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Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump has been called out by a female artist who painted a picture of him using her menstrual blood.
Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump has been publicly ridiculed by an American artist using her menstrual blood to draw a picture of the United States politician. Levy created the artistic rendering as a response to Trump’s insults toward Megyn Kelly after that first Republican debate.
The bright red luster of the original painting has, according to Levy, faded to brown in the days since she created it. Top StoriesPopular Cameroonian Footballer Collapse and Dies on the Pitch During a Match (Photos)Inspirational!
You’re sick of tampons and pads and you would like something better and cheaper?There is an alternative solution – menstrual cup. We know that ‘cup’ inside your vagina doesn’t sound very comfortable but it really is. Unfortunately, they aren’t easily biodegradable so they can remain there for hundreds of years. Menstrual cups are made of silicone and silicone isn’t material that harbors bacteria.
Just like tampons, this special cup can be worn during physical activities like sport and swimming. Did you know that an average woman spends around $200 per year on disposable pads and tampons? I struggled with the Diva Cup, but would love an opportunity to try another one — I just think it was a poor fit for my body.

Vinegar & baking soda are my go-to cleaning products ?? Safe, natural, inexpensive, and they do a GREAT job of cleaning just about anything! I loved the Diva cup when I used it but I had to stop when I started using an IUD for birth control. Hi I read your post earlier about you purchasing the new highchair because its easier to clean. I wanted to give a shout out to the Babyganics sunscreen–it has a good EWG rating, is moderately priced, and is relatively non-greasy and easy to apply! Thank you for promoting and letting women out there know about the great use of menstrual cups. The Noni Juice is made of Noni plant, a Polynesian originating plant that is quite popular recently. Some people go by with the benefits arising from the Noni juice while others simply use it in their daily diet and nutrition plan. The Hawaiian health culture in the past has shown that daily using of Noni in diet will prevent chronic diseases from developing in the body. Researches have also shown that the Noni juice can relieve pain almost as morphine sulphate, but because its nature, it is absent of side or adverse effects.
The compounds such as scopoletin, anthraquinone and terpenes cause antibacterial, antiparasitic and antifungal benefits.
Other great benefits coming out of the Noni juice are its good ranking on the scale of anti-inflammatory “drugs” and its power to prevent tumors because of the ppt found in it. You can read more about all Noni Juice benefits, uses, side effects, interactions and doses here.

Unfortunately, it’ doesn’t stops period cramps so you can’t totally forget that you have your period. I run several small businesses, after my kids, road races and triathlons, and when being chased by zombies. The fact that occasional usage of Noni juice is quite health beneficial is confirmed by both researchers and consumers. The Noni juice greatly helps in strengthening of the immune system and boosts its protective role. That’s because by using pads and tampons, your menstrual fluid is exposed to air causing menstrual odor.
I was wondering if the straps remove easily on the Ikea one and if the tray is detachable so they can sit at the table like the $15 version? Such researches have shown that the Noni plant helps greatly in the fight with long-term, chronic diseases and conditions.
If you don’t have time or don’t want to think about changing a tampon or a pad every few hours, menstrual cup is a perfect solution for your period!

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