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Chris is an American dating columnist who is sharing his straight up wisdom on attracting, seducing and winning beautiful women. Flirting with an ex girlfriend can be a touchy subject and to be honest,  it can be a little awkward at times.
Flirting by teasing a woman is something that always seems to work as long as it doesn’t seem too corny or too mean.
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The things that make a guy happy might not matter much (or even at all) when it comes to a woman.
Add to this the fact that women don't usually say what they want (or what they mean, for that matter) and you've got even more confusion.

With that said, how can you be expected to get back your ex girlfriend without knowing what she wants? To understand what will make your ex want you back, you need to know what she's thinking, what she's wanting, and most important of all, how she views and respects you after the breakup. Below are a number of gender-specific, male-orientated articles on how you can get back with an ex girlfriend. One of the best video guides to winning an ex girlfriend's heart is by a relationship genius by the name of Brad Browning. The Ex Factor Guide is a complete, step-by-step map for EXACTLY how you can get back in your exgirlfriend's good graces.
Through unique reconnection techniques and sometimes even unorthodox methods, Browning shows how you can get her to start thinking about you again, even if it seems like your ex has forgotten.
The Ex Factor Guide teaches how you can regain those original emotional connections and swing the balance of power back in your favor. Chapter by chapter, John Alexander shows you exactly why certain guys are 100% sucessful at picking up women, while other guys sit by the sidelines wondering why they're just not a part of the game.

How to Become an Alpha Male instantly builds your confidence and sets you up for dealing with women on your own terms instead of theirs.
Learn how you can create attraction through body language, and how it affects your success. Use solid, proven techniques that will change the way women view you, approach you, and evaluate you as a potential mate.
Check out the many success stories from guys who've already used How to Be an Alpha Male to change their entire outlook on dating.

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