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Diversity is their strawman in Brampton, where a flyer warning people about White genocide in Canada is the subject of anti-Whites attention.
Singh is right, there are no native or indigenous people on the planet, everyone has been moving around since the dawn of time, but when countries of specific groups of people are flooded with the rest of the world, what that is doing is destroying that specific group of people.
The immigration policies of the planet today ensure that Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, and that White countries are for everybody, this is deliberately meant to destroy White people – it is White genocide. Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennell, seems to be a typical anti-White “These flyers are disgusting” she said, “Racism has no place in Brampton. Apart from the more overt anti white agenda immigration in Canada plays an important role in wage suppression and support for real estate prices. If your argument is, we are here first, so get lost, then how do you explain the past four hundred years of history? You guys got a major boost in technology – 10,000 years of advancement, without having to do a LICK OF WORK to get it. Well, it was important for the Clovis people to wipe out the Mastodon, and other megafauna (including the horse – do you think they all packed up and moved east? And the list goes on and on, but let’s be frank shall we, if China were to usurp Canada, it’s highly unlikely China would give the country back to the aboriginals! As a final consideration, is there to be no home for European Canadians who have built up this country for the past 4oo years, commencing with the arrival of the French? And yeah, if stealing land is so bad, why did you come here to take advantage of that stolen land? I am mixed white races my family is here 400 years since the first Acadians settlement in Nova Scotia. Majority of the suicide cases recorded in history are as a result of depression that result from the victims who thought they did not have what other people have, or are not enjoying life the way others are seemingly enjoying it. James refused to manipulate an image sent in by a young woman who is struggling with an eating disorder and thinks she’s not pretty enough. He replied her with the same picture (unedited) and shared an inspiring caption, “Nothing and no one could make you prettier than you already are. Tagged With: James Fridman, Self confidence, self esteem, Self worthFiled Under: Beauty, Inspired! Now everyone is going to see her face and know she struggles with an eating disorder and probably help her to upgrade to some other psychiatric disorder like depression with their ever so ready mean words!. A private message will do for her but there are millions of people out there feeling bad about their looks but cant ask him, this reply is also for them. Trying to kick a habit is something many of us choose to go through at some point, and GIF Girl is no exception. I first realized I had a problem when I took my nails out of my mouth for a second, and got a look at them. At first I thought wearing gloves would help… but these are the only ones I could find for sale in the spring.
OMG I totally do this all the time paint my nails then peel it off but I found a nail polish that doesn’t peel that easily and it seems to be working except when they get chipped then I start picking at them and I start biting them then I start all over again trying to grow them again.
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In addition, all orders of ?60 or more (after discount) qualify for FREE UK NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Yes it is still the season of picnics and water fights, but would you seriously consider buying your 99 flake with sprinkles from this van? While massages are up there on the ‘best things’ list- from a man or woman in a random van? In the end, the left will be guilty of everything they ones condemned of being wrong. Because all my studies have mentioned the population to be anywhere from 10 million to 80 million.
Forgot racism look at the abysmally poor track record China has regarding it’s own citizens. Your mere presence here indicates, given what you said above, that you are here in bad faith.
The great political experiment known as the Dominion of Canada, is a direct expression of the industrious, creative and adventurous European spirit. I wonder why no one mentions the thousands of black bears being poached by Chinese and Korean people in Canada (they have their paws ripped off and gallbladders ripped out) and sent to china to the black market for a profit of 48000 American for one bear. Apart from participating in Social Development projects and teaching teens, he loves to leave people happier than the way he met them.
Seems you dont know how those kids do damge to themselves because they dont look like the image in the magazine front cover. He has just managed to add more problems to someone already who already has self esteem issues. I will accept all compliments like a champ – as I show off my new manicure, of course.
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Would you even tempt fate with a Calippo?It looks a bit suss to us even with the peace signs! We are pretty sure that the famous boy wizard didn’t travel by clapped out looking mini van. I would suggest using a statement that clearly address the contradiction you perceive in the article. Nevertheless even for a argument sake if it was 1 million only, So according to you killing them was necessity because taking over the land was important for them and hence killing them was fair? Let take the democide that was committed under Mao, conservative estimates place the death toll at 65 to 70 million, the Chinese government places it much higher at about 80 million. You have no intention to develop this country, but rather to take for your own selfish, aggressive and expansionistic designs.
Chinese are also stealing our land by buying it and growing crops to ship to Chinese markets and they get the land very cheap.
He replied the kid saying, “If your skin was white, that would be a completely different person.

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Or is it the case you are referring to all people and thereby super racist in your beliefs and attitudes? Then using English or French grammar, in particular, syntax try to develop your ideas as opposed to stating vague emotions directed at things which are clear only in your mind. Were the lives of 1 million indians more important than the 300 million people (mostly White) in America today? On the contrary the immigrants that come to Canada or US to work and earn a living are dangerous just because they their eyes are small or their skin complexion is darker?
Next, mass immigration comes out of Cultural Marxism which has as it’s intent the destruction of western civilization. I don’t see any other non white country adopting this philosophy, only white countries, certainly not India, Israel, the other middle eastern countries, the African nations, the Asian countries and most certainly not China!!! Yes there maybe someone having a snooze in the back- or there could be something a lot more sinister! Remember to address or keep your audience or readers in mind as you write, and in spite of what you may believe, punctuation is important, especially as it pertains to writing.
Toronto’s housing is filled with bugs now, remember how high class Toronto used to be 30 years ago! The very idea of mass migration, and diversity was meant to be a miscegenetic method were by ethnic genocide could be accomplished.
There is really no telling what’s in the back of that weird looking van- If you have your suspicions we highly recommend not finding out. My friend wanted to drive a taxi in Richmond hill but since Chinese wont take a taxi with any other race, there is no market for it. Let’s not forgot, about Vietnam, and the theft of their historical archives under a thousand years of Chinese rule. Please research this statements if you are incredulous, and understand that you are a pawn in a game that you have no cognizance of. Im sick of going to the Quickie and having some indian guy half my age argue with me because I wont buy the 3 for 5 dollar special on chips (well lets see I don’t want 3 bags if I did, hum lets see, I would have 3 bags at the cash right!).
In my culture its not about how much the owner makes its about the customer and pleasing them, but some of these cultures are very greedy and don’t care and a lot will charge a debit fee if you don’t spend enough, where the heck did this come from?
I grew up in Canada and n ever recall being charge 35 cents to use my debit card, its just profit for the owner. They will try the same tactic for hiring you and pay you half the wage and say its always been this wage. They want to pay minimum wage to work in medical transcription when the going rate is 18 in the private sector and 27 an hour in a union job, it takes years to learn this skill.
Where are we, in india!Now I understand why their nations never improve!!Have a friend who is Italian and works construction jobs around Ottawa, he told me he has to get the estimate in writing from most immigrants but he can take white people for their word and knows they wont lie and drop the price and play games….and hes done this work for 20 years so he knows what he talks about!

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