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Starting out the past in the Lobster shack in Maine 2009, which was the actual Lobster shack that we’ve seen before when Emma and August went to, so it made sense that this was the place Emma go back to digging around to try and discover her past. It was really neat to see the origin of the red jacket, although we could already tell that that was coming. Thank you for supporting us!SUPPORTERSYou can sponsor an episode or more of ONCE podcast, too! Thank you for the podcast reviews!Your reviews encourage us and help others find the podcast! So Emma agrees to help and Hades goes to meet the Stiltskins at Granny’s and we wondered how many times did Greg Germann have to rip the contract in half for it to rip all the way down the middle? We also got to see the True Love’s Kiss between Hades and Zelena, which started a series of earthquake in the Underworld.
After watching it through a second time, i had even more questions of whether Hades had orchestrated trying to keep our heroes trapped.
5) finally, when Hades looks back before entering the portal, he has a look of concern and it seems to be for the heroes not concern of them. Further on in the episode when things began to go wrong the heroes are very quick to blame Hades.
I think that in the next few Episodes we will see that Hades has truly changed and he will prove that by helping Emma find a way to save Hook and bring him home.
Moving back to the elevator as he tells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, our resident Greek Mythology expert, Jacqueline, shares some more information about their tales and what we need to know.
Meanwhile, Rumple attempts what he thinks could be True Love’s Kiss with Belle and during our Firebird initial reaction, we said that it could be because of what Rumple has chosen.
Whose fault is it that the True Love’s Kiss between Belle and Rumple doesn’t work?
Back at the library, Hades pointed out that the Underworld will function as usual, allowing people to finish their unfinished business without hindrance.
I do have to say, there’s something very fitting about the Underworld now being ruled by someone who literally has the surname De Vil. Does this mean that anyone with a magical powers can simply take over the Underworld now that Hades left?
Did they intentionally pulled it in from the Egyptian mythology was it just a random coincidence? I could be wrong but when I watched the episode with the ambrosia tree and everyone was all “Hades tricked us” I just didn’t believe it. Plus Rumple’s line “dark and light all depends on your point of view” seems like it could hint at something.
Although I think it would be better in some ways if Hook remains dead, I don’t think that will happen. It was neat to see Emma and Regina use their magic together again to escape the library, but how could Henry simply leave the storybook in the Underworld? As they’re leaving the Underworld, the pain continues with seeing Emma expecting for Hook to show up. Going back to Emma, we thought, for a brief second, might get left behind, because she looked back, just like Orpheus did, and if their tale parallels Orpheus and Eurydice, looking back is a bad thing. Regina and Robin take a more direct approach, which culminates in an epic showdown that will leave our heroes forever changed. Promo for Last Rites ends in the graveyard focusing on Regina looking very upset and Emma crying. There is also a picture of Emma at the graveyard standing on a very fresh grave and holding a flask in one hand. TV Guide dropped a little article this week about the two-hour finale is going to be about, giving a pretty good indication of what season 6 is going to be about as well, saying that Regina is going back to the dark side, taking her and Emma on a road trip to the Big Apple. How are you going to express your love to that someone special on Valentine’s Day?  Better yet, how do you express your love to them on a daily basis?  Did you know each of us has a dominant love language that dictates how we feel loved?    It’s not too early to find out your own love language and that of others, including your kids, so every day will be a love-filled day for all of you. According to Chapman, our most basic emotional need is not to fall in love, but to be genuinely loved by another; to know that that love grows out of reason and a choice, not instinct.

As for whatever happened back at present down in the Underworld, we are having an in-depth discussion about True Love’s Kiss, the test of  True Love, Zades’ trustworthiness, and more! But is it enough time to become a really established bail bonds person to the point where you have a really swanky apartment in Boston, though? What with the similarities between what Cleo and Emma said, as well as what happens when Emma crossed the street, it was a direct concept parallel with the Pilot episode. We also checked if Trakr Interstate Record Finder is a real website  but unfortunately couldn’t find any more information about it.
We liked that Hades refer to Rumple and Pan as the ‘Stiltskins, which was what the forum calls them.
In many ways it seems like true love has taken hold in Hades and he truly has changed, as had Zelena in the previous episode. Orpheus, known the world over for his lyre playing, played an incredibly sad song that made all the nymphs of the world cry for his grief. It’s not in the Greek and even in a different Latin version by Virgil there is no mention of Ambrosia. There’s a difference for accepting people for who they are, and accepting their choices. Are we going to see a flashback episode showing Hades arriving in the Underworld, taking control and turning it into Underbrooke?
It’s cool that he wants to help everyone, but how is this a function of Henry’s powers?
At the moment we’re viewing Hades as the villain as “dark” and that his brother is “light” but what if it’s the other way around. But why would it be a concern to him not being able to pass it since he doesn’t have true love until Zelena. Emma told Hook to move on, and he promised to do so when they make such a beautiful goodbye like that, they would destroy it by making him come back. Although Henry is now out of the Underworld and he has been told that he cannot write people back to life from the Overworld (and should not try), I think he might yet try.
Will we see Hook running towards the portal saying that the ambrosia works by the next episode, only to realized that Emma has gone back to Storybrooke?
Northey as Friar Tuck, Jason Burkart as Little John, David Hoflin as Zeus, Kiefer Bahrich as Sad-eyed Boy and Greg Germann as Hades.
Could there be two funeral happening, one with Hook’s funeral and a final one with Robin’s?
Fortunately, the nursery we frequent has master gardeners on staff which is a huge help to me since I need to know what plants can withstand the heat and cold in this area. Your source for creative inspiration for theme parties, home decor, DIY home improvement and DIY ideas. Emma must have been out of jail for some time now by this time, probably robbed some convenience stores, and that’s what this bail bonds woman is after Emma for. So then they go the courthouse, we got a screenshot of the file about Emma and although we couldn’t read it much, it showed some bits of information about August. And in promo shoots where she’s mimicking Charming, Emma is carrying his sword and wearing her jacket. But luckily, there was another magical creature who was destined to catch everything it sought–Laelaps, a magical dog. If you jump forward to what we know about Hook not being able to leave is because his body is already rotting in Storybrooke and has been dead for a while, Pan has been dead for even longer. Hades can now leave the Underworld and knows that he shares true love with Zelena, so why why did it matter if he kept souls in the Underworld? That being said, it’s not entirely accurate that Charming was dead for only a minute or less, because it took some time for Snow White to crush his heart, cry, decide to have Regina split her heart into two and actually do it.
They’re now being lauded as “true love” even though Hades just tried to trap Zelena’s sister and baby daddy in the UW. Not simply because of Zelena, because he needs to want to change himself, but we will not probably see that.

But back in the episode Skin Deep, Rumple has been a Dark One for at least a 100-150 years, post everything he did with Cora, all the manipulations and deceptions, his heart was probably pretty dark at that point.
Judging how they sees her, she looks trustworthy, however, given what Zelena had done with Robin Hood in the past, it seems that Regina is trusting her sister too much. However, if your heart was heavier than the feather, it meant you had lived a bad life and your heart was given to Ammit—the Devourer of the Dead (a hippo, lion, crocodile creature) who would eat your heart and deny you entrance. Hades didn’t, his heart was frozen so there was no way he could pass the test to cut down the tree. Since Zelena is now on good terms with Regina, it would only put Hades out of favour with her to deliberately trap Regina and the others. Whilst Hades was the villain, it made it sound like he was the bad guy and his brother the hero. The “heroes” are very narrow minded and tunnel visioned so of course they would assume Hades is the villain. Some new Greek Mythology and Egyptian Mythology lessons from our resident nerd, Jacqueline! Probably not the original store that we saw Emma and Neal robbed together back in the episode Tallahassee. Zelena thinks Hades has changed for her, but all he has done is get what he always wanted: for Zelena to break his curse so that he could leave. Orpheus approached Hades and Persephone and played them his music, which moved the Lord and Lady of the Underworld.
Was he supposed to illuminate to help the people remember what their unfinished business is? Is the test still going after the door opened because Hook gave Emma up so that she could go on and live and escape the Underworld.
But if you view it as Hades wasn’t such a bad guy but was cursed by his brother then you could see why he was a bit bitter about it. Although it doesn’t sound like a major crime, do they send bail bonds person after petty thieves just like that? Hades agreed to let Eurydice go under one condition, she had to follow behind Orpheus the entire time and Orpheus could not once look back at her until both reached topside or Eurydice would be doomed to spend forever in the Underworld without hope of return. Even if he was born that way, he would still have a choice to confront and overcome his weaknesses. That was an act of true love, making the circle complete, and they have proven their love for each other. Tracked down Neal and then went back to Phoenix and stole money before going back to jail and then jumping bail? How could a fox who could never be caught be caught by a dog who never failed to catch what he sought? Orpheus managed to reach the top, but looked behind him forgetting that they BOTH needed to reach topside before he was allowed to look at Eurydice. If not that then the ambrosia regrowing now that Hades is gone is about as good a loophole as any. It was never taken from him or removed as with Cora or with Hades (where his heart was literally stopped) so if we look at Hades in the same category as Cora, and not Rumple, it seems like his heart starting again should change him as Cora changed when she got her heart back.
Even Henry’s heart, who bears the heart of the truest believer, looked kind of different.
Zelena being in love with Hades is probably the cherry on top, but I don’t think it’s a sacrifice on his part by any stretch of the imagination.

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