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Much hay has been made as of late, both in the news and in the speciality coffee Twittersphere, about the concept of giving away discounts at cafes.
So we put together a little list of five surefire ways to get a discount when ordering coffee. The whole world reblogged this piece by the Independent, in which a cafe in Nice has instituted a sliding scale payment policy based on a customer’s politeness.
James Hoffmann is the 2007 World Barista Champion, and co-owns a respected coffee roasting company in London called Square Mile Coffee Roasters.
A hypothetical situation: You’re visiting a nice coffee shop in a different city, and you get recognised as a coffee person. From here we can extrapolate that James Hoffmann is often given complimentary coffee at coffee bars.
Try this on for size: Go to your favorite coffee bar and place an order for the whole office, or for your partner and her friends.

This is like Excalibur’s Sword or something, a secret key that might get you hooked up in a very serious fashion.
Rocket Bean Riga: A Coffee Star Rises In LatviaFebruary 3, 2016 By Daniel Scheffler Chef Hugh Acheson Goes Wild On A BKON Brewer In New York CityOctober 21, 2014 By Liz Clayton St. It’s an issue of much consternation for some, but here at Sprudge we try and ride the zeitgeist first and foremost: if everyone is talking about discounts, then truly everyone must want one! It’s fair, then, to track Tip #2 out a bit further, and say that another surefire way to get discounted (or even free) coffee is for you yourself to become a famous speciality coffee industry person.
No coffee professional can subsist on coffee alone, and in fact, many baristas are full-blown food dorks, beer nerds, whisky enthusiasts, wine lovers, brunch fanatics, etc. James has written passionately about the practice of comping out free drinks to well-known members of the specialty coffee industry.
Espresso shots are the backbone of any coffee bar, which means they’re being made more (either to serve straight or combine with milk) than anything else.

You do what you think is the honourable thing and you put your $3 in the tip jar – you’re trying to be a good person (and you don’t want to look cheap…).
This makes them eminently easy to give away, especially to nice, polite, and curiously appreciative customers. You might not get comp’d the first time you place this order, but if you go back and do it 2-3 times a week?

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