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Explaining the reasoning behind the release, the group continues “This database contains username and phone number pairs of a vast majority of the Snapchat users.
However, the group has censored the last two digits of the phone numbers in order to reduce abuse. In addition, a Reddit user named antimatter15┬ácombed through the database in order to eliminate U.S. Commenting about the recently leaked personal information, Gibson Security tweeted “We know nothing about SnapchatDB, but it was a matter of time til something like that happened. In a world where many of us work hard to create content that will help us find our voice online and give us permanent credibility, Snapchat seems to be much too fleeting to be instrumental. The Good: Snapchat has continued to bring enjoyment (on somewhat of a surface level) to its users who enjoy giving people a glimpse into their daily lives without worrying as much about how they look or how the Toaster filter affects their like count. While the site has been suspended by the host due to overwhelming traffic, a cached version of the site can still be found here.
This information was acquired through the recently patched Snapchat exploit and is being shared with the public to raise awareness on the issue.
That being said, anyone familiar with their friend’s usernames would be able to match up their friend with a Snapchat account. While Snapchat hasn’t released information about the size of the overall userbase,┬áNielsen has estimated it to be around 8 million users within the United States around May 2013.

A user takes a picture (or short video) using the app (the user can’t use pictures that already exist in your camera roll as you can with Instagram). If a viewer decides to take a screenshot of the picture, they can do so successfully but the viewer will be notified. And of course, fuelling our dopamine-driven social media world, is the busy nature of a person’s Snapchat inbox due to the ability to mass send pictures. If you want to find out if your Snapchat username is included in the file, visit this username look-up page on Gibson Security here. Those states include Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. This feature eliminates the constant fear of embarrassment of your picture finding a way t social media or internet.The application was developed by two students of Stanford University, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. I suppose you can but, for those looking to grow their own platform, can it really be of any use?
It can brighten a boring workday, enhance an event, and give you a laugh you otherwise wouldn’t have had (and who can put a value on that?). The lineup was to be announced the following day and the group of us sitting near her did all we could to convince her to give us even a one second glimpse. Both of the students understood that emoticons as well as texts are not enough to properly transfer the emotions to one another and sharing photos could turn out to be embarrassing if they get uploaded on the internet.

In a recent Six Pixels of Separation podcast (which I highly recommend you check out), Mitch Joel discusses the permanent internet vs. I’m starting to become more optimistic about its effect on apps like Instagram which, in my opinion, are bombarded with those low-quality-look-at-me-now pictures. How easy is it for a major festival to encourage people to add them on Snapchat with the incentive of advanced lineup “glimpsing”? You can download the application directly from you app store and then you need to register or login on the application.After that Snapchat accesses all the contacts stored on your mobile phone and finds out your friends that use this chat application. I’ve spent minutes looking at full lineups for festivals and failed to notice a band that later sparks conversation with a friend. The amount of conversation resulting from a multitude of people each getting a one second glance at a small picture of the lineup would be an interesting thing to attempt to measure.
The application is a very good method of sharing emotions with one another but at the same time the parents need to be cautious about how their children are using this application and monitor their activity so that they can prevent problems like cyber stalking, and cyber bullying etc. It’s these kinds of things, that actually add some value for viewers who give companies the permission to speak to them, that will endure as we become more selective about who we follow, like, and listen to.

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