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So you’ve made the bold decision to give junk food the flick, go you, now comes the hard part of breaking your addiction.
Whether you choose to cut down slowly or rip that band-aid off quickly, there are a few simple yet effective strategies you can employ to ensure you stay the course. Write down the calories, fat and sugar in some of your favourite meals and foods and you’ll be mortified.
TIP: Also add up the cost of junk food and how much money you will save and use this money to treat yourself to a massage or a new outfit.
With a fine-toothed comb go through your pantry and fridge and get rid of any food that is not going to help you in your journey to health and wellness. Tell the entire world you are off junk so that you’ve got support and people you have to be accountable to. Make an effort to avoid driving past your favourite takeaway haunts, it would be nice to think that we all have the actual willpower not to stop but why tempt fate?
For a limited time, we are offering you a HUGE DISCOUNT on the lifetime membership discount on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – you can see this awesome offer here. No excuses not to make a meal when the smoothies take you a MAX of 3 mins to whip together! Choc chip cookies are always a crowd pleaser but this fruit and nut recipe (which is flour and egg free) is next level delicious! The tricky-transition period occurs within the first 4 months after you walk back up the aisle.
If you are going to take your trip down the aisle this year, here are 6 super important transitions that you need to grab by the earlobe and set in order if you don’t want to be miserably-married for the first two years.
In most relationships I know, there’s someone who’s a social butterfly and a social caterpillar. Last year, The New Yorker published an amazing fictional conversation between two people who planned to hang out but never did, and then one-upped each other in trying to decide who was the worst for making and breaking plans. You never want to leave anyone out, but do you really need 27 people at your birthday party?
If nothing else has worked and you just need to start over (especially if people are lashing out at you on Facebook), consider moving to a new country and assuming a new identity, just like they do in all those movies where Bruce Willis is a retired spy who promised never to fall in love again but does so anyway, leading to a series of hilarious and deadly hijinks.
DILUTE YOUR JUICEDiluting your juice with water is another creative way of drinking more water for those who would rather reach for something sweet instead of drinking just water. Make a tally of what you used to consume per month and this will help keep you on the right track. Put this piece of paper on the fridge so you are reminded often.

Then check the fridge in the garage AND make sure you haven’t got a stash in the drawer beside your bed, no judgement here, we’ve all done it! Also, when you feel like you’re about to cave and emotionally eat make a phone call to a friend or family member to distract yourself. In just a few months, love-birds across the country are gonna go down the aisle single…and come back up blissfully married. But there are some things that happen after you come back up the aisle that no pre-marital counseling class can prepare you for.
You have to transition your mind from “this is how I do things.” To…“how are we going to do things that’s beneficial for my spouse, relationship, then me?”.
But 3-months into your marriage, you don’t like the way he does them and you want to take it over. When I first heard the story that Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, has a new girlfriend, singer Ciara, it didn’t register a blip on my radar of care or concern.
It’s hard to admit, but it seems more and more like a chore to see them when someone comes into town for Christmas because the only thing you can really talk about now is the fact that Mrs. How can you go wrong with a country that boasts its postage stamp gallery as one of its main attractions?
Not only will you earn brownie points for calling and not texting, but you’ll take your mind off smashing back that fat-soaked burger. Because it establishes the precedent for how the two of you will interact with one another and solve problems for the first two years of your marriage. Just because you went to a pre-marital class, watched a video, or read a book while you were engaged doesn’t mean you’re going to have a happy marriage. I don’t question you…or ask who’s texting you!” Insecure people argue about everything…and nothing.
Here are some less painful ways to end a friendship that’s just not working for you anymore. Then, as you lose further and further touch (imagine slipping away from each other into a warm void of safety to make yourself feel better), you won’t even have to do that anymore.
Then came ‘the big fight’ about me not doing anything…and her not appreciating what I was doing. For, if it doesn’t, your spouse will feel like you are being selfish, disrespectful, and unconcerned. You must continue to work on your marriage by regularly evaluating what each of you can: start doing, stop doing, and continue to do.

But before you get married, come up with a plan for how the finances will be managed, contributions will be made, bills will be paid, etc… It’s best to automate this financial process so someone doesn’t have to Tony Soprano their spouse every month for their contributions. But Derwyn’s complaint was that Lisa wasn’t showing enough commitment to their relationship. Plus, there are at least 37,000 people living there who will be pleased to make your acquaintance and share new memories with you. Buying a water bottle with measurements on the side would help you track your water intake. If you don’t get this right, you might end up being a happily-married bride to the world…but a miserably-married bride in private with your spouse. And they will naturally resort to self-preservation mode in order to protect their emotional, financial, and physical interests. The way we did it was one person would ask for a time to meet and discuss a specific topic. I’ve also heard men complain that their wife always has to have things her way…layout-and-design-wise. Then just tell them you have to run (even if you don’t) and hightail it on out of there, if you can. Set an alarm on your phone that would go off at intervals throughout the day which would scream at you that it’s time to drink water. The fact that someone felt the need to schedule a meeting…rather than to come right out and say it…meant that we both need to come prepared to communicate clearly and listen empathetically to the heart of what the other is saying. Make room for your spouse to feel like their personality and design aesthetic is represented in your home.
We muddily argued our way into an understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Willingly let their horrible piece of art or furniture have its place in the home simply for the sake of unity. But that kerfuffle brought up some unforeseen issues about how to deal with unmet expectations that no pre-marital class could have prepared us for. So that sparked a need for me to put in place some systems for us to better manage our transition.

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