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Everyone’s had a tough break up and been faced with the feelings of sadness and desperation that go along with feeling like you let the right person get away.  It is a truly miserable feeling. If they don’t come running back at least you are doing things to better yourself so you hopefully meet someone else and don’t make the same mistakes with your new boyfriend or girlfriend.  The real goal needs to be making yourself a better person so that you can have a healthy and happy relationship.  If that person does not end up being your ex, so be it!
No matter the reason for your break up you and your ex because one, or both of you, was not happy. When your boyfriend ends your relationship, there's one thing you need to realize: somewhere out there is a pathway that leads right back into his heart. The fact he broke up with you doesn't mean he doesn't still love you, or that there isn't something you can do to make your ex want you back. When you've stopped feeling sorry for yourself and have finally started thinking straight, it's time to think back on the beginning stages of your relationship. If you can figure out what made your ex fall for you in the first place, you've taken a giant step toward winning back your exboyfriend. Dropping out of sight and breaking contact with your exboyfriend is one of the best ways to make your ex chase you. By far, one of the best techniques for doing that are taught by relationship guru Matt Huston. Matt's instant reconnection techniques are designed to work in ANY situation, no matter how long you've been broken up or how long its been since you heard from your ex.

Learn exactly what to do and say that will turn his attention right back to you, getting him interested in seeing and hearing from you again. Instantly downloadable, you can begin applying these breakup reversal techniques just a few short hours from now.
In trying to get your boyfriend to undo the breakup, it's often easy to be one-directional. No couple on the planet ever gets back together until something important happens first: they both want each other back. After the breakup, you're probably reeling with dozens of painful feelings and memories of your past relationship. Remember how awesome everything seemed to be when you and your boyfriend first started dating? To accomplish this, the only thing you have to do is recreate the circumstances that made your ex fall for you in the first place. Below you'll find five quick areas of adjustment that will help you regain your ex boyfriend's love, attention, and respect. Ask a thousand guys and you'll get a thousand nodded heads: few things are sexier than a girl with confidence. While you might not feel very confident after the break up, you need to shake those inhibitions off as quickly as possible.

Another personality trait guys find very attractive in a potential girlfriend is independence. For this reason, you once again need to do the exact opposite of what your boyfriend expects.
Ask any guy what his biggest turnoff would be personality-wise, and the answer is always the same: high drama.
In the end, perhaps the best sales-pitch you can give your ex boyfriend is also the easiest: happiness.
Yet when he does look back, it's crucial for you to make sure that your boyfriend sees all the right things. The master at reversing the thought processes of any breakup situation is a man named Robert Parsons. Check out all the various tips and tricks found within Breakup Reversed that you can use to not only get your ex interested again, but actually have your boyfriend looking forward to calling and catching up with you.
You feel like you have lost something very special and you aren’t sure if you will ever get them back.

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