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Even when I have worked a full and very busy day, I never feel drained and exhausted because I enjoy what I am doing and feel rewarded and motivated at the completion of each task, project or day. I am able to articulate my values that reflect what is important to me which are aligned with the work I do.
I am confident in my talents and abilities and am able to move forward in my career with confidence.
While I realise that there may be some days where things at work don’t happen as originally planned, I can honestly say that bad days are few, and that the good days certainly outweigh the not-so-good days. I consistently achieve high results and praise from my superiors, colleagues and other key stakeholders in my performance evaluations at work.
I possess a high level of self confidence which is supported by my beliefs that I can accomplish whatever it is that I aspire to in my work and my life. I am aware of the type of working environment that is conducive to my personality and natural style that will allow me to perform at optimum levels. Unfortunately your score indicates that you are totally dissatisfied and unmotivated in the work you do – something you are probably already conscious of.
81 and 115 points: Fantastic – your score indicates that you are happy in your current work, which is a fantastic position to be in.

If you were asked for your feedback on a new reality TV show, you would be most interested in seeing something about what? It's simple: 1) Fill in your answers to the Career Test below, 2) Register with your information, 3) View our sponsors' offers.
Which of these negative qualities do you think you would be able to tolerate in your career? When you're in the middle of a critical and strenuous situation, which of these roles do you assume? Would you be willing to go back to school or some form of learning institution to prepare for your new career?
Several jobs involve dealing with clients, customers and others who are not part of your team.
They can be trying at times, but if you're well trained and use common sense, you'll be fine. Do you prefer stability, knowing exactly what you need to do, or variety, something new every day? It is important that you monitor this to ensure the positive elements in your work continue to outweigh the not-so-positive to avoid the build up of dissatisfaction and frustration.

Your work is aligned with your values and what is important to you, you feel inspired and empowered in what you do, and you have a clear direction in which you wish to head. We are generating your results.Here are some optional offers while we process your information. My Career Calculator will then instantly analyze your responses and will determine the types of careers that are right for you!
Or are you ready to finally get the support that will help you get off the ‘boredom’ treadmill and find inspiration and empowerment in what you do, to connect with your true purpose so that you too can live your life’s calling? It is possible to find a career that will allow you to harness your unique gifts and talents so that you can are totally passionate and motivated about what you do, so that you too, can live your life’s calling. Congratulations – you are a true inspiration for others around you that are looking to find real passion and motivation in their careers and to live their life’s calling!

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