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Disclaimer: these are my views, observances, and thoughts gathered from my personal experiences.
First, let me say I am grateful to God for the gift of women; they are truly God’s custom designed handy work. Isn’t it interesting how a man might find it easier to leave his home and go to war for his country than to cuddle with his girl in public? So the husband than takes out the garbage and doesn’t say a word because he’s trying to keep from exploding… Language is key! Believe it or not, most men will tell you the same thing- what you say is not as important as how you say it. Respect has a certain tone to it and men can sense it very easily because we are wired to respect. Nagging shows a woman cares enough to say something, but what is not said is the more painful part. Nagging, although it comes from a maternal instinct, can become a nuisance and an annoyance to men; it actually becomes counterproductive.
Try these 5 ways to help your child get a good night’s rest if they seems restless and unable to fall asleep at their regular bedtime. Granted the body does need trace amounts of sugar to function, but the average American is eating sugar by the pound, not the molecule.
You can detox your body just by eating only lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey), fruits, and vegetables.
Dr.Lipman has developed his own, two week, cleanse that cut’s out sugar, amongst other inflammatory and problematic foods. Since the recent past I , found myself to be having an excessive craving for sugar, however through gossip I suspected that I, my sugar levels were more than unusual, this this was further proved when I analysed my sugar levels and found that it was 207 as a rating. I graduate from IIN in May, and I just want to tell you I love the information on this site. Might your apologies be so frequent and empty that you can't even recall the last one or do you not remember your last apology because you haven't apologized for much of anything lately? Sometimes saying sorry is a hard thing to do because you might feel like it makes you look weak or it takes away from a point you were defending in an argument or debate.
Just give some more thought to why you are apologizing to someone before you do it and express that in the apology.
How many times have you had someone apologize to you and it felt like they didn't mean it? I talk about this all the time, but I need to reevaluate and make sure that I am being about it.
I have been blessed to have some remarkable women in my life, including my mother, my wife Abigail, my sisters, Sonia from the Being Encouraged team, aunts, friends, co workers, and many more.
Women should picture every man with a big red landmine on their chests; the slightest intonation of disrespect will cause an uproar in the man internally and in some cases externally.
So ladies, use caution in the way you talk to a man to ensure he is being respected when you’re delivering something, even if what you have to tell him is correct. Some estimates put the average adult intake at close to 130 pounds of sugar a year – an astonishing amount of any substance, much less one which such disastrous health implications.
My experience has been that when people do a proper detox, not only does it reset their appetites but it often decreases their sugar cravings.

Take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D3. I would recommend Amiigo, it tracks everything you do and present it neatly on your smartphone. You follow an easy meal plan and drink specially developed shakes and take supplements that helps clean your gut. I do this detox twice a year and you really notice the difference in body and mind function!
Can eat them straight, use in smoothies, replace chocolate chips with them, add to granola, etc. It's like they could have just not said anything at all and you probably would despise them a little less than you do after that sorry (no pun intended) a$$ apology. Make it clear that you get exactly what you are sorry for and help the other person believe that you will truly try to not repeat your wrong in the future.
So I say these three points with the most sincere appreciation of women, and also with a goal to help women who are struggling to get their man, husband, son, friend, co-worker or other any other man in their lives to listen to them. If you speak to a man in a certain tone, he may receive it as if you are trying to control him, which can cause him to lash out. It’s a very subtle destroyer that can cause a man to be resentful, closed off, and more stubborn. If you want a man to change, pray for him and let God change him because He can change him a whole lot better than anyone can. After the initial sugar cravings, which can be overwhelming, our bodies adjust and we won’t even want the sugar anymore and the desire will disappear. Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom will naturally sweeten your foods and reduce cravings. Nutrient deficiencies can make cravings worse and the fewer nutrient deficiencies, the fewer cravings. Although I would encourage you to eat as few foods as possible that have labels, educate yourself about what you’re putting into your body. Remember that most of the “complex” carbohydrates we consume like bread (including whole wheat), bagels and pasta aren’t really complex at all. While I won’t say our national love affair with sugar is all in the mind – there is a strong physical component to sugar addiction – one way to kick off your sugar-free journey is to re-frame the way you think about sugar. If you give in to your cravings, have a piece of fruit, it should satisfy a sweet craving and is much healthier. In general it’s a good alternative to sugar and as you said, many prefer the flavor to that of stevia.
In general it’s a good alternative to sugar and as you said, many prefer the flavor to that of stevia. 5 calories and no sugar, it help you curb that sweet tooth and also gives you the “munching” sensation! Slower absorption of sugar reduces the insulin load needed and is easier for your body to handle. Is it because we think it's the right thing to do and it probably makes the other person feel better? Or how about this one ~ You and another person are both at fault in some way and you actually do woman or man up and apologize, but the other person doesn't.

You can do nearly anything to a man and he may keep his cool, but once you disrespect him, you will have hard time calming him down.
What is important to realize is that what you focus on is magnified, so if you focus on all his flaws you will see more of his flaws, and if you focus more on his strengths, you will see more of those. The short answer is that sugar is an extraordinarily destructive substance that most people eat far too much of.
For many people, if they don’t eat regularly, their blood sugar levels drop, they feel hungry and are more likely to crave sweet sugary snacks. Food in its natural form, including fruits and vegetables, usually presents no metabolic problems for a normal body, especially when consumed in variety. The typical breakfast full of carbs and sugary or starchy foods is the worst option since you’ll have cravings all day.
Whatever movement you enjoy will help reduce tension, boost your energy and decrease your need for a sugar lift. The longer the list of ingredients, the more likely sugar is going to be included on that list.
Treat it like an illicit drug, a kind of legal form of heroin, a dark force to be avoided, and a substance whose use leads to physical ruin. If you can distract yourself for that time the craving usually goes away without you having to give in. Fruit(assuming not dried) has not only water but fiber and vitamins (and fat too if its,say, an avocado). Although the EWG database doesn’t have everything rated, it’s still the bomb dot com in my book!
You can still stand firmly by a belief or opinion you hold and apologize for your tone or the way in which you expressed it. I would even argue that if it came down to choosing between money, power, and respect, the majority of men would choose respect as number one. If you nurture a man’s ego (God gave them to us), then you will get access to his thoughts, concerns, and hey possibly some money lol.
The longer answer is that virtually every day, more studies are proving what we in the optimal health community have always believed: that sugar plays a pivotal role in the development of many of the devastating illnesses we fear most, namely heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s to name a few.
So check the grams of sugar, and choose products with the least sugar per serving (I teaspoon of sugar is roughly equivalent to about 4 grams). Next, take a look at CBS’s 60 Minutes “Is Sugar Toxic?” story – it’s a potentially life-changing report for anyone who needs just a bit more inspiration to help them kick sugar. Become familiar with sugar terminology and recognize that all of these are sweeteners: agave, corn syrup, corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, honey, cane sugar, cane crystals, fruit juice concentrates, molasses, turbinado sugar and brown sugar.
Anyway, if you are one that tends to apologize with lack of purpose and earnestness, perhaps you may want to honestly consider the impact of your apologies if they actually had more weight and thought given to them before you lay one on.
So it’s expected that most women won’t understand how to respect a man unless they are taught how to. Ladies, the number one reason men don’t listen to women is because the message was either not delivered in a respectful way, or it was perceived in a disrespectful way.

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