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We've been told time and time again that Photoshop is playing tricks on us, stretching, smoothing and buffing the models in magazines and ads to make them even more gorgeous (and less realistic). If models are getting the treatment seen in this video, it's no surprise lingerie model Erin Heatherton once said about her photos, "I feel like it looks like someone else.
The best way to write a cute or super sweet paragraph to your boyfriend would be to do something original, funny and unexpected.Guys are not big on showing their emotions, so if you want him to show you how much he loves you and stare into your eyes and tell you sweet things, then you should send him a paragraph that will make him smile or laugh. Can You Give Some Suggestions About A Nice Social Site Where Our All Old Friends Can Form A Group To Keep In Touch?

If I have been really patient for something and it's something I really need - and it's been promised to me ages ago, what do I do? What are some tips I should follow when preparing for a marathon, and are there any common suggestions that are actually just a waste of time? You can keep it romantic too, but a bit of humor and fun goes a long way!Sweet paragraph I sent to my boyfriendAnecdotes are a must-have when writing a sweet message to your boyfriend.
Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness.

The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg).

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