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Then it is used in "Wizard School, Part 1" by Professor Crumbs to make Alex tell the truth and "Wizard School, Part 2" by Alex to make Dr. It is a spell in the Warren Book of Shadows that allows the caster to obtain the truth from anyone they speak to.
In Aunty Dearest, Chris used this spell to see how Andrea would react to knowing that Chris and his family are witches. Today we are going to look into a simple yet effective spell to let the truth shine in your life. Unhealthy ego, fear or pain may act as severe obstacles to help you perceive the truth in any scenario, simple or complicated. Our spell utilises the power of the sun to cast away the shadows and perceive the truth of a situation in your life. Once you have gathered the ingredients and have found the right time to cast the spell you are ready to go.
Let the candle down in front of you and take the feather (White feather was a symbol of truth in ancient Egypt and was attributed to the Goddess Ma’at- even if you don't have a white feather the spell will work effectively).
Repeat as many times as you want to feel comfortable and  remember to trust that the Divine Sun has heard your petition.
She wants to use it on Gigi but it makes the whole party and herself tell what's on their mind.

Andrea reacted well when Chris told her about him as his family, but the backfire was that when Chris told Andrea the truth about - without the truth spell, she didn't take it well. All of us may have found ourselves in times of stress where it is very difficult to see the truth even though it is under our very nose. The more you work with these blockages and understand the impact they have on you, the easier it will be to monitor when they come into play and affect your judgement. Therefore, it requires a representation of the Sun as a focal point which can be any object that helps you bring the sun in mind and remain focused during this spell. If you are going to cast it during morning hours, try and face the Sun if possible, however, this is not a prerequisite. To perceive and understand the truth in this matter (you can state your situation here i.e. Start visualising that you hold the Sun in front of you all its glory and radiance surrounding you and illuminating everything around you. What you should see in front of you should be (starting from your self) 1) The candle 2) The Feather 3) The Sun. Do not try to force the truth come out by making scenarios and trying to analyse all evidence, instead, try and have an open mind and focus only in the situation. It is unwise to think that the spell is not good or even worse that you are not a good spell caster if you don’t see immediate results.

Harper also finds out the truth about GigiĀ and nearly know the secret of Alex about being a wizard.
Once this is a personal gain spell, there is a backfire: the caster has to speak the truth to anyone as well. Personally, I use the Sun tarot card, however let your imagination flow and replace it with whatever works best for you. Cast your rays in my life to see and understand the truth in (stating your situation) with an open heart and open mind. The more times a spell is cast the more empowered it will be and the same applies for the Witch. However, from previous experiences, it is not uncommon to see the truth in a dream especially if you trust your dreams and working with them.

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