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May 2, 2014 by Brooke 529 Comments A week or so ago Shape magazine online reached out to me.
We did the phone interview and chatted for about a half hour about my journey, my weight loss tips, and other things.
I’m not going to lie, I was absolutely furious with the email and while I wanted to call them every name in the book and tell them how they were wrong. She then asked me to reconsider my choice to no longer be featured, that my story is great and I would get a lot of exposure from it.
The whole thing still really frustrates me because I don’t feel like my body was given the same respect as others on their site. I was raised to stand up for what I believe in and I believe that if a website posts pictures of women in bikinis, then I should be given that same right.
Since this has all happened, Shape and I came to a resolution, which you can read about here! When I first saw you post this picture as the one you were going to send to Shape I thought to myself- there is one amazing woman. Thank you, I also want the women of the future to feel good about who they are and not what the media thinks they should be! You are so incredibly strong… a true champion in my eyes, and someone I will forever look up to. Wow you are so strong to turn down that exposure in Shape, but of course I totally get where you are coming from. Big up for refusing to compromise on your values for so-called exposure in a magazine that wants to lie to women about our bodies!! T-Rex Runner (Danielle) shared this, and I am both furious and absolutely elated – furious at Shape and elated for your strength. I weigh 210lbs less now than I did when I started my weight loss journey at 23 (back in 1989).
Now I am 175 and a marathoner and do 50-60 miles a week running … and I look awesome.
As a fitness professional I respect her decision to do so but I can also understand why they might have wanted her to put a shirt on. I did it for the ones who want to know what a body can look like after extreme weight loss. Its your goal to share your incredible weight loss journey but its the magazines goal to sell magazines, its a business remember.
Having worked at a magazine (bridal) myself, there are a lot of factors in publication, and yes, policies.
The responses from her contact at Shape were respectful and courteous, and she opened the door for a phone conversation to further discuss, which it appears Brooke did not take her up on.
Peacefully living in the quiet village of Kaskiyeh, things were going well for young Goyathlay of the Chiricahua Apache in 1858.
Goyathlay, the 27-year old Apache brave, did what any badass worthy of that moniker would have done.
Donning his bitchin' war-paint, Goyathlay ventured out to the other Apache tribes in the region and recruited support for his personal vendetta against Mexico.
The next morning, eight companies of Mexican Infantry marched forth to do battle with Goyathlay and the Apache.
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Geronimo's daring acts of badassitude helped him capture some booty on the home front as well, and during his career he had eight different wives. Geronimo's fighting style can best be exemplified in his victory at the Battle of White Hill in 1879, when two companies of Mexican cavalrymen went up against a war party of about fifty Indian warriors. Of course, the Apache weren't just at war with our NAFTA partners to the south ? they also had to deal with the encroachment of U.S. I was to be a part of their Success Stories feature on the website, where there are women in bikinis.
The perfect hourglass shape with no arm flab, a thigh gap, full lips, perfect breasts, and a flat tummy. Being asked to send a photo of myself with a shirt on made me feel like I again should be ashamed of my body.
They want to acknowledge your weight loss, but they don’t want to show the real changes that occur when we lose that kind of weight. The biggest reason I wanted to showcase this picture is to show others that have lost a lot of weight, that they’re not alone. I probably would have done the same though because again, they have women featured in bikinis on their site. Its nice to there are people out there that are teaching others that being who you are is being beautiful enough. I wish we could get this message out to all young girls that think they have to look like those in magazines. I am just starting my journey (for real this time!) I am starting about where you did and dream of the day I look like this!
I generally do not read magazines like that, because they don’t seem relevant to someone like me, who has 100+ pounds to lose.
Yes it is extremely impressive that she lost the weight and everyone is treating her like she took the moral high ground in this case but from not only a business side but also a health perspective you have to think people are going to see this picture and it is going to make a lot of people not want to lose weight from showing a picture where (Don’t take offense to this, just stating the facts) your stomach is going to look worse. I do agree that my photo may discourage someone to lose weight, but I didn’t do it for those people. Say i’m 500 lbs and wanting to lose weight i buy a fitness magazine that say lose XX lbs in XX days then shows a before and after picture of a model with a fat before photo and a ripped body and rock hard popping abs after photo.
Your real life, amazing weight loss story does not fit in with their idea of the fantasy they are trying to push. It is hard to convey so many details in email – not only that, businesses must be very careful in how much they disclose in writing, as anything can be used against them because of misinterpretation.
If Brooke really wanted to fight the fight or get to the bottom of this policy, she should have requested to speak with the editor, or even publisher.
I can’t tell you how many times a bride or photographer would insist on us using a specific picture – or were reluctant to offer more images than they gave us, making it very difficult to layout the magazine as we saw fit.
Being someone who enjoys putting herself out there and finding new ways to reach people, I agreed. She let me know that she would work on my piece and get back to me as soon as she knew when it would be published. She then went on to say that this had nothing to do with me and not wanting to celebrate women’s bodies. I told her that if their policy was to have fully clothed people, then they needed to do that with the rest of the site as well. The reporter stated that she wasn’t sure if someone had complained about the previous photos to Shape or not.

This is a body after losing 172 pounds, a body that has done amazing things, and looks AMAZING in a freaking bikini.
We believe from the time we are little girls that to be beautiful we must have these things. I am in the process of trying to lose just over 80 pounds and your story is such an inspiration!! I do believe the reporter didn’t have anything to do with the decision unfortunately she was caught in the middle. It took a lot of strength and composure to not basically just tell them to fuck off… You’re a far better woman than I!!
I think you standing your ground is so incredible and I wish more people would do the same! It could be that they are changing the focus of the section of the magazine to include less nudity (personally, I am getting tired of seeing everyone and their grandma in their underwear). That they had just stated it was their policy now to include fully clothed photos for the feature.
But in my eyes if someone is complaining about them featuring women in bikinis, then again they shouldn’t have them anywhere on the site. If we’re not the ideal beautiful, then we should be ashamed and not feel like we are good enough. I hope another magazine sees this and wants to scoop up your story I just found your blog on Instagram with your photo – I will be sharing the photo as soon as I get out of work!
You and I seem to have an extremely similar weight loss (I went from 328 to 156) and this isn’t the After story you usually see.
You’ve accomplished something many people only dream of – and shame on them for not wanting to tell the WHOLE story! Started my workout i feel good i lost XX amount of weight and i’m soooo excited for my rock hard popping abs. It could be that she is part of a larger feature and they want the feature to all fit into a theme or feel (maybe others in the feature were dressed – and it would look odd for one person to be in a bikini). I’m a firm believer you must love yourself to handle the journey of losing weight, that includes loving how you look. But whenever i look in the mirror all i see are hanging lose skin although i can see my Abs inside depends on where i pull my lose skin. There are thousands of sources on the internet telling stories of body confidence for nearly every body type you can imagine, but ours is not one you see a lot.
All fitness magazine, website and videos only show rock hard abs after losing XX amount of weight. Of course i feel great i’ve never feel healthier and stronger and happier but where are those rock hard abs that they are saying after a losing XX weight.
Everyone should be aware of what will happen or what they might look like after loosing XX amount of lbs the reality not the fantasy.
Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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