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As of Dec 2014 I can say that it’s option c—my butt is firmly planted on this piece o’ earth. As for stigma or literary snobbery, I am old enough to have given up on expecting to rule the world—or the NY Times bestseller list. 3 audio books published in 2014: “Blame it on the Mistletoe”, “A Prairie Dog’s Love Song”, and “Superhero”. I plan to spend more time writing in 2015 since I’ve recently finished a huge work project.
But recently I decided to just be open about it all so I could talk about anything anywhere. In real life, I have been a long-time computer game designer writing under the name of Jane Jensen.
Millennium Rising aka Judgement Day came out in 1999 from Del Rey and Dante’s Equation from Del Rey in 2003. I’ve had many wonderful professional experiences working in games, including the joy of casting voice-over actors and listening to them read my dialogue, working on a live film production (for GK2), travelling to research story lines, meeting fans, and working with great artists, engineers, and producers.
That’s the year when newbie enthusiasm faces the realities of the market and the daily work flow, and you either flunk out entirely, settle into a dabblers casual ‘tude, or decide you’re in it for the serious long haul. I had less publications in 2014 than in 2013, but I released my first full-length novel (“The Mating of Michael”).

First: Am I objectively any good at writing it?  Second: Do I really like the genre enough to dedicate a large chunk of my time to building a career in it? I still feel I have something to offer the genre, I still really enjoy writing it, and I’ve gotten some lovely encouragement which makes me feel like my efforts are not in vain.
The fact is, whatever people think of romance, more people read it, and buy it, than any other genre of book. Please let me know your suggestions and if there’s anything you are dying for me to write in 2015! It was simply that I had another professional persona with its own audience and projects in the works.
It was also the ideal place to hone my writing skills, particularly dialogue since there are acres of that in my games. This is the first game in a paranormal mystery series with some similarities to Supernatural or X-Files.
I will be at Romantic Times convention next year in Dallas in May and also the Rainbow Con in Tampa in July.
Third: Can I continue to come up with fresh ideas and fresh work in this area story after story? People read it because they enjoy it—it’s an escape, a comfort, entertainment, and a solace.

I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from writing in this genre, and encouragement from some very lovely people who enjoy reading it. Now, I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing porn, but that’s not the way I consider my Eli Easton books. My own personality has many traits that would be considered masculine, and I’ve never been one for pink and lace. Unlike horror and mystery (both of which I’ve written), at the core romance is about passion and love, not fear. To me, a romance is about two people discovering their perfect partner—from first meeting, to getting to know one another, to overcoming obstacles, to realizing they want to be together for life. Let’s face it, unless you want to write regency romance, there’s not a lot left in our modern society to keep men and women from doing whatever they damn well please. There are more hoops to jump through, and thus more opportunity for denial, obstacle, and conflict, in a gay relationship.

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