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There are instances when former partners maintain a civil relationship after the fireworks have fizzled. One of the more important aspects of stopping and reversing any breakup is knowing exactly how the person feels toward you.
Simply put, there's no excuse for post-breakup communication other than continued interest. Get an ex boyfriend or girlfriend's text-message that seemed to come out of the clear blue sky? Your ex might've also texted you because they're lonely, or because whatever other relationship they had pinned their hopes on isn't quite working out. There are several ways you can still get them back when your ex is dating someone else, and texting you is their own safe little way of letting you know they're still 'around'. No matter what the case, your ex sending you a text is a very good thing if you're looking to get back together with them again.
This should tell you something very important; your ex's basest, most honest thoughts have you embedded in them. Drunk dialing is another sign your ex wants to get back together, or is at least still hooked on you.
A breakup is a breakup; in the truest sense of the word, both you and your ex are finally free of each other.
If your ex is mad at you after the breakup, it's because they always intended upon taking you back. Your ex might also drive by your job, school, or home - especially on the weekends - just to check up on you. If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend really want you back, they might even bring up the subject of the breakup. The above list shows the outward signs that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is still in love with you on some level.
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Even though the romance didn’t last, they still remain friends, especially if they still run in the same social circles. Your current partner is so jealous, she doesn’t want you having any contact with an ex.

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