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Everybody knows you should eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
After all you only have three meals in the day and you have a mountain of other things to keep you busy other than eating. The Her.ie team understands that you want to be healthy but you have great difficulty in fitting your five a day into your hectic routine. Probably the best way to incorporate more fruit and vegetable is to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. Just like the robot vacuum cleaners, these little guys buzz around the floor doing the cleaning for you.
Once again taking from the public restroom, you can now get an at-home toilet with a motion activated flush. Before you even get the bowl out for cereal or put the slices of bread in the toaster, have a glass of fruit juice.

It might sound a little sad but you’ll be the one laughing when you’re all healthy and energised by the fruit you’ve eaten!
The team at Her.ie loves chicken stir-fries and we add peppers, mushrooms, onions, baby corns and broccoli to ours. You can use it for your smoothie or alternatively for desserts.  We don’t know about you but we definitely prefer the dessert option! Smart models connect to fitness apps and measure everything from BMI to the amount you lose or gain.
And some of them will automatically lower the seat, thereby doubling as a peacemaker between couples who have the same argument about the seat every darn day! You’ll have a delicious smoothie in no time and better still you can put it into a bottle and take it with you.
If you fancy something a bit sweeter, feel free to sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over as well.

You should, when you can, add salad to your sandwich at lunch or steak and chips at dinner.
It can monitor brushing habits, your technique, and even offer suggestions for improvement. But the fact is, we won’t be truly impressed until we have the bathroom of our childhood dreams.
As if you need another reason,stir-fries only take all of fifteen minutes to make, which suits our rumbling tummies perfectly!
You’ll have more energy, your skin will look better and you’ll eat less chocolate… well two out of three ain’t bad!

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