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Although she might be rocking a new style, Gomez was hanging out with old flame Justin Bieber in Las Vegas this weekend. We're sure hairstylists in the '90s cringed when they got their 20th request of the day for the super-popular cut, mad famous by "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston. In many ways, and without reinventing the wheel, Instagram is changing the way people share photos with each other. Just like with any social sharing application, there are a few things parents need to know about Instagram and how their teen may be using it, so the Yoursphere for Parents editorial team did the research. Instagram is a photo sharing mobile app that’s (currently) only available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The user then has the option to simultaneously upload this photo to a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare, depending on which ones they sync to their Instagram account. The only information required when signing up for Instagram is an email address and desired username. The single most important thing to realize is that, by default, anyone can view the photos that you upload to Instagram. Instagram is not for children under the age of 13, and in my opinion, not suitable for slightly older teens, either.
The same steps can be followed to report a user, in addition to giving a reason why you’re reporting them.
Select the proper reason for reporting from the list and, if prompted, a short description.
I am 25 and my dad still won,t let me get instagram because of the nude pictures and really bad language. I think the problem isn’t just porn and inappropriate contact from strangers, but from tweenies’ friends too!
Your parents must have reasons to not let you have a smartphone, as there are suspicions that every parent should make. I’m sick of all the 10 year olds on here getting upset because Mommy said no to an Instagram.
Unless you have been living under a rock (or maybe don't own a smart phone) you should know all about the latest social media addiction that is INSTAGRAM. Having an Instagram account for your little online baby is just another way to show it off to the world! Campfire Kam wrote a great post a little while ago on the importance of hash tagging your instagram photos. By adding tags like #craft #sewing or #fabric to that photo you took of the softie you are making people interested in those topics can search for "sewing" and find your photo.
The two hit up a pool party at the Hard Rock and went to the Floyd Mayweather fight, according to TMZ. The hairdo, which became something of a bouncy, layered phenomenon, is one of the most iconic hairstyles in the world to this day, even though it's been more than 20 years since it first made its debut. The mobile app, which is only available on the iPhone, is steadily growing in popularity among the kid and teen crowds, causing parents to take notice and ask, what exactly is Instagram, and is there anything I should be worried about? Users can either upload a photo from their device’s library or take a photo right then and there and use Instagram to change the way the photo looks. The photo will also be uploaded to the Instagram community where people can like and comment on it.

Users have a profile with the option to fill out information such as first and last name, username, birthday, gender, bio, email address and phone number. Though they ask for a phone number, it’s very clear during sign up that this is optional, so please consider your privacy or your teen’s privacy before entering a phone number here. In other words, your profile and your photos are publicly viewable unless you tell it otherwise. In fact, the editorial team found a multitude of bestiality photos in less than one minute when searching for friends.
And remember, there are plenty of apps out there, just like there are plenty of social networks out there that were made FOR your children, and with their privacy in mind. I remember all the things I didn’t get, or places I didn’t get to go even though all my friends were doing it, and you know what?
My kids turn in their phones to me every night, and know that I can look at what they have been doing. Obviously you are not yet 18, and whether or not you like that, you will have to accept it.
Yes, it is a great way to communicate (think: digital note passing) and most of it is harmless, albeit immature, but is harmless and a way to learn about one another and relationships in this day and age.
I think that you should ask your mom if it’s ok if you get one yet she can monitor it. Instagram was originally created for sharing images of the beautiful world around us, not of what we are doing every second of the day. I also have many restrictions i cant have a phone until i am 16 and i am only allowed to take pictures on my ipod touch. I, like most bloggers really do live the life we talk about on our blogs so I am not worried to share my personal life with you guys and I am also not going to hide any of my online life from people in my offline life.
Popular photos from all over the world are shared under the “Popular” tab, and every user has the option to follow other Instagram users and vice versa. But just like with any social sharing application, there are some privacy and concerning content issues that can ruin the Instagram experience for a family with kids and younger teens.
This is just something to be aware of as geotagging is a huge risk to you and your teen’s privacy online. Instagram has strict Terms of Use and Community Guidelines that make their age requirement clear. It’s a sad fact, and another commonsense reason that you shouldn’t allow your children to use Instagram. And though it’s a wonderful app that enhances the way we share photos, Instagram is not one of them. Although that may not exactly be what you want, you might get an Instagram, it might just be parent monitored. BUT, and this is a big BUT, with group direct messages it can get nasty and pushes the envelope on taste and can be totally inappropriate!!!!
I see instagram as a way to gain trust to my parents and show them that i can be responsible but i guess they dont see that, i go to bed at 8 and they still treat me like i cant do anything i hope they be able to see that i can do this and that i can be loyal show responsibility.When i am at school we use technology and when they ask for phones i dont have one i hopes this convinces you. It's unclear if the look is permanent or thanks to some clip-ins, but the singer's fans are obviously liking it. Also, there’s an obvious connection between Instagram and other adult-intended social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, I do know a few kids, whose parents never said no, that did not survive their teen years, whether it was alcohol related car accidents or drug overdoses. I think the main cause of them not letting you have an Instagram is that they’ve heard so many bad things about it.
If Instagram is to be used based on your love for photography, it is fully operational from the computer, with some select features unavailable including direct messaging. I think you should keep in mind the fact that there is a monthly bill and many other responsibility factors that play in here. She wont let me cause i secretly got a kik acount and my friend met a guy on mincraft that she didnt even know. Frankly, in my opinion, it’s a shame that others ruin what should be enjoyed by you and your family. It is not really your fault, as your frontal lobe, which contains the reasoning centers, are still growing. Even thought I thought my mom was a square, and unfair, I can see now that she was strong enough to accept my temporary hatred in exchange for the greater good.
Originally my parents rule has been that you have to be 16 for a phone anyways, so I was surprised myself. I do read the messages from time to time and realized I could not have my 13 year old exposed to the trash talk, foul language and worse. You don’t have the ability to see around all the corners yet, so trust your parents to do that for you. You can then take a camera and take pictures, then proceed to upload them upon getting home etc. SO – get their password and tell them you can and will read their stuff because it is your house, your electronics and they are still young! A 10 year old that really cares what mom and dad thought, can become a teen, who only cares what their friends think.
I know from experience that not telling your parents will just make you regret and it’ll be a disaster.
I got my phone taken away and so did my friend and i got my phone back after my mom looked over everything. Would you just drop them off at a party where there are no parents and kids you don’t know?
Then why give them 100% freedom on texting and instagram with some intervention and lessons? Just look around and take in life itself, feel blessed because everyone around you have been sucked into their phones and they probably won’t see the light aside from their phone screens for a very long time.
So i know i cant do anything like that again and i would be way more careful but i don’t think my mom understands that.

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