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If your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend both fall into the water, just which one do you save?
About four to five minutes later, the two people who were first in the water climbed onto the riverbank overgrown with weeds. Because both of their mobile phones had been submerged in water, they were unable to call the police, so Ms.
Yesterday evening, Yang Zhengquan told this reporter that when the incident happened, he was doing welding on his fishing boat.
Yang Zhengquan also told this journalist that the place where the three entered the water was on the edge of an area where the water depth was basically about knee-deep, but just a bit further, there was a hole over 2 meters deep. Yesterday evening, according to one of the firefighters who participated in the rescue, after the young man and woman came ashore, they said the three of them were all over 20 years old, all work in a financial company in the Longzhou Bay commercial district, that the two girls were the young man’s ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend.
After the accident, the funeral parlor and 120 [emergency] medical personnel very quickly arrived and when it was confirmed that the woman could not be resuscitated, the funeral parlor vehicle took her body away. Presently, police are still verifying the identities of the three and still investigating the specific reasons for jumping into the river. Chinese Psychological Society member and New Faction psychologist Chen Zhilin: Comparing life and lost love, life is clearly more important. The boyfriend is unreliable, the current girlfriend is really foolish, may no one in heaven steal your boyfriend.
Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. My Chinese wife can’t swim, despite falling in rivers and needing rescue multiple times as a child. I’ve received training as a lifeguard, we did some exercises and I don’t remember saving someone was hard? Just throw a dog into a pond and instruct the students to fill their lungs with air and move like it. I know adults here who have never been in a swimming pool, let alone rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Its impossible that you go to any public swimming poor and not seeing one single person who can swim.
For the most part, the US public school system doesn’t have swim classes unless you go to a school like Phillips Exeter.

Swimming lessons are mandatory here, you can’t go through public school without learning to swim. Actually, the whole PE section of the Chinese education is underdeveloped, because they don’t give you extra points in the university entrance examination, unless you strive to become a professional athlete. With the rate at which bodies of water in China become toxic, it’s a wonder anyone ever goes near one.
I live next to one of the better primary schools in Shanghai and there’s a public swimming pool right next to it that the school uses during the day with classes for students.
An inevitable outcome in a society where so many are spoiled in their youth, discouraged from taking responsibility for themselves & their actions and can only think with their emotions.
Normally, other than those who come here to eat or attend banquets, there aren’t a lot of people around.
Tian is a waitress on the pontoon, and she told this reporter that yesterday afternoon at around 4:10, she and a coworker were coming back to start their night shift after visiting Yudong. When he realized what had happened, a man and a woman were already swimming towards the riverside. With the river waters being swift at the time, the woman unfortunately drowned in that area. Yesterday afternoon, they met by the Yangtze River side to talk about the relationship problems between them.
It is REALLY hard to swim weighed down by clothes , shoes and victim… that and even a mild river current makes life difficult. Most parents only care about their children’s academic performance and disregard all other activities and such as sports and swimming.
In Denmark no schools have pools of their own, but we just took the bus to the nearest public pool and used that. If you were to fill them with students from various schools, you need to build some swimming pools extra for that purpose. The public schools I went to in California had pools (middle school and high school) and all had the option to take swimming classes for PE.
A lot of Chinese who don’t know how to swim simply never had an opportunity (or a reason) to want to do so as they grew up. Tian and the two were were separated by over 100 meters but she could clearly see that it was a man and a woman, that the shirt and pants the man wore were both black, while the woman was wearing a white top and red skirt.

Soon, members of the Longzhou Bay police station and Longzhou Bay firefighting squad arrived. Very quickly, several other coworkers arrived and together they carried her onto shore, but regrettably, the woman already showed no signs of life. Previously, the ex-girlfriend had made a demand, that the current girlfriend leave the young man. Life is mostly lived through trials and hardships, so whether it be breakups or falling passionately in love, one must face them calmly and avoid handling things impulsively.
Are you trying to imply that nowadays most Chinese people can swim, because that’s simply not true. And many Chinese schools can’t afford the logistics of moving students outside of the school on a regular basis.
Though most friends and people I knew learned to swim before they even went to primary school. Maybe they live in an densely urban environment, or they’re busy tilling the fields day-in day-out to take their family out for a relaxing dip in the cold little creek they might have nearby.
Tian’s heart clenched and she ran towards the shouting whereupon she saw the figures of two people splashing about in the Yangtze River. During this time, Yanglin Fishing Port employee Yang Zhengquan rowed a fishing boat out to fish out the woman who had jumped into the water, but unfortunately, she was already dead.
If you were to look at the hardware of some schools that are not deemed top league elite, you’d know that swimming class really is a luxury.
Upon seeing this and without even taking off his clothes, the young man jumped in after her. Then, in her anger upon seeing her boyfriend jump into the river for his ex-girlfriend, the current girlfriend also chose to jump in. In the end, the boyfriend rescued the ex-girlfriend, while his current girlfriend drowned in the river. It wasn’t until over 10 minutes later that the other girl was dredged up, but by that time, there were already no signs of life.

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