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Instead, I just smile, kiss Zac on his cute little (still semi-)bald head, and ignore them.
After all, what business is it of anyone’s whether I’m still nursing my child at almost 16 months of age?
Either I ignore you, or I shove your foot so far down your throat it touches the ground again with our story of FPIES. Tagged breast feeding, breast feeding 16 month old, FPIES, judgemental people, nursing in public, Zac. I am the opposite, I nursed both my girls and wouldn’t have done it any other way but I look at people propping up their bottles instead of holding their baby and think why in the world aren’t you breast feeding? Children with FPIES have symptoms that range from severe (violent vomiting to bile and hypovolemic shock) to mild (bloody diarrhea, sleep disturbances). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Claudia is the all around 21 year old model who also works for one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons. In MY day, we had the common decency to keep our breasts where they belong – in our shirts!

How I’ve limited my diet for over a year to ten items in order to keep that breast milk safe for him. Judgy that she needs to mind her own business because it’s not her concern, but where’s the fun in that? With our kiddos food issues, you and I just have extra ammunition for the naysayers, though.
When I was nursing Jed, I was positively buried under layers of nursing covers, wraps, etc. Her modeling career is just getting kick started and within just weeks of having some basic photos placed online, she now has every agency and photographer in town going googoo-gaga over her. What better way to convey a line crossing than by pointing out just how FAR the line has been crossed? Mom said it was just something about that generation and how they always had to cover the babies feet, though, so I guess that’s it.
I rarely let it bug me, but there were some jabs that stung a little behind closed doors…most of it from those closest to me.
Once I was nursing, boobs were just boobs, and nursing modestly became a coveted skill (I’d check moms out all the time and think, man how are they making that look so easy!).

Reactions are delayed onset, usually 2-4 hours after a trigger food is eaten, but sometimes even longer than that. This is where I talk about all things FPIES, Fructose Malabsorption, Food Allergies, Real Food, Recipes, Autism, and most of all, Family. Click on the photo for more on my family and what this blog is about, and thank you for visiting!
If you had any smarts at all you would be high tailing your butt into the member section to witness Claudia’s sexiest ever exclusive HD pictures and video shot by Mixed Magazine! I realized then how much I just needed people’s understanding to be able to feed him where we were at.

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