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The trick with flats that look stylish instead of dowdy is finding something with visual interest that isn’t infantalizing. Upon arriving at the idyllic seaside village that contains the newly-christened Villa de Plumcake, I discovered the streets were done completely in a particularly rustic cobblestone. Anyone who ever said cobblestones were romantic had a flatter chest and cheaper shoes than I do, and since I decided not to take my car, I have to walk about four miles a day on those igneous bastards.
Now I have a long and glorious tradition of making questionable decisions in foreign countries, but never EVER at the risk of my shoes, so I had to hide my heels away and unwrap some flats and although they’re not my shoe of choice, even I understand that woman cannot live by stilettos alone. They’re also available in black, black and gold and a lovely rose beige that would be perfect for a wedding slipper.

They’re whimsical but not overdone, so visually they read the same as a soft floral and not like Novelty Socks of Doom. Not like cute little pavers that look like cobblestone, but actual mostly-rounded stones from the ground cobbled together in such a way as to provide maximum ankle twisting at all times.
Most of this can be done during the acquisition process, it just takes a little forethought. I mean no one ever got an upgrade to first class by being able to thoughtfully discuss Schopenhauer’s Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason and although mama loves her vowel-laden enthusiastically-follicled 19th century philosophers, mama loves those little hot rolled towels and a decreased risk of deep vein thrombosis even more. Manolo Blahnik, any products bearing the federally registered trademarks MANOLOA┬«, BLAHNIKA┬« or MANOLO BLAHNIKA┬«, or any licensee of said federally registered trademarks.

Put these on, maybe a pair of earrings you keep in your car and suddenly you’re not Rushing Out The Door Ten Minutes Late Woman, but Chic Minimalist Woman.

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