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Text Expander deluxe is an application to create customized abbreviations for yourfrequently used text.
When typing those abbreviations, the snippet associated will be triggered and typed to any application you are working on your Windows. We are a small but dedicated company which provides Text Expander solutions for more than 12 years. Text Expander deluxe is derived from our main Text Expander for Windows, PhraseExpress which is used by many companies and enterprise businesses worldwide. PhraseExpander makes data entry easy, fast and accurate for doctors and customer care specialists.
Enjoy the magic of instantly pulling up the phrases you use often by typing a keyboard shortcut.
Stop retyping the same phrases over and over, or hunting around for them all through your documents. Store in PhraseExpander all the phrases you use often, and get them at the touch of a button.
The new PhraseExpander 4 does that and much more to make your data entry a dazzling experience. Instantly get started with more than 5,000 phrases and autocorrections in many languages, available for free. Look smart with your friends and coworkers as they see you breeze through your routine tasks. Snippery provides the best features from a snippets manager app, mixed with the most useful editing features and salted with the a lot of advanced (and very productive!) features oriented to help you every day. Using Snippery you will save a lot of keystrokes and repetitive work thanks to the “Text Expander” feature!
Write your snippets using Markdown syntax, apply style format, insert images, links, tables… and export them as PDF, Word, Pages, RTF or HTML files.
Preview your Snippets (with Markdown syntax, HTML or plain text) with a simple clic of the mouse, switching from Preview Mode to Edition Mode on the Main Window… or use the dedicated Preview Window instead. Save all your private and sensible data from prying eyes thanks to the strong Encryption feature!
Filter the listed snippets by the searching criteria you want: any, title, text, tags; for any of the included date presets (day, week, month and year) or by any date range you choose! Data security is paramount in Snippery, so the Encryption feature uses a 128 bits ciphering scheme to hide all sensible data. Start to collect, write new text snippets or use instead the features that lets you import files as snippets directly from compatible files. Use all the power of this feature to create dynamic templates that you can expand later typing just a few characters!
But if you need to be more precise about the time period you want to use as filtering option, then just have to select the “Select Period…” option from the date filtering popup menu to access the window where you can select the starting date and ending date! Finally, sort the filtered results by “Creation Date”, “Modification Date” or “Title” as criteria, both in ascending or descending mode. Preview every downloaded webpage… and even edit and see on the fly all the changes applied! For all those Geeks and Shell lovers our there… there is a really powerful mode inside Snippery that brings as many shell windows you may need to unleash your mojo!
This way, you can combine in a single shell script all the power to reproduce a sequence of commands with the flexibility to modify on the fly some of the parameters represented by the placeholders used during the Text Expander entry definition, as showed in this video.

I have been searching since quite a while for an application like this and, finally was very happy to find Snippery.
That said, I think the application needs some additional polish, I would be glad to contribute by giving some feedback if you are interested.
At this point there is, from my point of view one major issue : the need for saving each and every change. For instance, other major additions are HTML export from regular-format text snippets, or for those with Markdown format (very handy!), greatly improved filtering options, Floating windows for selected Snippets (so you can access them while working on other over the main window) and, of course, “save changes by default” preference! Other new features are on the dashboard for next releases, and don’t doubt that synchronization is one of them! Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. How would you like to be able to hit just a few keys and have the entire text appear before your eyes. One of my ongoing projects relates to the progress students make while in preschool special education.
To help you, if you want a date stamp, copy the following: %d(MMMM Do YYYY) and paste it into your Auto Text Expander. Last, but not least, if you plan on using Text Expander all of the time, it makes sense to schedule the application to launch when you startup your computer.
Just enter its abbreviation and Text Expander deluxe expands your name, bank account information, addresses and boilerplate templates for you. I can write templates that read like my handwritten notes and they can be edited in just a few seconds.
Then Sort the matching results by creation date, modification date or title in ascending or descending order, and you are done!
Download and save web pages as snippets directly from the entered URL, or create a new text snippet from the output generated while running the Shell feature in manual or scripting mode! Snippery supports pages and pages of pure text for each entry, applying on them all the edition operations and navigation shortcuts in the blink of an eye (ok, sometimes… maybe it takes two!). Text Expander entries can contain placeholders that you can substitute with the real content during the expansion process. It is possible to use regular text searchs and substituions, or use all the power and flexibility provided by RegEx patterns! For instance, limit the listed snippets to those that matches the typed text only for the Title, the snippet text or any of the associated tags. For this second filtering option, you can use the available date presets: Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month and Last Year.
From one side, this is the best way to preserve the content of a webpage that you are interested in. From executing remote commands over an SSH session (with password pause detection) and saving the resultin output, to typing all those arcane commands for listing directories or to execute and merge more complex scripts. No rocket-science needed, just have to add the commands you want to execute and reorder them in the wanted secuence; you can include even any of the text expansions added to Snippery during the Shell script creation! I agree with your observations and, despite this is a 1.0 release (ahem, no excuses), your main concerns are addressed on 1.1 release… that is just around the corner, ready to launch!
Teachers use an instrument to assess the child’s abilities upon entering preschool special education within our state. Realize any change you make will take 24 hours before the results would impact the website.

You may need the help of your school office or even technology coordinator to look at the student’s enrollment history and make any corrections needed. To understand the value of these two shortcuts, read the post Digital Note Taking: A Different Take. Once you have installed Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome on one of your computers, you are done!
Time Management for School Leaders shows you how to achieve total control & peace of mind.Learn how to work from a clean desk with this sneak peek into the book.
I talk about it a lot when I speak, and my wedding and engagement email templates sync wonderfully right into the software. This is the area where you’ll write out the full email body, and you can include variables!
Of course, you’ll be able to tag them too, so it will be easier to find and filter them later! You can think about that like some kind of variables inserted in the template and whose values you’ll assign at a later time. In both cases it is possible to save the used parameters and expressions, so you can recall them for a further use. So just need to select any of these entries from the popup menu to list all the matching Snippets by modification date!
From other side, you can use Snippery to sketch some HTML ideas and check how they look in real time. You can find some blog entries about this here (Markdown support) and here (Data Security Imrovements).
As you read, realize that because this tool is a Chrome extension, it will work in your browser. In that post, I talk about using the note section of a task to document communication related to it. Once you assign the shortcut code, any time you type this code, Text Expander will kick in and activate the email template associated with it.
Besides, you can use the Command + Option + L shortcut and you will Lock immediately the access to the app, as Snippery does automatically after the established idle time on the app Preferences. This is really handy when you have a lot of snippets managed and want to focus on those you’ve been working recently. Please, follow the blog to be aware of other changes, additions and improvements (as bug fixes) that will be available with Snippery 1.1! When you boot your laptop (and log into your Google account), you find Auto Text Expander is already there. Keep in mind here, that it won’t make sense to create a code that is similar to a word that you may just be randomly typing.
Perhaps you choose sig1, sig2, and sig3 for the shortcuts to each of three email signatures. Text Expander has also added some awesome features, like being able to choose from a drop down list, adding optional content if applicable, etc.

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