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Did you dump him, or did he break up with you, or you both decided that it just wasn’t working anymore? Jason runs a construction company, but he enjoys sharing his experiences with the opposite sex by writing about relationships in his spare time. Being in your twenties may seem like the golden years as a teen, but your mid-twenties are far lessa€¦pleasing.
Finding a special someone can be hard sometimes and you begin to pine over your ex, wishing youa€™d never broken up at all.
Here are some tips on how to nurse a broken heart back to health and move on to find a great new partner for yourself. Ita€™s also okay to hate your ex (at least for some time!) a€“ for breaking your heart, for wasting your time, for cheating on you, for hurting you, for making you love hima€¦deal with the hate and ita€™ll make you stronger. A failed relationship doesna€™t mean youa€™re a failure at life so dona€™t doubt yourself. Break-ups are hard and you need to allow yourself the time to get over it and deal with it.

Cupid Media, the Cupid Media Logo and BBWCupid are registered trademarks of Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd and used with permission by Cupid Media Pty Ltd. For some people it can take months, even years to kill the negative feelings of being apart.
Here’s what you should do to repair your broken heart, and make those painful thoughts disappear. It may be raining now, so take out your umbrella, keep walking, and sooner than you know, the sun will shine brighter, and will bring a smile on your face. Rejection is hard to handle, but what you need to realize is, you CANa€™T move on if you dona€™t get over your ex! Once youa€™ve come to terms with the break-up, moving on, and finding a new partner will seem like less of a burden. Here are 10 tips on how you can get over him once and for all, and then continue with your life. This will toughen up your body, mind, and soul so you’ll be less emotional and more productive.

Life really does go on, so when youa€™re done with the crying, accept it and make an effort to move on with your life. But your heart is bound to hurt after a break up so accept the hurt, and allow yourself a good cry.
You may think figuring out who is to blame will make you feel better but therea€™s really no end to the blame game. Some of us tend to romanticize an old relationship once ita€™s over; forgetting that there probably was something wrong to result in a break-up. Achieve a balance a€“ dona€™t overly romanticize but dona€™t just focus on the bitterness either. Give each other a chance to continue communication, that’s what cool, emotionally healthy, open-minded people do.

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