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We’ve never seen a NAS server from WD before, so we cracked up the case to take a look at the build quality and to see what components were being sourced for the WD My Cloud EX4. Here is a shot at the right side of the case with the cover removed.  Not much to see besides the bottom of a hard drive and of course the bottom of the motherboard again. With the motherboard removed you can see what appears to be a PCIe slot that connects the four SATA III hard drives to the motherboard. WD placed a single 2GB SLC NAND Flash memory chip on the board to handle the operating system. Now that we know what the WD My Cloud EX4 is and what is inside of it, we can move along and setup the NAS server! I have the 16 TB version of this NAS and I wish the fan was a little quieter as the NAS is in the living room. The, white, single bay My Cloud was much slicker looking and came in 2TB form, and the EX4 is a heftier black unit; not ugly, but not stylish. The ‘Easy-Slide-Drive’ feature, which allows hard disks to be inserted with a simple click, is a neat, pleasing touch, and allows the user to avoid the hassle of replacing disks further down the line.
WD has added another USB 3.0 port to the EX4, meaning more storage can be added, as well as a power port for greater redundancy, and another Gigabit Ethernet port. In the same vein, the device can be bought with WD’s Red drives, which are designed for NAS use, but the EX4 also supports all standard 3.5 internal hard drives. Those looking to install their own hard disks will require a degree of technical acumen, but anyone opting for WD’s Red drives shouldn’t have too many problems. The unit can be integrated with leading cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive, and can be remotely accessed via apps for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Nonetheless, the EX4 is an affordable cloud storage option that is well suited to a connected consumer. For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on. If this new release is applied, the suitable NASes will receive several improvements regarding translation and wording issues in multiple languages, and will also be able to mount a volume in degraded mode, even after power loss.
Many cloud storage offers security against hacking or information sharing but it is not idiot proof.
In order to be able to access files anywhere, you will need to connect WD My Cloud EX4 to a router.
Hence, if you want to present some files, you can access them easily with your smartphone or laptop via WIFI. Or if you do not have enough storage on your smartphone, you can easily back your files unto the WD My Cloud EX4 using mobile data or WIFI wherever you are in the world!
I believe that we should keep our files in our secret vault rather than risking it at public cloud storage. A Father and traveler who enjoys to eat, shop, travel and taking pictures with camera and HTC One M9 Plus.
To Reset the Device Name, IP Settings, and Administrator Password of a My Cloud, Mirror, EX or DL series back to factory default, it is recommended to use the Reset button located on the back of the device.

The instructions on this article are to perform a Powered-On Reset on a My Cloud device, which resets the password and IP settings of the device to the default ones. Please select a My Cloud storage device from the table above to display that unit's instructions. With the device powered on, please insert a paperclip or narrow tipped pen into the Reset button slot on the back of the device, which is located right above the USB port of the unit. With the device powered on, please insert a paperclip or narrow tipped pen into the Reset button slot on the back of the device, which is located right above the USB ports of the unit.
With the device powered on, please insert a paperclip or narrow tipped pen into the Reset button slot on the back of the device, which is located right next to the USB ports of the unit. In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users. Constructed from the bottom up with the standard and reliability you’ve gotten come to be expecting from WD and sponsored through a -yr guaranty, My Cloud EX4 is an extremely-dependable, 4-bay NAS for your house or small administrative center. The layout is very simple with the motherboard mounted on the top, and the drives located below that.
You can also clearly see the spring loaded drive bays, front panel ribbon and the 3-pin fan header for the one 80mm fan that cools the entire NAS server. The bottom of the board sits on the top of the NAS, so we suspect this metal bar is present to protect the printed circuit board from the top cover of the WD My Cloud EX4 chassis and to help line up the board for installation. The WD My Cloud EX4 uses the Marvell ARMADA 300 embedded processor (ARM based 88F6282 processor) and it is a single-core solution that runs at 2.0GHz.
This controller has been around for over five years and we have seen it used on other networked attached servers and RAID cards.
WD is using capacitors labeled Nichicon and Taicon, which are both part of the Nichicon Family of capacitors. These included hard drives are already set up in RAID 5 configuration, which enables the capacity of the fourth drive to be used for redundancy in case one of the drives fails.
It can only support browsing content by folder, meaning the user has to remember where content is stored, and there’s no search function to ease matters.
It’s simple enough to set up, has a neat interface and can be used in line with prominent consumer cloud services.
Or do you wish to be able to access all your files everywhere in the world with just your smartphone? We are living in a digital age now and I am pretty sure many people are aware what cloud storage is.
Last year, hundreds of personal photos of Hollywood celebrities were hacked in iCloud and shared on Internet. I set up the drives to RAID 1 so that when my primary hard drive fails, I will have another back up hard drive to store my data.
You can access files via the WD My Cloud App on your smartphone, tab, laptop or even desktop. If after performing this type of device reset the Dashboard of the My Cloud is inaccessible, please see Answer ID 13860: After performing a reset on a My Cloud device, the Dashboard of the device is inaccessible.

At the same time as the power is plugged to the My Cloud device, pressing the Reset button and holding it for about 40 seconds, will make the device to go through a System Restore instead of a Reset. At the same time as the power is plugged to the My Cloud EX4 device, pressing the Reset button and holding it for about 10 seconds, will make the device to go through a System Restore instead of a Reset. It gives a powerful all-steel enclosure, more than one RAID volumes, Simple Pressure set up and a whole suite of apps for the ability and versatility to extend your NAS options. There are just two wires inside the EX4; one for the front LCD and the other for the rear cooling fan. We were a bit shocked to see that WD didn’t use all solid-state capacitors as four were standard electrolytic style capacitors.
I need to have a first NAS, at my office, with capacity of 16TB in Raid 5 with its reasonable price. However THAT really sucks because you can only set a single starttime and shutdown time per day.
The web interface is intuitive, with a simple dashboard featuring tabs including ‘users’, ‘shares’ and ‘storage’ among others.
Would you rather bring along external hard drives or even a laptop when you can access your files easily and present it through a tab?
There are plenty of cloud storage options for smartphones, such as iCloud for iPhone users or Dropbox for Samsung smartphone users. In layman terms, there are two set of hard disks and both sets of hard drives will store the same data so the second hard drive will function as a ‘mirror’ of the first hard disk.
Why leave your files on public cloud storage when you can store it in a private cloud storage that is yours to control. This System Restore will not cause data loss, and all Private Shares will become Public Shares. Both were proper sized with no extra cabling that would impede airflow or anything like that. Our capacitor expert on staff said that Nichicon generally makes very high quality products. Of course these are free but there are limitations such as available storage size, you may even need to pay in order to have additional storage for some cloud storage providers.
To make things more interesting, you can even assign folders for your staffs, colleagues or family members to view the files wherever they are.
For more information on System Restore, please see Answer ID 10433: How to restore a My Cloud storage device to factory default settings. If by any chance the primary hard drive is corrupted, a warning notice on the little cute LCD panel will light up. Also it will force the shutdown even if you’re currently streaming or copying files to the NAS.

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