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Now you can stay in touch with the ones you love with Cloud Pets Teddy for just $29.99 plus shipping and handling. Disclaimer: All trademarks on this web site whether registered or not, are the property of their respective owners. Chelsy Davy, girlfriend of Prince Harry, has dinner with friends in South London the night before the Royal Wedding. Joe Tacopina, who now reps Myla, tells TMZ … Kris and his lawyer have been on a search and destroy mission against his client, trying to hide the fact that they have been in a relationship for 5 months. We’re told hotel management investigated and quickly determined the allegations were baseless.
Tacopina tells us … a defamation case against Kris now looms large, and he had better apologize quickly for what he says is shameful, vindictive conduct. I do not understand why Humphries does not accept a cash payout and leave all the drama behind him.
I’ll just point out again that the Feds handle kidnappings, blackmail, and extortion in this country.
UNlike Amanda Bynes tweeting the POTUS trying to get her DUI cleared & the LAPD cop fired. I know there are cell phones, tablets, and computers now, but this is such a cute way to stay in touch with your loved ones.
My daughter is 14 and my son is 4, so I have seen first hand how much kids of all ages enjoy it.

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Chelsy, who was seen making multiple funny faces, lit up a cigarette at one point during the dinner. So Kris was dating a budget Kim Kardashian lookalike for the last five months.TMZ has run some of the details about the relationship, presumably direct from the woman, Fatmire Sinanaj (aka Myla).
Myla wasn’t backing down, and Kris went on to claim that she was trying to extort money from him.
Tacopina believes Kris and his lawyer wanted to get Myla fired, to make a point that she had better shut her mouth about her relationship with Kris … or else.
If this fool wanted to keep his relationship with the Kim K lookalike out of the spotlight, he should have stayed quiet and people would have forgotten.
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They had photos of the two together at the beach, and photos of Myla courtside at Kris’ game.
In response to Myla going public with their relationship, Kris broke up with her and had his lawyer send her a cease and desist.
A kid on the playground told me he would spread the rumor that I was a prostitute if wouldn’t be his girlfriend. I know it’s the thing to hate Kim and everything Kardashian but this guy really does suck big time. Myla works in a high end NY Hotel, and Kris’ lawyer called the manager with these outrageous claims in an attempt to intimidate her. The results portrayed in the stories and in the comments are illustrative and subjective, and may not be the actual results. I’m wondering how the conversation between Kris and his lawyer went while plotting out this idiotic strategy.

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