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She never wavers or doubts the sincerity of her friends and comrades, be they old friends or new.
Of course, her greatest loyalty remains to her love and fellow Dragon Knight, Fratley, whom she has searched for for years.
She never gave up on him, right up until their emotional reunion, and wants to stay by his side despite his memory loss. It's one of the things that drove her to become a Dragon Knight for her country at a young age, and although she's been selfish at times, she's always done her best to protect those around her.Because of these two traits, she is a great friend, and she often considers her friends' and acquaintances' feelings and safety. She can be just as casual and personable as she can be serious in the right situations, joking with the joking types and avoiding humor for those less receptive to it. She advises those around her when she finds it appropriate, taking both the individual and the situation into account for the best outcome for both.
Her clever, logical side tends to show through when she advises her friends in this way; her experience as a knight and a world traveler gives her a foresight that many lack.
She isn't without emotion, but can set her own feelings aside if it would help a situation, teaming up with former enemies if it's the best way to survive.She's quick to step up to a challenge, especially when her skills are brought into question, and she's always seeking improvement in order to defend those important to her more effectively. She knows that sitting and crying does nothing to improve a situation, though she can't help but shed a few tears if the situation truly affects her.

It sort of raises various questions like whether they should get into relationship at this age and stage. It was there that she met Sir Iron-Tail Fratley, who became her mentor and helped her cultivate her skills in battle. Whether middle-aged people can find love again?”She also said that the magic of their jodi when they were young cannot be matched this time. Over the next several months, their relationship grew into romance, and they spent much of their free time together. Although she was unsuccessful, only finding rumors, she gained experience in battle and in worldly matters, learning much along her travels. Although she continued to search, she was unable to find Fratley, and when that time of year came around, she came to Lindblum to participate in the Festival of the Hunt, where she met Zidane once again.After helping him save the Hunt from being a complete disaster and taking the trophy, Freya discovered that her home was in danger, thanks to a Burmecian messenger who stumbled into the conference room she was brought to celebrate the conclusion of the festival. Unable to wait for Lindblum's forces to organize, she hurried to the rainy city for the first time since she left 3 years ago, Zidane and his friend Vivi in tow. Passing through the ruins of Gizamaluke's Grotto, a barrier that had long protected her people, she found the city nearly destroyed and her king missing, though she soon discovered that he and several refugees had fled to the neighboring nation, Cleyra.
Although she and the others attempted to spy on the enemy forces' leaders, Queen Brahne, General Beatrix, and the mysterious Kuja, they were soon drawn into battle and defeated.Although the two nations had separated hundreds of years ago, Cleyra accepted the survivors of Burmecia, and Freya managed to meet the King of Burmecia there.

In order to better fend off the Alexandrian forces that still posed a danger to her people, she assisted in a dancing ritual to strengthen the sandstorm that protected the enormous tree Cleyra's settlement was based upon. However, instead of making the storm stronger, a string on the sacred harp used in the ritual snapped, and the storm stopped altogether for the first time in hundreds of years.Freya and her group attempted to fend off the enemy forces that ascended the trunk, but were driven back to the settlement, and were assisted by a mysterious Dragon Knight--Fratley, finally returned from his long journey. Although elated to see him after so long, she was soon told that the man had lost all memory of her and his past, and she lamented the irony of the situation; having so long dreamed of meeting him again, the man she met could no longer recall her name. Although distraught, she continued onward to try to stop Beatrix and her forces, but failed; the party was forced to vacate the settlement via the teleportation pods used by their enemies, and from Queen Brahne's airship, Freya watched as the summoned Odin destroyed Cleyra. As such, she has a distinctly non-human appearance: taller and somewhat thinner than the average human with light grey skin, she sports a pair of tall ears with tufts of fur on the inner side, as well as a long tail, a snout, and claws on both her rat-like feet and her long hands. Due to her training and travels across the dangerous Mist Continent, she can handle her chosen weapon in the air or on the ground well; in the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum, she easily takes first place if Zidane fails to defeat every enemy he encounters.

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