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Sarah's Real Life is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All uses must be attributed to the full name of my blog, "Sarah's Real Life," and must link to my original post(s) from which you copied the material. I practically forgot that flared jeans were even a thing, but according to bottom of my closet, they were.
As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again until you come up with something at least mediocre. On Thursday it got above freezing, and I was so excited about the sun coming out that I wore the biggest damn sunglasses I have. I got this leather pencil skirt a couple months ago during one of Ann Taylor’s many extra zillion percent off super flash self-destruct-in-5-minutes sales. Anyway, being the responsible consumer that I am, I always pick out tissues based on whatever the cutest box is with absolutely no regard for quality or value.
Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. I think people really take advantage of the chance to wear something different from what they would wear on a typical weekend. Even though skinny jeans seem to have taken over, I don’t think flares will ever really be outdated. I posted an Instagram from the Target dressing room last week and got a lot of YESes for this jacket.

Kleenex has definitely upped its game recently in the cute packaging department (and luckily their tissues don’t feel like sandpaper and are mostly pretty reasonably priced), so I snagged these adorable little travel packs.
I don’t know if you knew this about me, but I quite enjoy an excuse to put together a fun outfit, and this is what I came up with! Then you grow up and you wear a bib (you might wear a onesie too), but it might be more of a beaded flower bib, which doesn’t help so much with the food catching but it does help with the compliment catching. I planned on wearing them for a special occasion (law school prom!) in a couple weeks, but I thought it might be a good idea to break them in a little first. I do, however, see the point in getting chocolate for Valentine’s Day because chocolate is never not a good idea. Nope, just this sweater, skirt, and boots, all of which I’ve worn before (see below) but never together.
Once again, this semester’s internship gives me an excuse to wear some things that are too dressy for class. For a conservative office environment, I try to stick with one statement at a time and then disguise it.
In high school, our house was the go-to spot for LAN parties, which involved large groups of teenage boys lugging their desktop computers into our basement to play Medal Of Honor all night, taking breaks to put household items in the George Foreman grill and see who could eat the most pickles without throwing up.
I took these photos at the end of the day, and you can see a little angry spot on my right foot…it looks worse than it felt. The rest of the time I will probably be drawn to whatever the prettiest and most colorful prints are.

There are tasty food samples from local vendors (beer cheese soup has changed my life), a DJ, and a drum circle surrounded by dinosaur skeletons.
I mean that’s my default, but if someone from another country has a great back story or is wearing a great outfit (um, hello Norwegian curling team), I will not-so-secretly hope they win.
And if you want to waste even more time at work today, you can play the Catwalk or Kleenex quiz game (click on the purple square at the top) and be entered in the sweepstakes.
In case you’re wondering what to get your own nerdy sibling (obviously this list is equally applicable to nerdy sisters and nerds with whom blood is not shared), I asked my 16-year-old brother to put together his ultimate wishlist. Tickets are pricey because it’s a fundraiser, but thanks to the generosity of a friend (whose dad is a sponsor of the event), I got to go last year and again this past weekend. I had to stock up on tissues recently because I’ve gone through our whole stash over the last month. First I had a cold, then I got over the cold, but it’s still winter, so my nose runs every time I go outside, then I come inside and eat some soup to warm up, and that makes my nose run all over again. In fact, go ahead and send me links to cat videos along with where to find more cute tissues.

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