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The bestselling career guide that has helped more than half a million people discover their true talents and make successful career choices, now completely revised for the digital age.Learn how to identify your talents and harness your potential skills and start making money doing what you love. Connecting to the Internet and getting what you want FAST makes you more productive and more effective.
On more than one occasion over the years I found I was paying for a high-speed connection but actually getting a lower speed – yes, overpaying!
With this in mind, it’s a smart move to check your Internet connection speed to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. NOTE: There are a lot of advertisements running here most of the time so be aware what you are clicking on. The best of gay test demotivational posters.And there are hundreds of such pictures in our archive of demotivational posters. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. All too often we find that young adults make these initial selections on a wing and a prayer and with little understanding of their potential.
Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer tiered service and you pay more, or less, depending on your requirements. Well, this book will remedy that.Perhaps you're reentering the work force after several years as a homemaker. Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff. You need to translate your worthy experiences into salable skills needed in today's marketplace.
And now you know you're in the wrong job.Whatever your present situation, you know that the decision you're about to make is too important to leave to luck, a whim, or what your best friend thinks you should do. You'll find a professional system in this book that really works; one that will give you a new, decisive, and exciting way to clearly view yourself, to determine your career strengths and to set appropriate goals.

You'll have a much better sense of which job options are available to you and which careers are apt to be the most satisfying and rewarding. After using our system you will be well on the way to making one of the best decisions of your life — choosing the career that is most likely to guarantee your success. We want to help you select a career rather than settle for one.YOUR VALUE SYSTEM DETERMINES YOUR JOB SATISFACTIONTo help you identify what is currently important to you, here's a list of commonly held job-related values. Will many of us engage in new occupations in the near future, or is the change more subtle than that?The introduction of a new technology is often accompanied by predictions of major changes in the workplace. In the past decade microcomputers were said to herald a new occupation: word processor.
Yet as it turned out, word-processing software became a new tool for secretaries and other professionals.
Lasers were expected to create a multitude of laser-technician jobs, but for the most part they simply became tools for welders, surgeons, and others.Certainly some new occupations have arisen, but more often than not new technologies result in new tools for existing jobs. Virtually every occupation is changing, and what is critical is the adaptation to new skill requirements among all workers. Looking back over the past eight years since Discover What You're Best At was first published, most workers have seen changes in their jobs that resulted from technology.
Although we can see technology's impact upon our work, our job title remains the same.The primary lesson is that the work of the future will involve the continued acquisition of new skills. The question is what types of skills will these be?Let's briefly look at the nature of skills needed in the emerging economy. While it is true that economists, engineers, physicians, and astronomers need much specialized training, basic literacy and numerical facility are now needed almost everywhere. Freedom from substance abuse, as well as personal integrity and honesty, are rated as critical qualifications by nearly all employers. In many companies and organizations, retrenching has eliminated many layers of supervision and raised the value of personal initiative, responsibility, and creativity.

But we do not work alone.Teamwork skills, such as high levels of communication, coordination, and cooperation, are vital. Think about it, and you'll most likely agree: Recent high school and college graduates are least prepared in this area.
The academic world is geared to reward individual performance, so it's no wonder many students find it hard to make the transition to a workplace that emphasizes teamwork. The latter is basic street smarts unfortunately not taught in high schools or on college campuses. Still, young people have to learn how to work in groups and to develop skills that involve sharing responsibilities and respecting the knowledge of others, as well as utilizing that knowledge to grow. Whether at home or at school, only the lucky few who have experienced what it takes to be a team player have the savvy to get the jobs for which they feel qualified.
And you may know each other only by phone, fax, or Internet address.THE SHIFTING WORKPLACEIt appears that one of the biggest changes taking place in the workplace is the manner in which people perceive their careers.
For instance, many seem to be more interested in working on a precise project rather than in a distinct company. Achieving more skills, these same people are moving on to the next project rather than clawing their way up the corporate ladder.
More and more corporations are looking at new ways to begin rewarding employees for how well they do their jobs and for their skills and their abilities to perform as members of a broader team.
As for the downsizing you're seeing now at corporations, that's primarily caused by the elimination of people in the middle who move information. Those who produce data and those who analyze it will be directly connected to the intranets already being used by thousands of companies.In my research, I have also discovered that with the Internet as the next site of explosive employment growth, people are learning fast that they network more productively on-line and that on-line discussions result in better business decisions.

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