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After 19 years of life, I still struggle to name one female Asian leader, businesswoman, or sex symbol.
Recent Blog Posts May 19, 2014 Kyle’s Story in April 21, 2014 TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!! A quick background is that I was born in Germany, but my Mother is an immigrant to the United States from Vietnam. But now that I’ve got my DNA results back, I know exactly what I am and I was so surprised and happy with the results I wanted to share! La La Mer is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures and more. Ashamed that even though my grandparents scarified both their freedom and their pride for me, I continue to view my family lineage as a flaw I’d like to fix rather than I gift I choose to celebrate. I’ve always kind of looked like a mix of something and I thought I knew what …┬ábut I was wrong!

So in short I can now say I am Asian (Vietnamese), European, Middle Eastern and Polynesian. Was very interesting to read, I didn’t even have an idea that it’s possible to learn your nationality and moreover in such details!
And maybe there will come a time when I will look at myself in the mirror and see something in myself that is beautiful.
But this means that my mothers family, had other things mixed in that weren’t just Vietnamese. Even though people ask all the time if I am Hispanic, there is no Spanish, South American or anything else mixed in.
I was born and raised in the USA–a nation that I have come to love, so much so that I continue to love it even in the face of its flaws. Maybe one day I will learn to love not only the nation in which I was born and raised, but also the nation that sheltered and shaped the generations that came before me.

I was talking to my Mom about this and she said that many people from the Middle East immigrated to Italy, specifically Sicily since it is so far south. So what may have happened is someone immigrated from the Middle East to Sicily and that would be on my paternal side of my Great Grandparents.
It is $99 and they send you a swab and a box to send it back in, then you receive your results via email.
Chink–the sound that metal makes against metal, originating during a time when thousands of Chinese immigrants died to build a railroad that would connect the country geographically but not socially.

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