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You have been dating your girlfriend for awhile now and she has asked you to meet her parents; you want to make a good first impression, but how? Making a good impression the first time you meet your girlfriend’s parents can help solidify you as the man their daughter should be with.
Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. With a disease that has so little hope around it and so much dark, I was amazed by my friend's deep passion and desire to educate and fight for research.
Our family is going to put our pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and bills till our lanterns are filled to the tippy top and join in the fight against ALS.
Looks like our time is ending here, thanks for joining us in all the Supersister goodness and friendship! Fridays are show and tell at school and Jack is always searching for just the right thing to take. My own childhood started gushing in my head the way it does in certain moments of parenting. I told them a story about how when I was little I watched my sisters and whether I realized it or not, I gave everyone a job or a label. I told myself all those jobs were taken and I probably shouldn't even try to do any of those things. I wonder if in an effort to encourage our children's individuality we sometimes shut or close off potential interests. It is important to invite younger kids to also do things for older children and not ask the older sibling to do more than their share.
Simple steps like having them face each other, one person talk at a time and stating their needs clearly to the other person can solve most confrontations.
As I try to jog my own mind and revive my Spanish, I wonder exactly how I am going to do the two week long visit. I've gone on for a long time thinking I would never make this statement, but I think it might be finally time to admit it: In my experience, my girls have been much harder to parent than my boys.
Now I should also mention, the feminist in this mother has hair on the back of her neck that is now standing straight up after writing such a statement. The dynamic duo of Lucy, age 4 and Lyra, age, 1, had pulled out every toy in their room, had a glorious moment with some glitter, both changed their clothes at least five times and ran to hide when I told them it was time to get dressed for an outing, all before 9:00 AM. They fight sleep like nothing I've ever seen, they play with ten toys all at the same time, they make enormous messes, they voice all their thoughts -- loudly, they demand right in the moment, they require all of you, they push hard, yet they also love wildly, care deeply and dive in with their whole hearts.
It's that time of year again; summer is winding down, and we are shifting our focus to all the joys of the upcoming fall. If you are moving far away you may want to self address envelopes and hand out to your kids' most important people and friends to send them a letter during the first few weeks when everyone may start to feel homesick. Dress appropriately: Like the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Treat your girlfriend like a princess: What the parents are looking for more than anything else is how you treat their daughter.
Watch your body language: What your body says can leave an even bigger impression than the words you speak. She is the kind of woman, probably much like her mom, whose strength is bringing light and color to a very dark situation. While we have been talking costumes since July at my house, we decided to add some extra family fun this year.
I only make one costume a year since I have four kids, the rest are bought, borrowed or recycled. I'll never forget a night I was invited to dinner, the meal being served was la lengua (cow tongue).
I so want to give in to the macaroni and cheese, chicken nugget lifestyle required and provided everywhere in kid world.
Everything you have ever thought or felt as a kid is all right there in a flash of a moment. We would be like a super Lego family, or maybe we are a big jumble of all kinds of things, artists, thinkers, builders, dreamers, you know?" I proposed.
The road to growing up together can make you the strongest allies or bitter enemies, depending on the moment. We wander into the land of asking our oldest children to parent when we rely on them too much. While siblings in our family are not always going to like each other, they are expected to respect each other's bodies and feelings. If you have more than two children, you know there are often children that seem closer to one or another at times.

The party girl runs deep in this one, she doesn't want to miss one single moment of living large to sleep.
I pretend we are in an exotic land on a sort of linguistic adventure, even though it is just my kitchen. She climbs on his lap as if she's done it a million times before even though this is only the second time she has ever seen him in her short little life.
There is some kind of old generational love, a knowing that this person knew you before you were ever born. How far and wide it can travel, how nothing can stand in its way, even when there are no words. As a preschool teacher for years, I had the chance to experience all different types of personalities and believed strongly gender was not at work in any way. I snapped a picture of their cute, troublemaking little faces before the wrangling of getting them dressed.
All of it in a particular way I don't see in the boys, who I should also add, carry their own brand of magic. In our house this means apple picking, lots of Halloween costume talk, and starting the big prep for a new school year. You can also make a coupon for a park day, or an ice cream date to be cashed in after school.
Call family meetings to check-in with each member about how things are going and what everyone might need throughout the move. Knowing even just a little about where they work and hobbies they enjoy will help you hold a conversation they find interesting. If you show up at her parent’s house in ripped jeans and a tank-top it will not leave them with the impression that you’re able to take care of their daughter. It will be one of the first things which will leave an impression on the father and you want it to be a good one. Awkward pauses can cause you to blurt out something offensive, or that doesn’t portray your confidence.
If you are not confident that will come across clearly to her parents; if you are not confident in yourself then why should they be confident in you? I find that neighborhoods are so very often looking to belong, people want tribe when living side by side. As we lit our lanterns that night, I thought of my friend Brea and her mom and the first time I saw her jars.
In the same way, just a little can do so much, I was wondering if our lanterns could hold our offerings of hope too. We invited just a few kids, got costumes and have been thrifting for all kinds of cool stuff to turn our dining room into a spooky castle. Make little books out of any paper you have lying around or flip books from a pad of post-its.
Why not let your kids catalog shop and pick out a small toy or trinket to give out from your house. Beside morning trips to the Cuban bakery for pastelitos on the way to school, I didn't venture too far off my Americano roots.
It only takes one bite, one new taste to change it all, even for this fifteen year old french fry lovin' girl. Sometimes this can be painful and we start doing all kinds of projecting but other times it feels more like an opportunity to educate. While each person has their niche, we are each amazing in our own ways and sometimes those abilities intersect.
I want, more than anything, when I leave this world for my children to have a tight bond with each other.
My instinct is to "bring it down" a notch or two but those are often big sibling bonding times. Each person would say their three wishes for the other person for the next day, week or even for their life. Share the best part of the day (high) and the worst part of your day (low) as you are preparing for bed. The good folks at AARP have a lovely site set up called Create The Good telling you exactly how you can gather supplies for kids who are in need.
I thought for a long time we were just nomads, but I realized it was really a kind of family strategy. We left a pile of boxes one day to take a break and go pick berries for our old and new neighbors. Most small children worry about if all the things they care about will make it during a move.

Find local list serves, co-ops and other neighborhood connections that might make your transition and introduction to your new place smoother. More important than what they like to do is their political and religious beliefs; knowing these can help you avoid potential conversation landmines which could ruin their opinion of you. An on-time arrival will display dependability and that you take your commitments seriously. This is where doing your homework is essential – when you are well prepared you will have plenty of things to discuss with her parents.
Even the people that send the very opposite message sometimes are waiting to be cracked open by kindness.
She did the very same colorful project but used the jars to collect money for ALS research and funding.
I think it is more about the planning, talking, connecting with my kid over something he or she is so excited about. Fast forward sixteen years, dragging kids of my own to a new Cuban restaurant that opened in town.
If they aren't bothering anyone and are safe, let them go and have all the family love to be had. You will be amazed how much goodness is already happening and how much more is invited in when you practice this list. Go to the store together and make up a box to donate, let kids locate and pick the items and then deliver to a school near you. Pick their most favorite people and friends to watch them for short or long stretches depending on their ages. We made a list of all the things we will miss in the old and all the things we want to do in the new.
Introduce yourself on the block or floor as soon as you can, knowing your neighbors is the best way to get the lay of the land. Buy a pack of markers and let the kids go to town coloring and making their own playhouse out of discarded boxes, or even create a box city in the back yard. The direction of your look is important as well; avoiding eye contact can make you seem sneaky and untrustworthy. ALS is a very debilitating neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
Spend an afternoon with the kids in your neighborhood making your lanterns or jars and see what your street can come up with. What I did gain over the years was a deep love for amazing food from all different cultures. This little game often opens up other important conversations and offers insight on my kid's perceptions about things. The place and time where everything becomes so simple, everything peeled back, all that really matters remains.
Even as tired as I am and wondering how I got the challenge on the back end after two chill older boys, I wouldn't trade any of it.
Get a tad more creative and fun, write it in invisible ink and send the special reveal marker with another note to explain the directions. We are a family wherever we go; every move called and reminded us to stay close to each other and not our surroundings or things.
Trying to do anything on a timed schedule with kids around is near impossible and having kids gone will let you go at lightning speed. You would be amazed what you can come up with some glue and stuff you already have lying around.
Don't let age difference be a stumbling block; there is always something to do together if you look hard enough. Cut a little heart out of felt or get a small token of some kind that your child can put in his pocket. Also enlist helpers for after the move, which will be a life saver when you really need to get settled and make your space finally feel like home.
Pretend like you are going on vacation; pack a bag of snacks and loot to pull out in difficult moments or to buy some needed busy time. This is a great way to show your child you are behind him, even down the road or the middle of the year. Tell him this is a little piece of you he can hold throughout the day when he needs some of your love.

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