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On February 11th, I had the immense pleasure of hearing Emmy Award Winning HIV activist Rae Lewis-Thornton speak at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Craig Johnson is a Community Health Promoter with Rush University Medical Center Section of Infectious Diseases through Rusha€™s long-standing research partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Encouraging an honest dialogue about the disease, Rae discussed everything from denial and disillusionment in the Black Community, the Down-Low Myth, and even Diarrhea.Before then I had never met Rae. With the suede upper, leather sole and fringe detail around the ankle, these flip flops are define comfy chic. This Saturday, August 14th is the Bud Billiken Parade and Red Pump will be there passing out information and condoms to the parade goers.The festivities will kick off at 39th and King Drive and end in Washington Park (55th). Yet, according to Guttmacher, more than 14% of teenagers ages 16-19 had already slept with 4 or more individuals and 23.3% of sexually active teens had sex after taking drugs or drinking alcohol. The consequences of teenagers engaging in sexual behavior coupled with ignorance, according to Lucey, "warrants discussion as to why children, essentially, turn to sex at all." Reports suggests the media provides a causal attitude to sexual behavior, making it appear to be a given in any relationship.
Johnson serves as a liaison between the clinica€?s HIV research staff, local AIDS service providers and related community based organizations, as well as the general public. Sixteen years later, as we see him smiling courtside at Lakers' games and on billboards for HIV treatments, it's as if something has shifted. According to the Post, sources close to scientists preparing the new statistics have confirmed that rates of new infection in the United States may be 50 percent higher than previously believed -- a jump from 40,000 new infections per year to up to 60,000.
Reminded of our fast approaching date, thus minimal time to collect donations, I put the finishing touches on my email. Furthermore, despite information stating otherwise, teenagers still believe that the contraceptive pill and the HPV shot will protect them from HIV and other STDs.
In doing so, he promotes Rush as a top provider for HIV treatment and one of the citya€™s two NIH-approved sites to conduct research studiesa€”particularly among HIV-positive women and minorities. Greeted by a solemn audience, Rae encouraged us to loosen up in order to become more receptive to what she had to say.

Most recently, he joined the Chicago Black Gay Mena€™s Caucus, as well as the HIV Prevention & Planning Group through the City of Chicago Department of Public Health.
As a matter of fact, the more and more we see his face, there's like two schools of thought are emerging:A.
The survivor of sexual abuse as a child, and a tumultuous relationship with her mother, Rae believed that if she had conquered those horrible experiences, she too could conquer HIV.
She's executive director of REACH LA, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that helps disadvantaged youth understand and defend against threats like poverty, drug abuse and HIV."They're in this age group that feels they are invincible -- that it's never going to happen to them," she said. In 1994, two years after she became public with her diagnosis, she was approached by Susan Taylor of Essence, who featured Rae on their cover. I wholeheartedly agree thatHowever, when one-quarter (27%) believe or are unsure whether former professional basketball player Magic Johnson has been cured of AIDS, you have to wonder where's the balance. And, if that number seems high to you, then justIn the African-American community, that numberIn an April 2009 study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, The share of those ages 18-29 who say they are personally very concerned about becoming infected with HIV declined from 30 percent in 1997 to 17 percent today. Similar, but in no ways identical, to Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Rae believes that her outwardly healthy appearance has led people to downplay the disease.
That could spur young gay men to relax their guard and take more risks, thinking that if they do contract HIV, "I only have to take a pill," she said.The reality of living with HIV in America is much different, however, even when medication is working. However, the symptoms are something that she learned cannot be ignored or controlled, and they can come in the form of something so embarrassing as uncontrollable diarrhea.Sitting in a restaurant, eating dinner, Rae recalled a time where she began to feel the diarrhea run down her leg. Dressed in expensive garments, and undergarments ($125 La Perla underwear), and Chanel Pumps, her clothes could not save her from her condition. Maggie is passionate about applying her talent to create a a€?soundtrack for impact,a€? using the arts to edutain, and making music that offers solutions.
According to the CDC, the number of new infections actually dipped slightly for black Americans between 2001 (20,868 cases) and 2005 (18,121 cases).
Excusing herself to the bathroom, Rae cleaned herself off, removed her undergarments, rinsed them off and threw them away.

Her debut recording, From My Window, was nominated by the Chicago Music Awards for Best Jazz CD. Once, after telling her story, Rae was asked why she went through the trouble of washing out her underwear if she were just going to throw them away. AIDS is about "How one maintains one's dignity when their back is against the wall." Throughout her journey, Rae has struggled to deal with the misconceptions and the stigmas surrounding HIV and AIDS.
That's a tough question, Chono-Helsley said, and the answer usually depends on particular contexts and communities."You really have to evaluate what methods you're using and think about the person as a whole, not just the infection," she said. Additionally while the intent is to not offend, the alarming rates of infection across this country, across this world SHOULD be offensive.
What is happening that we as a society are so complacent in marginalizing a disease to a group of people so that we do not have to face the reality that regardless of skin tone or sexual orientation that it is killing people? So if I can reach the one person from thinking a€?this can't happen to me,a€? then that's what I'll do.
Furthermore, we do not address issues such as homosexuality, and this too destroys the Black male gay community.
If I can get one person to wear protection or demand that their partner wear protection, that's what I'll do. She drives this point across especially to young black women, who are now 72 percent of all new HIV cases amongst women. And in her own candid way, that captivated my attention at the beginning of her lecture, Rae warned "unless the penis is in your pocket, you don't know where it's been.

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