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When your boyfriend or girlfriend thinks you're moving on to a new relationship, they're suddenly faced with losing you for good.
Push your ex's feelings too far in the opposite direction, and you can actually force them into the arms of someone else. To understand why, you must know that your ex is still watching you, even after breaking things off.
Rather than lose some of the control they received by breaking things off, your ex would much rather see your next endeavor fail. Check here for a lot more ideas on how you can make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend jealous, without them even realizing you've done anything at all. There's a big difference between going out and having fun, and actually pretending to have fun to make your ex jealous.
Now, this isn't to say you shouldn't make your ex jealous, or even go out with other people.

On the other hand, the alternative - sitting around and 'waiting' for your ex to come back - doesn't sound too appealing either. And once your ex realizes you're afraid to date someone else for fear of making them angry, it's always going to prolong your breakup.
Getting back on the dating horse will give you something fun to do, and will distract you from thinking about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Nothing makes someone more jealous than seeing the person they love, or used to love, with someone else. By putting yourself back in the dating game, your ex will immediately assume that you're serious about moving on. Last of all, you only have to go as far with your new relationship as you're comfortable with. Don't forsake a possibly amazing connection with someone new for the sake of your old boyfriend or girlfriend, but don't feel as if you have to advance down the dating path at normal speed either.

In some cases, your ex will completely ignore you despite your best efforts to get them back.
Find out how to make your ex girlfriend extremely jealous, to the point where she's even crawling back and begging you to continue the relationship! Instead of just getting your boyfriend back, Get Him Back Forever shows you which emotional hot buttons will immediately make your ex come running back to you.

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