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Keeping romance alive in a relationship can be done by being flirty with your boyfriend and teasing him with sensual or playful gestures. When you and your boyfriend are socializing with friends in your home, go to the kitchen or another room where there are no guests and ask him to come and help you.
In order to simulate your boyfriend’s affection you should always remember him how much you appreciate his love and attention to you. I think that one of the reasons due to which our men can lose their affection is our eagerness to take the initiative and do everything on our own.
When you feel there is some problem in your relationship you should immediately find possible solutions for it. Enter your email address to get an email every time we post a cute quote or a boyfriend rule. Teasing is an effective way to keep him interested and set sparks flying for a romantic time together.

Rub his shoulders, back, neck and legs gently to allow him to enjoy the feeling of your hands on his skin. When he comes into the room, give him a playful or passionate kiss and give him a flirty smile. If you suffer from lack of affection for a long time and your guy doesn’t care much about you, it’s high time to discuss this problem with him.
You can surprise him when he least expects it, such as in public or while he is surfing the Internet. Very often we can observe that our partners are completely involved in some activities and almost pay no attention to us.
For instance, when women usually meet they hug and kiss each other and touch someone’s arm while speaking. If you smile at him, especially when he expresses his warm feelings, you will inspire him for stronger affection.

This is an effective way to let him know that you're interested without drawing too much attention to yourself. In this way, you will show your boyfriend what you like most of all and what you need from him.
Having such nature, we often expect our guys to behave in the same way and when they fail we can even get furious. By appreciating your guy’s affection, you will encourage him for doing more and more pleasant things for you. Perhaps, he couldn’t show his real passion and tenderness because of your excessive care and love.

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