a wrestling contract with the WWE.
It’s a known fact that shark’s hate being run down by motor vehicles equipped with giant shovels. Be sure to grab a clip of it on your camera phone so your “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” shark video becomes the viral hit of the summer.
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Did you know : that before he was a YouTube star, Harley Morenstein was a substitute high school teacher in Montreal? Nobody wants to wake up and see that in their inbox regarding their XBox Live account because XBox doesn't mess around. There are Xbox Forums strictly for people who have gotten their accounts suspended until 9999.
When you've been banned sign into chat forums and be a total d*ck to the only people who can possibly help you get your account reinstated. Use bootleg copies of Black-Ops or any other game you can get your hands one - Xbox knows everything and they will ban your sorry butt for it. Some people, especially people with races, don’t like constant streams of racist profanity coming from 10-year-olds. Showing your junk on Xbox live anywhere will probably do the trick, but I think you get fast tracked to ban-ville if you do it in a family friendly game. And there have been a rash of recent minor shark attacks as well as sightings at popular beaches around the world. Especially since sharks skin is actually covered in millions of microscopic razor-sharp teeth called denticles.

Chuck would kill the shark just by looking at it and then make condoms and fannypacks for all of his friends out of its hide. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. Since they can't get to where they're going on their own, babies sometimes get carried around. If you want to get banned, it would help if your name is something funny like Craig Bonersmith, or James Queery.
So unless you're actually from Fort Gay or your last name really is Gay, don't use the word gay on Xbox live.

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