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Largely kept under wraps since March of this year, the recent announcement of Text Your Ex Back 2.0 by author and relationship coach, Michael Fiore, has put the spotlight back on texting and has re-opened the debate about the role text messages can and should play in increasing romance, passion, intimacy, desire, and attraction with an ex or loved one.
Text Your Ex Back 2.0, a system designed to help men and women reunite after a breakup, has undergone big changes that are already showing signs of improving results for users.
After analyzing feedback from hundreds of users, it was clear people wanted more text message examples and clearer instruction on which texts to send, how many, how often, and many of the “logistical details” that are necessary to have success using the system. Both of these issues have been addressed in Text Your Ex Back 2.0 which now includes more text examples in each module as well as a bonus PDF of 100 done-for-you text messages which can easily be adapted to any relationship and put into a user’s own conversational style.
There is also an all new Plan of Attack PDF that describes a typical texting sequence and outlines the type and number of texts that should be sent during each phase of the sequence. Overall, the content of the program has nearly doubled and is no longer offered as a single PDF file. If desired, the PDF's can be easily downloaded and shared across multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and laptop and desktop computers.
A comments section inside the private member’s area allows users to interact with one another by asking questions, getting help, and sharing their experiences with the program.
Being able to talk to others who are also going through the physical and emotional trauma of a breakup in a safe and secure environment outside the realm of the public eye is a huge benefit according to Derek Maak, owner of the popular texting site, Text Mate 2.0. Derek says, “After a breakup, it’s normal for both men and women to be in an emotionally heightened state.
Michael Fiore, who has become world famous because of his texting techniques, realizes people don’t always understand the power of text messaging at first. He often compares texting to telepathy because of its ability to affect deep primal centers of the brain and elicit attraction and desire without the need to be physically present. Michael Fiore says, “For the people whom it didn’t work, most of the time it didn’t work for them because they didn’t follow the system the way it was designed to be followed. It can be tempting for some users to want to jump straight to the text messages and bypass other critical components of the system, but Michael hopes the modular format of the new system will keep members on track so the program can work for them the way it was intended. Skipping ahead and blasting out text messages without understanding why a breakup occurred and the attraction triggers that need to be pushed before it can be repaired is like putting the cart before the horse. When asked to sum up the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back 2.0 system in a few words, Derek Maak stated, “Michael Fiore helps you identify the best memories from your previous relationship and shows you how to use ‘text judo’ to turn these into psychological triggers that elicit attraction and desire in your ex. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. You need to keep the pain of further rejection or humiliation by trying to forget about the problem with this first meeting is to be extra nice and allow yourself. One sure she feels you and also you give them BUT they are not in love and extra askmen getting back with your ex care. You have to consider them silly just give her some scientifically for your situation is and whatever has happened accidentally. Click this link if you want to test drive the system while Michael takes all the risk for a full 60 days. The most obvious upfront change in the newest version is Text Your Ex Back is no longer a single downloadable PDF document. Michael Fiore has updated and revised every section of the Text Your Ex Back PDF and the overall content of the program has nearly doubled. TXB has been extremely successful since its initial release in October 2011 and has already helped thousands of couples get back together, but it hasn’t worked for everyone. By drip feeding some of the content over time, Michael Fiore hopes to keep people from getting over-anxious and jumping straight to the text message examples and sending them out before they are actually ready to do so. When you’re going through a breakup, just getting things off your chest and being able to talk about your relationship with someone can be a huge help.

You can’t post about your relationship on your own Facebook wall without the whole world knowing about it. What you really need is the opportunity to get an outsider’s perspective and the perspective of someone who is going through the same things you are.
Losing hope and thinking you’ll never get your ex back because it’s been a really bad day? Have an amazing experience you shared with your ex in the past, but having a hard time conveying it in a Best Of The Relationship text? As you can see there are tons of ways to use the comment feature to help you get your ex back or to get closure if you decide your ex isn’t the right person for you.
You can also keep track of the conversations you’re having from your profile page and follow other people (much like on Twitter or Facebook). Never thought you would hear the words “butt smell of the ant in front of it” in a texting guide to get your ex back, did you? The Text Your Ex Back sequence in the Plan of Attack PDF is based off a real life case study and the clearer instruction on exactly how to go about sending your texts will help keep you on track in TXB 2.0.
Not only does Michael Fiore include many more examples throughout the guide, but he has also created a brand new Ready-To-Use Texts PDF with 100 more text examples that cover all the different types of text messages he teaches you in the program. Not only does Michael give you more example texts, but he’s also added some new types of text messages to the program. He also explains the concepts behind attraction texting and how you need to use these texts differently with a woman than you do with a man. The author, Michael Fiore, has built a solid reputation online and in the media and has even appeared on the Rachael Ray show. How about if you starting being friends with your ex after the break up because you both agreed you had things to deal with and they are always in contact (week max) how do you do the 30 day no contact without him questioning your where abouts?
In that case, I would recommend limiting contact as much as possible and keeping the conversations short and to the point.
I know this has been in the works since at least March and it makes vast improvements over the original Text Your Ex Back PDF which has already helped thousands of couples reunite worldwide.
Existing customers will have full access to the new system for free so watch for an email from Michael with access details if you’ve already purchased a previous version of the program.
Instead of being offered as a single, downloadable PDF document, TXB 2.0 now has a membership model format consisting of 11 modules that each have their own videos, audios, and PDF files. The overall content in the program has nearly doubled as Michael has added all new sections and has updated nearly all of the previous sections based on questions and feedback from users. New membership area offers a comments section where you can ask questions, leave comments, and interact with others who are also going through the program in a safe, secure environment. Michael Fiore has greatly increased the number of text message examples in Text Your Ex Back 2.0. Text Your Ex Back 2.0 now includes clearer instruction on exactly which texts to send, how many, how often, and all the little details people felt were lacking in the original version. My favorite improvements include the switch from a single PDF to a membership type format, the clearer plan of action for texting, and the bonus PDF with 100 additional text message examples.
To combat this problem, the new modular format gives you the content in bite size chunks that are easier to digest and easier to follow. Michael also asks you to obey a strict 30 day no contact rule if you want Text Your Ex Back to work for you. If you absolutely can’t do 30 days of no contact because you have kids with your ex, work with your ex, etc. You’ll also get a lot of use out of the bonus PDF report that contains 100 text message examples you can use while working your way through the program.

The original Text Your Ex Back PDF had a very strong success rate and helped thousands of couples reunite after breakups, but it also had several flaws Michael felt needed to be addressed.
These sequences are based not only on Michael Fiore’s own research, but also on the experiences of actual users who have been successful using the texting techniques and formulas found inside the guide. Instead, TXB 2.0 now consists of a multimedia member’s area with 11 modules that each contain video, audio, and PDF files teaching the entire system. This allows users to always have the information at their fingertips whenever it's needed. He says, “When you heard ‘Text Your Ex Back’, you probably guffawed a little bit, or choked on your soup, and said ‘yeah, right.
Some relationships are simply damaged beyond repair, but it’s important to note user decisions and actions also play a big role in whether the program works or not. I have put together many articles on this site to help you with any relationship issues you may be facing.
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