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If you want to know what your guiding animal is then scroll down past the cartoon and take my free fun spirit animal quiz!  Once you’ve answered the questions, press submit to find out which one is your spirit animal and the lessons that he or she is here to help you with! Why waste our energies playing silly tricks on friends when we could play much more evil tricks on our enemies. I am the friend who wants to play the trick, you just didn’t realise cos I’m just so good at getting my own way.

I’ve already planned for this moment and can have the whole house up and in attack mode in no time! Make them think they are getting what they want when really it’s me whose getting what I want!! A spiritual guide animal is the animal that guides you through life's hardships and bumps in the road.

So now that you know what a guide animal is, don't you want to know which animal is right for you?

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