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Often times, older homes are a huge part on these awesome transformations because they can be purchased for a bargain price and renovated into a dream home and bring instant equity to the homeowner.
Before you think about buying an older home or doing that next renovation project on an older home, you’ll need to know the most common places asbestos can be found. If you think your home has asbestos, call a professional asbestos abatement company to come and take a look at it.
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A new member in a family of planets circling a red dwarf star 20 light-years away has just been found. Gliese 581g is the first world discovered beyond Earth that's the right size and location for life. The discovery caps an 11-year effort to tease out information from instruments on ground-based telescopes that measure minute variations in starlight caused by the gravitational tugs of orbiting planets. With a mass three times larger than Earth's, the newly discovered world has the muscle to hold atmosphere.
Unless you’re looking for components for a time machine, you’ll probably want to look beyond the sprawl of hardware stalls here. Set apart from the rest of the tourist shops in D1, both in its location and its merchandise, Saigon Kitsch is the cool kid of the souvenir scene. If the previous entry uses the term ‘kitsch’ in an ironic way, Thanh Huyen Souvenir Shop offers the literal version. Set in the grounds of Cao Minh Cafe, around ornate ponds and miniature bridges, this bustling antiques market pops up every Sunday morning from 9am to the tinkle of glasses of ca phe sua da and the strumming of a classical guitar. As the hub of Saigon’s alternative art scene, this compact yet dynamic complex of refurbished warehouses has become one of the coolest retail spots in the city.
The race to find intelligent life, or any life at all, beyond Earth has been a heated space scramble for decades.
There have been around 22,000 documented meteorite discoveries on Earth and many have been found to hold organic compounds.
In 1996, a group of scientists announced they had spotted strong evidence of microfossils on a Martian meteorite found in Antarctica showing that life may have existed on the Red Planet some 3.6 billion years ago.
The next frontier, Mars has long been a target for extraterrestrial life hunters, but its arid and barren landscape has turned our attention away from finding little green Martian men to finding simpler life forms. But there is evidence that the Red Planet had a warmer and wetter past: dried-up river beds, polar ice caps, volcanoes and minerals that form in the presence of water have all been found. Scientists have theorized for years that an ocean could be hiding beneath Europa's icy surface, one that even contains oxygen. Before we get too carried away, it's important to note that no definitive evidence has been found to support that said ocean even exists beneath the ice.
NASA's Galileo spacecraft did a fly-by of Jupiter's second largest moon in 1996 and 1997 and found that Callistoa€™s magnetic field varied, indicating currents. In keeping with the theme that water might equal life, astronomers believe that if such an ocean exists on Callisto, ita€™s possible that complex life might also be in it. Even though Titan lacks sunlight, NASA's Huygens probe detected what looked like liquid methane on the mini planeta€™s surface in 2005. Given all of this, if life were to be found on Titan, it would blast away everything we understand about how life works.
When Cassini did a fly-by through one of Enceladus's geysers spewing ice and gas in 2005, the probe detected carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen -- all key elements for supporting living organisms.
Extremophile life forms found in Earth's undersea thermal vents and Arctic ice where no sunlight reaches gives scientists hope of the possibility that similar microbes could survive on Enceladus. Some estimates show that the Milky Way alone harbors around 400 billion stars and countless exoplanets, and thata€™s just within our own galaxy.
An exoplanet is a planetary body that sits outside our solar system and orbits another star that is not our sun. Still, it's a drop in the bucket and the possibilities for other life-supporting bodies are endless. In May 2010, the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory announced that the Orion Nebula, located about 1,500 light-years away from Earth just south of Orion's belt, showed signs of having life-enabling organic chemicals. Looking through the data collected by the telescope, astronomers were able to detect a pattern of spikes for various life-supporting molecules: water, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methanol, dimethyl ether, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur oxide and sulfur dioxide.
In 2005, an international team of astronomers discovered that dying red giant stars could act like a defibrillator and bring icy planets back from the dead. Right before a star dies, it explodes into its red giant phase, rapidly ballooning in size and brightness, blasting planet-warming solar radiation far and wide. The universe is an unimaginably vast space filled with planets, stars, systems, nebulae, gas, dust -- and it's impossible for us to ever explore it all.
All we know about life is that it must be made of amino acids, DNA, and it needs water to survive.
WATCH VIDEO: New concepts for Mars-probing rovers would use Martian wind to move around the planet. New analysis of 36-year-old data, resuscitated from printouts, shows NASA found life on Mars, an international team of mathematicians and scientists conclude in a paper published this week.
Further, NASA doesn't need a human expedition to Mars to nail down the claim, neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller, with the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, told Discovery News.
Miller's confidence stems in part from a new study that re-analyzed results from a life-detection experiment conducted by NASA's Viking Mars robots in 1976. Researchers crunched raw data collected during runs of the Labeled Release experiment, which looked for signs of microbial metabolism in soil samples scooped up and processed by the two Viking landers.
They found close correlations between the Viking experiment results' complexity and those of terrestrial biological data sets. Critics counter that the method has not yet been proven effective for differentiating between biological and non-biological processes on Earth so it's premature to draw any conclusions.

While not iron-clad, Miller says the findings are an additional plank of evidence challenging the popularly contention that Viking did not find life. He also is reanalyzing the data to see if there are variations when sunlight was blocked by a weeks-long dust storm on Mars, with the idea being that biological systems would have acted differently to the environmental change than geologic ones.
The research is published online in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences.
I am by no means an extreme couponer, especially since I’ve found that most coupons are for junk food. Target is super close to my home and I’m kind of in love with that place, so All Things Target has to be one of my favorite blog finds. The more popular places to find coupons generally only have coupons for processed or junk food.
MonkeyDLuffyFeb 4 2015, 06:07 AMI grew in Pind environment, and I dont remember anyone using hands. MonkeyDLuffyFeb 4 2015, 07:02 AMYeah The pinds in punjab, especially my region were urbanized 70 years ago Well, The Punjab is considered relatively modernized to the rest of India. Indians never invented spoons so how were Punjabis eating rice before spoons were brought to India? KaramazovFeb 4 2015, 07:24 AMIndians never invented spoons so how were Punjabis eating rice before spoons were brought to India? Now I know some parents will think that this sounds like a great idea but how do you implement it?  How do you take it from a great idea and make reading aloud a regular part of your family’s day?  You figure out when it could work, you choose a book, and you start. Just remember, unlike diapers, bottles, and car seats, being read to isn’t something your child needs to ever outgrow. Wendy Kennar (198 Posts)Wendy is a freelance writer who finds inspiration in her eight-year-old son and from her experiences from her twelve-year teaching career. My first book “A Pup’s Tale” is a story about a Border collie who was rescued (from Border collie rescue) by a family when he was six months old and what he had endured before they found each other. I have almost no doubt about it," Steven Vogt, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California Santa Cruz, told Discovery News.
It’s the scattering of vendors hidden among them that have earned Dan Sinh its nickname: ‘the army surplus market’. Offering hundreds of unique, high-quality products created by local designers, there’s something here for everybody.
Home to independent fashion designers, artists and craftsmen, you’re guaranteed to find something totally unique, and totally Vietnamese. After years of intense debate, the issue whether the Martian meteorite contains life or not remains unresolved. Life could have existed on another planet, maybe even one as close as Mars, and then made its way to Earth instead of originating here. In 2008, the Phoenix Mars Lander sent back photos of ice chunks it had found after scooping up handfuls of soil, a huge discovery in the search for liquid water -- a key ingredient for life. Methane-producing microbes were some of the earliest life forms on Earth, so if the same exists for the Red Planet, chances are these bacteria are well below the surface. In 2001, Galileo detected that an asteroid had struck the moon, forming the Valhalla impact basin.
Scientists are taking a closer look at this Saturn moon and finding more and more potential building blocks for very basic life there, despite Titan's surface temperature of -300 degrees Fahrenheit. In May 2010, two teams of scientists announced that NASA's Cassini orbiter showed Titan is harboring an unusual chemical dance party with hydrogen and acetylene.
It would mean life could exist under a completely different chemical environment then what we know to exist on Earth: a second genesis.
What's more, the temperature and density of the plumes could indicate a warmer, watery source beneath the surface. We've only been exploring these outside worlds for the past decade (the first one, HD 209458, was discovered in 1999), with dozens more being discovered every year with many hosting organic compounds. A stellar nursery in the Milky Way has recently been investigated as a potential gold mine for finding life. So maybe life does exist as we do, just on the other side of the universe where we won't have the capability to find it.
But astrophysicist Stephen Hawking theorizes that life could exist out there that we can't even imagine: life that is not carbon-based. General consensus of scientists has been that the experiment found geological, not biological, activity. Researchers distilled the Viking Labeled Release data, provided as hard copies by the original researchers, into sets of numbers and analyzed the results for complexity. They say the high degree of order is more characteristic of biological, rather than purely physical processes. And since I try to feed my family a whole food diet with minimally processed foods, it’s often difficult to find good coupons.
All Things Target posts coupon match-ups specific to Target and I’ve been able to find several free deals on everything from groceries to school supplies. Organic Deals and Coupons lists all the organic or natural coupons in one place as well as the match-ups for stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I strive to live simply and intentionally while attempting to feed our family a whole foods diet on a budget. A hand trained from childhood for eating can mix rice and various curries that go with it in a manner to make it more flavorful, compared to using a plain fork and spoon. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Carrie This Home with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
US Air Force bomber jackets, faded NLF flags, military-grade watches and even a Russian space helmet, it’s all in here. Gaudy fridge magnets, dusty masks, carved statues, replica antique smoking pipes and stacks of super-affordable conical hats; it’s a one-stop shop for those cheesy touristy bits and bobs you’re bound to need at some point.

Offering funky ceramics and retro-styled home wares, many designed and made in the Mekong Delta, Sadec District always draws a crowd.
Another key ingredient for life was found the following year: NASA scientists detected methane in the Martian atmosphere, indicating that the planet is still alive. Usually, such an impact would cause intense shock waves to ripple through the planetary body, but Galileo couldn't find any evidence of this, leading scientists to theorize that a watery ocean could have softened the blow. HD 209458b, for example, was found with water, methane and carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, all key ingredients for life.
If these rays from the dying star were to wash over a once-frozen moon or exoplanet, the planetary body's icy layer would melt into liquid: setting the stage for life to form in a flowing ocean.
Since living systems are more complicated than non-biological processes, the idea was to look at the experiment results from a purely numerical perspective. As with most people, I don’t have hours every day to spend searching for coupons and I generally buy the generic brand anyway. Not only does she have a coupon data base with a complete list of every coupon out there, but she also posts the coupon match ups for most major stores. One of my favorite aspects of this blog is the fact that they let you know when departments will go on clearance.
Organic Girl Salad often sends out $1 off 1 box of salad and Method usually includes exclusive coupons for a variety of their products. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Rachel Kratz and Efficient Momma with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
Here are our top five places to find that perfect, unique and oh-so-Vietnamese gift (that aren’t from Ben Thanh Market). Their range of shopping bags, pouches and laptop cases made from recycled rice and animal feed sacks are light and easy to transport, while the Vietnamese teas and tropical fruit-shaped soaps are ideal for that auntie you last saw a decade ago. For a take-away taste of the street art lining 3a’s walls, visit Giant Step – their framed prints start at as little as US$30. But there are five places I check before grocery shopping each week to help keep our grocery budget on track.
There are several series including, 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget and 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer. I also recommend signing up for the blogs I mentioned above as I find it easier to skim through my emails than to visit several different blogs. Just that the general trend has been in rural areas to not use westernized tools -specially- for food. Indians wash hands before and after eating.Yups, Indian food is better suited to using hands. Delve deeper to reveal a band of friendly antique vendors with stalls overflowing with treasures you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Prices are fixed and clearly displayed and low enough for you to win the ‘most generous grandchild’ award on Christmas day. Arrghh! In this list, we’re up with points that shouts out loud the ban of airing South Indian films in Hindi film channels—7.
These are the major rice producing States, in India.Apart from Punjab (as you said), all the other states are known to eat rice with hands. You may well come away with more gifts for yourself than your family, but we won’t tell anyone. I love the fact that I can visit her website and get a quick overview of all the great deals and free things available for the week. Now seeing the States which actually consume rice: It holds true to what you said, that rice consumption is low in The Punjab (India).
Have the Other Film Industries Gone To The Dog?Okay, we do understand the channel owner’s love for dubbed films, and hence, would love to remind him that there are more film industries in India other than bollywood and the brilliant south Indian films. There are endless lists of famous award winning Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi and many more regional films, which the film channels can show to their viewers.5.
I have been to most parts of India and all the rice eaters (from a cultural perspective) use hands.
One bullet fired from the hero’s gun can kill two people simultaneously, while 10 Bullets fired from 10 different guns at the same time can never kill the hero. But am sure, if I went to some small towns in Punjab area, people would be eating rice with their hands. Heroines are Mere EquipmentIn every movie there is only one female character and she has only two jobs. Indians wash hands before and after eating.Modern style restaurants, large gatherings and so on, are not convenient for that kind of eating, so people use tableware. I am absolutely not saying that rape is anything less than a direly serious matter I am just saying that nobody told these movies that.3. Logic Less!Part of being a decent human is attempting to understand and empathize with the many different cultures and societies that surround us.
And what better way to accomplish that by watching their most hilariously confusing movies and extrapolating out a set of unfair, ridiculous stereotypes from them?2. Dubbed Songs and movie names =Death!The most dreadful part of these films is their impeccably funny dubbed names and songs. Here are some of the names-Daring Gundaraaj (Aatadista – Telugu), Ek Tha Soldier (Shakti – Telugu),Ek Tha Mafia – The Underworld (Sadurangam – Tamil), Fighter man Singham (Singham – Tamil), Tapori Wanted (Pokiri – Telugu and the list continues.

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