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February 8, 2013 by Julie 122 Comments As I’m sure you know, thanks to all of the red and pink you’ve seen popping up everywhere, next Thursday is Valentine’s Day!
I thought a round-up post of creative, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas might be a good way to throw some fun, yet inexpensive, ideas out there. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you may have seen a couple of these Valentine’s Day ideas before, but I found a bunch of new ideas share with you from other blogs and Pinterest (of course).
Hopefully one of these ideas will help make someone you love feel extra special on February 14!
52 Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards: My sister did this project for her boyfriend last year and he loved it! Candy Hearts Poster: I made Ryan a poster that revolved around the sayings found on the candy hearts that are always for sale around Valentine’s Day. You Float My Boat Basket – This idea immediately appealed to me because Ryan is just a little bit obsessed with root beer floats.
Framed Keys From All the Places You’ve Lived: A great way to showcase where you’ve lived and the journey you’ve been on together! Now That I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walked On + Trail of Hershey Kisses: I totally stole this idea from a guy in high school who used it to ask a friend of mine to the prom!
Personalized Dates Poster: Create a fun poster using dates that are significant to you and your significant other. Met, Engaged, Married Embroidered Map: I gave this gift to Ryan for our one-year wedding anniversary.
I Love You This Much Handprint Card: Though I don’t have kids, my heart melted when I saw this card. The Alphabet Of Our Love Book: Include a different reason why you love the person you love for each letter of the alphabet! Scrapbook: For our first Valentine’s Day together, I gave Ryan a homemade scrapbook and filled it with photos, captions and admission tickets that captured the first year of our relationship.

What is the most memorable thing that you’ve done for someone or that someone has done for you on Valentine’s Day? Okay the keys worry me as I’d hate to think that people had copies of keys from the condo I currently rent. This year I did a 14 Day Challenge where every day since February 1st I have done something small to show my husband I care! Aww I’m bookmarking this for when I eventually have kids- I love the hand print cards or having the kids decorate the mugs. I’m such a sucker for anything related to love, so clearly I get excited about Valentine’s Day! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Someone who promises to bring the moon for you if he could, encourages you to follow your dreams, stands by you against all odds and makes your life beautiful is your boyfriend. Stick a good morning note on the mirror to surprise him in the morning; leave cute notes in his bag or other random places. This entry was posted in Love, Quotes and tagged boyfriend, cute, fun, girly, love, lover, pink, Quote, Quotes, saying, sayings, text on September 6, 2012 by .
It took some time to come up with what I wanted the poster to say since the sayings on the candy hearts can be super hokey, but it was such a fun project.
It’s simple – you just fill a basket with ice cream, root beer and straws – but still super cute! I placed a trail of Hershey Kisses from the front door of Ryan’s apartment into his bedroom where I had this sign propped up on his bed, along with more Hershey Kisses, the above poster and homemade cupcakes, asking him to be my valentine. I just had to share it with you guys just in case there are any parents out there looking for an adorable Valentine’s Day craft project to do with their kids to surprise a loved one. Ryan and I create a small budget (usually $20) and both leave the house at the same time, setting a time limit during which we both have to get each other a bunch of little Valentine’s Day gifts!

I really like the root beer float idea – simple, but cute and Jonny does love root beer floats yet we rarely have them!! Your smiles makes him smile, your tears makes him sad and those three letter words I Love You make his life worthwhile.
In addition to these messages and notes, you can also surprise your guy with an email and love letter.
Simply buy a mug, write away with the Sharpie and bake the mugs for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to let the design set. We have also gone to the mall together and split up for an hour to each buy each other an outfit to wear on a date that evening. Our Valentine’s tradition usually involves making a nice dinner together with some sort of delicious dessert. It took forever to write them (tiny) cut out the strips and carefully unwrap each kiss and replace the paper then wrap it back up.
If you want to take your cute words to a higher level on the love meter, an excellent idea would be to leave surprise notes in unexpected places for him to discover! I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
Well, if you are running short of words, presented below, are some cute messages to leave for your boyfriend, that will bring a smile on his face and will also serve as the much-needed reassurance of your love for him.

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