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Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes may have split, but in the February issue of Cosmopolitan, the singer reveals he was the perfect gentleman on their first date. This blog contains affiliate links, which helps me support my family at no additional cost to you. Two weeks later, while talking to my boss about a co-worker who was quitting due to an unplanned pregnancy, it dawned on me that I was late. Isn’t it amazing how those feelings of fear and anger that you had in the beginning turned into joy and wonder the moment your son was born? I’ve discovered our plans are never His plans and His are always far better than we can imagine.

Panic filled me as I thought about the fact that I too needed to go purchase a pregnancy test. Being 19 and pregnant was enough.  I also refused to be huge and pregnant when we got married!  I’d found the perfect dress and I was going to wear it!
He may not always take us down the road we want to travel, but wherever he leads us it is always for our good. My hubby jokes that there is only 6 months between his birthday and their anniversary…but, they have been married for 32 years now and what a blessing!!!! Copyright 2008-2015 linux web hosting All content on this site is for entertainment purposes.

His ways are not our ways but boy, the joy that would have been missed if I had been allowed to write my own story. By participating in any part of this site, including advice, you agree to release Melinda Todd and Trailing After God from all legal responsibility and liability.

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