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Known as Hallowe'en (UK spelling), Halloween (US spelling), or Samhain, the 31st of October is a traditional Pagan holy day and Witches' Sabbath. Kate Whiting talks to a witchcraft expert to find out more about the original pagan festival and how you can recreate a more traditional Halloween. Hallowe'en, All Hallows, or All Hallows' Eve, this is an ancient Pagan holy day, corrupted by Christians. Hallowe'en is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year in many people's minds, but do you know what special, seasonal spells are traditionally cast?

The Anglo-Saxon tribes that invaded Britain called Hallowe'en 'need-fire.' They lit bonfires to magically endow the sun with the strength to survive the winter. The fierce faced lanterns carved out of pumpkins and, in colder climates where pumpkins are rare, turnips, are apotropaic charms intended to ward off evil spirits and protect traveller and household from harm. A girl might divine who her future husband was going to be by lining up hazelnuts in front of the fire, each of which represented one of the boys that was wooing her. Another tradition from America instructs the curious girl to take a lamp and go out on the night of Hallowe'en to a spring of water and peering in she should see the reflection of her future husband. To find out who your future partner in life is going to be try this simple divination spell.
It has been suggested that the game of Dooking, or Bobbing for Apples, in which a person must catch apples floating in a basin with his teeth is a forgotten survival of the Pagan 'baptism' ritual of seining.
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Take advantage of this to cast extra-powerful spells, read the future and communicate with spirits who have passed on. Such bonfire customs survive in Great Britain, but have been moved to the 5th of November and associated with the burning in effigy of Guy Fawkes. Ruickbie in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 and International Laws and Treaties, except where otherwise noted.
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