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What is it on Mickey Mouse that almost everyone gets into a hypnotic trance when seeing him? Being very honest, it is not only the kids, but also adults who want to go to Disneylanda€¦,yes, including me of course.
Every time I cross the gates of Disneyland I become totally a€?crazya€? - just as if Ia€™d enter into another realm. There are thousands of anime, manga characters but Mickey Mouse is and probably always will be The Mickey Mouse. Today, we have him beautifully computer-graphic colored but in 1928 when it was released for the first time as Steamboat Willie Mickey was only black and white. Now, I will show you the process of how to draw Mickey Mouse in few very simple and easy steps. Hold your pencil tilted and just without any deep thinking, simply draw the head, prolonged neck (body), belly and the limbs. OK, so this initial sketch looks like nothing, almost grotesque, yet it will be a very important guide to draw Mickey Mouse. Put a piece of paper under your hand that holds the pencil, in order not to blur the drawing when your hand rests on the paper. When drawing smaller body parts like palms, eyes, mouth, etc, you can hold your pencil as usual a€“ writing grip.
Here you should erase all excess pencil lines, so that only one thinner and firm pencil body-outline shall remain.
Graphite of ordinary pencil will remain shining, which is not always nice so make a graphite pencil test on a separate paper first, to see how it shines. I did the coloring by colored pencils but you can color it with pastels, water or acrylic colors as you wish.
A different portrait May 09, 16 03:40 AMI had opened a new Youtube account for sharing my drawings on video two weeks ago. This cute character was born in 1928(!) and I would not exaggerate if I say that Mickey Mouse is the most famous anime character in the world. The legs are also not exactly straight but oriented backwards to form a reversed a€?Ca€? character. I think you instantly feel how easy it is now to draw when you have ready the basic body position guidelines.
It is a wonderful feeling while you draw Mickey Mouse, to see, how it comes out gradually on the paper. Using the first circle, you can start sketching out the shape of the head, as well as the long hair for the cheeks. Here all you have to do is draw the back, butt, and hind leg for the cat followed by the back paw and some of the tail. Today I thought I would draw another famous cartoon couple, and this time they will be from the Disney Collection. The thing I want you guys to do here is draw the rest of Minnie's clothes which is a cute summer dress, and then draw Mickey's gloved hand that is in his pocket, and then his signature shorts that have two buttons the same shape and size of his eyes.

We all know that wolves are a very important part of the world, especially to their favored fans.
When you want to transform an adult wolf into a puppy, take the key traits from an adult and make certain areas bigger or smaller.
Now, carefully, we'll keep distance with our guidelines and draw the forehead FIRST, then channel our way downwards to the snout.
Slowly progressing onto the neck, we will draw the back first, creating an outward mound which will then form into the shoulder. Then, let's keep distant around the guides and draw the stomach and eventually, the hind-leg.
You will do a lot of erasing work from now on so make the pencil strokes soft and weak to erase them easily later. One of the things I really like about this cat is the small nose and expression on the face.
Draw in the wide shaped triangular ears, as well as the tuft on the top of this kitty's head. The next thing you want to do is draw out the big bow on Minnie's head, and then add the pretty long lashes.
You will then draw the noodle textured legs for Minnie, and then draw Mickey's legs, and top half of his shoes.
Now is the time to have some crazy fun when you start coloring Mickey and Minnie as a couple. I see tons of wolf art with the classic normal and well detailed wolf, and the anime - mute type style. Like I've stated before, experimenting with different shapes of faces and bodies could morph into a style you may find unique and fitting. Let's start with the essential guidelines for the wolf, creating a small circle for the head, large circle for the chest, and an oval for the hindquarters. The eye shouldn't be drawn no further than the middle of the dipping point of the forehead.
Let's work on the first foreleg which starts thick, adjacent to the shoulder we drew before, and tapers downwards into the paws. In this case, I wanted to draw a snowy rock with a large moon framing the body of the wolf. If not, retry the tutorial, or simply try drawing one on your own (using the tips presented at the beginning).
I can truly say that it's more of a traditional version anime cat unlike some of the other ones I made in the past. Next draw her nose, mouth, and start the lining for her puffed shoulder sleeves, and torso. They convey a strong, majestic stance and their faces have such a sincere yet ominous stare. Style 2 is easily more fitting for a cutesy or serene anime environment, while the Style 1 fits for a semi-realistic anime environment.

Though drawing these guidelines perfectly aren't entirely necessary, it is still advised to result with a similar figure presented in this tut.
Try not to make too many jagged fur definitions since it will make the wolf look scrawny and bristle. When we draw the paws, we'll want to start with one outlining shape first and THEN the individual dividends of paw toes.
The black colored coat with the hints of grey for lighting makes this kitty shimmer on the page. These creatures are definitely beautiful and I thought by creating a tutorial on "how to draw anime wolves" would be sufficient for their many fans.
Now, the cheeks should be VERY fluffy and you don't see any hit of muscle tone on the face because wolves have furry faces. The mouth should be drawn with a slight indent which then ends at the outer corner of the eye. If you are a fan of drawing anime animals, you will definitely enjoy drawing a cute anime cat. I have always been a fan of Minnie Mouse because she always reminded me of a meek, quiet, sensitive mouse that was always eager to give a helping hand. The preview image was definitely much fun to work on, the background painting was an instant treat.
I have to get my other lessons prepared for submission so stay tuned in to see what they will be on. But even though she seemed really sweet, there was also a dark side to the soft toned Minnie.
I tend to go crazy when it comes to backgrounds since my skills in that region are lacking. As you know Minnie was Mickey's girlfriend, and one of the things that will set of Minnie's “other side”, is the nonsense that Mickey sometimes pulls.
There is lots more fur making the body appear to be thicker yet we still have the toned fur detailing around the muscle elements. I think that Mickey sometimes wants to do something bad so that Minnie pays attention to him.
No matter how you think of these two Disney stars, there is no denying that when you “draw Mickey and Minnie” as a pair, there is no doubt that they are the sweetest couple around. The fun thing about coloring Minnie Mouse, is the ability to have her wear anything, in any shade there is. I had fun sketching the two main characters of “Mickey's ClubHouse”, and I think you will too. I've also seen a style where the paws are lightly detailed with simple dividends for definition of paw toes.

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