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Some people think it's polite or a good way to fit in by speaking of themselves in demeaning terms.
So the third way to make sure you never break-free is to hang-on to relationships with people who are constantly complaining about their life, blaming others for their misfortunes, and whose lives are pathetic.
Make sure you become a “Negative Nancy or Ned” and anytime an opportunity arises, tell yourself a whole list of reasons why it won’t work. Broke people rarely purchase things at a fair exchange of value and believe the world owes them. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, most of the masses are sick, broke and unhappy too.
If you want to succeed at staying where you are in life right now -- never question what you read and hear. For over 20 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams.
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Don't give the money back if the salesclerk gives you an extra $5 by mistake, find a way to wire your house for cable without paying for it, and help yourself to an extra newspaper when no one is looking. I'm reminded of a friend, who daily runs through a litany of bills he has to pay, and how he doesn't know how he will ever find the money to cover them, and how every time things really start going good for him, something always happens to set him back. Statements like, "I'm always a day late and a dollar short" may endear you to other broke people, but they will repel prosperity and become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you take the five people who are closest to you in your life, add up their yearly income and divide it by five you will have your annual salary. So make sure your sole basis for making a buying decision revolves around how much money you will save, rather than how it will add value and enhance your life. Obsess about how you are unable to do things that require money and think those who have money are rich snobs, thieves, lucky – or just plain evil and mean.
If living a life of quiet desperation is good enough for them, well it should be good enough for you, right? By practicing these 7 Surefire Ways, you can continue being dissatisfied, unfulfilled and broke.

Randy Gage is a modern day explorer in the field of body-mind development and personal growth. Always look for something for nothing and be happy when you get away with stealing the cheese.
Well of course it does, he tells himself on a daily basis how bad things are, which programs that belief right into his subconscious mind. Remember, questioning things, thinking differently and trying new strategies is only for rich eccentric weirdo's, like me, Bill Gates, Ross Perot, and Donald Trump.
The media, government, religion, and other people have been telling you WHAT to think for so long, that you really have no need to know HOW to think.

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