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You will need to learn your abbreviations but if you develop a system of your own you can speed up and simplify your code writing.
I’ve chosen Breevy because it just works right, has Dropbox sync and last but not least because of its price tag. PhraseExpander makes data entry easy, fast and accurate for doctors and customer care specialists. Enjoy the magic of instantly pulling up the phrases you use often by typing a keyboard shortcut. Stop retyping the same phrases over and over, or hunting around for them all through your documents. Store in PhraseExpander all the phrases you use often, and get them at the touch of a button. The new PhraseExpander 4 does that and much more to make your data entry a dazzling experience. Instantly get started with more than 5,000 phrases and autocorrections in many languages, available for free. Look smart with your friends and coworkers as they see you breeze through your routine tasks.
This is an important upgrade that you shall not miss if you decide to move to the new Windows 10 (which is a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users).

This allows for performing an action based on the selection, like updating a counter, setting a variable or even launching an application.
In this example, PhraseExpander displays a list of questions that can be Correct, Incorrect (or Not applicale). The form that PhraseExpander generates (that can be accessed by clicking on the Preview button) looks like this.
In this tutorial you will learn how to export all of your commands from Direct Access 2 and import them into PhraseExpander. If you want to keep both Direct Access 2 and PhraseExpander installed, then make sure that you have disabled the Detect Abbreviations function in Direct Access 2 to avoid interference with PhraseExpander. If you haven’t already done so, within PhraseExpander, you need to create a new database that will contain all of your data.
Upon the completion of the import procedure, the imported commands are displayed and ready to use. I agree, but this is global - you can use your snippets anywhere: in NotePad, in your browser, etc. The Standard version costs a little more than Breevy and the Professional version is about four(!) times higher.
I can write templates that read like my handwritten notes and they can be edited in just a few seconds.

If a Manual Input generates some text that contains a macro, the macro will be properly interpreted and processed when the manual input is closed. When a correct answer is selected, PhraseExpander adds the macro code needed to update the counter, so the proper number of correct answers is reported. That’s why now even the Standard edition comes with an automatic backup system, so your data is kept safe. The two applications can coexist on the same system (although PhraseExpander is meant to supersede Direct Access 2).
If you want to export all data, select All Commands (1) (or the top item in the Groups list). Direct Access commands are divided into Phrases (for text expansion and performing automation) and Autocorrects (for spelling autocorrect). We also fixed a number of problems that we happening when using Manual Input macros inside formatted text.
This works in the background and automatically backs up the data for you as you make changes to your phrases.

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