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You know the specific type of rage that washes over you when you realize a coworker has “accidentally” consumed your lunch from the office refrigerator. Scrape away the delicious frosting filling in your favorite cookies and replace with a generous dollop of white toothpaste.
These live cultures are not walking away from the fridge on their own! Swap out some vanilla yogurt for a spoonful of mayonnaise and never miss a dose of probiotic again. This entry was posted in Bad Behavior and tagged cake, cookies, crime, juice, lists, lunch, meatloaf, recipes, revenge, stolen food. I am from Louisiana, and, trust me, if you add loads of hot sauce, you would WISH it was Exlax instead. The upperclassmen who would steal my brother’s lunch when they were on away basketball trips. You probably could get sued or face criminal charges if someone ate your food and got sick from your script, Yes. Someone on the job was sneaking in and stealing food out of peoples lunches,,they couldn’t ever catch them.

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Once the initial waves of anger pass, you might feel hopeless and you will definitely be hungry. So one of the co workers put some chocolate cake in the fridge that had ex lax in the icing. Considering they’re the worst damn ones I’ve ever seen, the terrible texts on this list can be considered the the creme de la crap.
See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. While we never condone violence, a little food trickery is something we can really get behind.

By "worst," I mean both hilariously bad and straight-up cold blooded. (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) What’s worse – breaking up with someone via text, or changing your relationship status on Facebook? Let me know in the comments! Check out How to Break Up With Your Significant Other Without Looking Like a Jerk! What if you have a prescription medication you mix with something in YOUR lunch to make sure you take? But after the mandatory mourning comes to a close, the only way to truly move on is to meet new people (gasp!).

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