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There comes a time in every relationship when we yearn to show our boyfriends, how much we care about them. No matter what you give him, as long as it is sweet and drives your point across to him, your gift is worth all your efforts.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In my opinion, the best gifts on Valentine’s Day are ones that more personalized and sentimental. A Google Chromecast and Netflix SubscriptionIf you and your boo are both really into movies and binge-watching TV shows, this is a great gift idea. Source: ShutterStock InstacanvasIf your BF is really into Instagram, make him something special by ordering an Instacanvas. A Homemade ScrapbookIf you two have been dating for a long time and you want to get really sentimental, make him a scrapbook of pictures and special memories. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Young couples that are separated by distance can be restless that they can meet each other frequently. I'm sure you've been searching helter-skelter for some ideas on cute things to make for your boyfriend, whom you love so much! You probably already bought your BF whatever big gift he wanted for Christmas… so what do you get him less than two months later?! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift should be more of an experience that you guys can do together, because isn’t V-Day supposed to be about love and spending time together and all that?
Why not plan some sort of day trip (or weekend trip if you have the money) for you and your BF? It's a service where you can pick one of his Instagram pictures and get it on a canvas that he can hang in his room.
Cute Boxers and CandyIf you guys haven't been dating very long, I always find that this Valentine's Day gift is a good go-to: a pair of cute boxers and some of his favorite candy.
Make him some sexy "gift cards" by writing little coupons for sexual favors (obviously ones you're comfortable with). It asks you questions about relationship and his character,,in the end it gives you suggestions, of course you can set the budget and also his birthday reminder. As the mobile technology is growing faster, many young couples make use the existence of smartphone to overcome the problem of most couples. In addition to overcome the long distance relationship, long distance text messaging is best way to keep in touch with lover. For this kind of girl, you can give Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Over Text to make boyfriend comfortable. All you need to do is, to firstly collect all the photos that you wish be placed on the collage, so as to create a proper and logical lay out.

You could totally buy your BF something more general like an expensive watch or a pair of shoes or something, but I think something more personal is the cutest and best idea. If you guys love skiing or snowboarding, plan a trip to the mountain for an upcoming weekend. Its cute and useful, I am sure they have bunch of small cheep unusual gift ideas and they as well have DIY ideas. Couples can know the progress or news about their partner over text, it sounds simple nowadays especially you can add emoticons on your text.
Some people simply find it hard to make things for others, because they feel they lack creativity and talent. For instance, place them in sequence of events that have occurred, or memories that are precious.
If you live near a big city, plan a trip there for the day to go out to eat and maybe see a play or something.
This is just a simple, cute, and easy idea.Movie Tickets and A Restaurant Gift CardWant to plan a fun date night for the two of you? Think about it, something bought out of a gift shop, is bound to be found in others as well, so how can your gift for him be unique? All that anyone has to do, is to apply their own level of creativity and imagination so as to come up with something nice that can be given as a gift. Throw in some popcorn and maybe candy, and get ready to have some romantic movie nights in.A Personalized Wallet or Pair Of BoxersPersonalized items are always sweet because they show that you put effort into something and didn't just run out to the store at the last minute to grab a gift.
You can also buy movie tickets - I know that some places, like BJ's sell movie tickets for cheaper than they would be in the theater. It's called "I love you more than video games" and it's full of video game-themed candy items. The best personalized items are one the person can use a lot - I love the idea of doing either a wallet or something cuter, like a pair of boxers.
As long as you're the creator of that fascinating work of art, and as long as its made with love, it will be treasured by your boyfriend.
Creative Things to Make for Your Boyfriend Firstly, think about your limitations, as to the things you can create. Though making one on paper or cardboard is always better, as he will get to see it hanging in his room whenever he comes home!Paint Him a T-Shirt Go get yourself a plain white T-shirt of his size.
Now, you can either make a portrait of a famous rock star such as Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Curt Cobain, John Lennon, or Bob Dylan OR you could paint a character such as, 'Eddie' from Iron Maiden! Or you could simply go abstract, and use a splash of color, and make hand prints, or random art.
And you shouldn't feel pressured to spend a ton on front row tickets or anything like that - he'll appreciate the fact that he's able to be there. So if sketching or painting are out of your league, then what about making something using computer aided technology? If you do not wish to paint on a T-shirt, you may try using socks, or paint on gray or white, canvas shoes.Make Something Out of Hemp Take some hemp strings if you wish and let them soak in some fabric color.

It doesn't need much of an effort, just a bit of imagination.Box of GoodiesTake an ordinary shoebox and wrap it with a really attractive plastic gift wrap.
Once they have dried, you can make him a bracelet, or you can make him a chain with an amazing locket, or you can make the handle for a small cotton fabric bag that he can use as a magazine holder, or whatever he chooses it for. You can even make a curtain for him if you have the patience, using a cloth that you painted, and then attaching hemp braids as curtain hooks, or simply getting them stitched on to the curtain so that it creates a colorful pattern.Make Him a DVD Burn a few DVDs with his all-time favorite movies that he does not have, or movies that he hasn't had the opportunity to watch yet. Make another, with all his favorite comic strips or Anime, from around the world, that he is crazy about. Let the message you wish to convey be known clearly!If the gift is for his birthday or for a special day, or just because you feel like it, then simply write what you feel is appropriate for the occasion. If he is into games such as baseball and football, get him a collection of live videos of record-breaking games of yesteryear. He will be forever thankful to you for this simple but profound gesture!Make Him a Photo Frame or an Album You can also make him a photo frame using cardboard that you can decorate, or you can use easy setting clay so as to make the frame. Use a scale and a blunt knife, for giving it patterns, or you could simply use the nib of your pencil, or toothpick, to make designs on the clay, and then allow it to dry.
Use different combination of colored clay, so as to give it a tribal, spiral, or retro look. If you wish to make an album, you can find handmade paper albums and frames, in creative stores. Buy one and place photographs, letters, paper napkins, movie tickets, candy wrappers, or even post-its, to fill up the album.
Do not get one that has a lock; since boys will be boys, and they will lose the keys!Custom-Made Gifts'Key to My Heart' locketsYou can get Mizpah, or puzzle oriented lockets made, for yourself and your boyfriend. You could also take due note of his hobbies and interests, so as to get a gift custom-made for him. Sterling silver is an excellent option.Accessories A pair of t-shirt, which has caricature of a couple trying to reach out for one another through their individual t-shirts. Get him shoes or a bag, that has been painted specially for him, and depicts things he likes. Themes may include games, such as the new Space Marine from Warhammer 40K, or comic characters such as those from Watchmen, Sin City, or even Calvin and Hobbes or a Hip Hop based theme. Make a Flip book A flip book or a picture story book, or simply a story would be a great gift idea, if your boyfriend appreciates art and literature. These gifts require a lot of time and thought, which goes on to say a lot about how much you care about him and feel about him.
If this seems too much, you could simply collect a few books and editions that he has been trying to add to his collection. You can also do this with compilations, using LPs, CDs or cassettes, for music and games.Write Him a SongIf it is easier for you to express your feeling in a song or a poem, then you could either belt out a few of his favorites, or you could compose one of your originals, for him.

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