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You could say Blake and Drew Wilson are best friends, but that would be an understatement. Of course, this may not be your exact method, but whatever it is, we hope you didn't go stag because THAT would be embarrassing. He loves telling silly jokes to people just to get a laugh out of them, causing trouble around the campus, and flirting with all the girls. Mary's Knights, the three time state champion football team and their equally accomplished cheer squad. Not just because he likes having fun, but because he wants to see people happy and smiling. The three boys are always finding new ways to cause trouble and keep everything from getting boring around the school. Blake and Chase always had one of those love-hate sibling rivalries where one second everything could be going great for the boys and the next they would be throwing punches toward each other. Recent successes has caused the school's athletic department and clubs grow and it has just been named one of the top ten schools in the country. He had the perfect girlfriend, the greatest friends that were always by his side and had his whole life ahead of him.

Blake doesn’t like when people are sad and he will do anything to make someone happy even if it meant hurting himself.
Ever since he was young, Blake felt like it was his job to keep people happy and smiling, even if he wasn’t. Although all three of the girls feel like sisters to him, Blake still loves to spice things up by throwing a few pick up likes at them here and there. Here, students have a chance to live a life full of challenges, think critically, and act responsibly in a global society.
His life may seem like a walk in the park, but the recent death of his brother and the nonstop drama that comes with attending SMA has made it harder for him to keep the smile on his face all the time. Ever since that day, they had a special kind of friendship that could never be broken, no matter how many fights, or girls tried to come between the two. We expect only the best from our students, and welcome all of our students to the 2012-2013 Academic Year.
When someone hurts a person he cares for, there’s no telling what he will do to get back at that person for what they did. Blake doesn’t want to let people down by not being out going all of the time, so he just holds it all inside and continues with his outgoing ways.

Both of the girls have somehow managed to work their way up to the top of Blake’s list and neither show a sign of dropping down any time soon. After failing a drug test to stay on the football team, everything in his life went downhill.
Meeting her was one of the best things that had happened to him and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He and Miranda broke up, most of his friends ditched him, and his chances of getting into any college worth going to were practically ruined.
She is one of the few people he feels that he can really be himself around and he trusts her not to hurt him.

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