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There’s been a lot of questions and concerns raised about our announcement that the Online Family Tree system is being retired.
First, we are concerned about the long-term stability of the product, and are anxious to get everyone and their files situated on the newer platform and technology that we can maintain and support. Second, we believe the new Ancestry Member Tree system is a far superior experience, and believe you will find much to appreciate about it.
After eight years of service, the Online Family Tree system has become outdated to the point that we can no longer maintain it.
The transfer is safe, because it is non-destructive, meaning your existing Online Family Tree file remains unchanged and unmoved and essentially untouched in this process.
Your family tree in the Ancestry Member Tree system is FREE for you and all your invited guests. No — not unless you specifically invite someone (a family member, trusted fellow researcher, etc.) to view your tree and specifically give them permission to edit it. We’ve done a lot of work to make the Ancestry Member Tree system as simple as possible for you. Create a backup copy using the GEDCOM export feature in the Online Family Tree system before your transition or in the Ancestry Member Tree system afterward. This is one feature from Online Family Trees we’ve not yet duplicated in Ancestry Member Trees. What are the basic differences between the Ancestry Member Tree system and the old Online Family Tree system?
What are the top five features in Ancestry Member Trees not available in Online Family Trees? Again, we’ve put a tremendous amount of energy into helping you make a smooth transition from your Online Family Tree to an Ancestry Member Tree.
Why do people keep making changes to good systems and making them more difficult for users? They will gain the people who copy other’s wrong entries, to be passed on to other people who copy wrong entries. Ancestry will also gain many useless modern photos which will end up clogging their servers. Billy Barnes I have spent years researching my family and some I did not know were my family.
Several recent, multiple postings of my own have been briefly posted with the ominous message “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION”, after which they were quickly deleted.
I will try and use it again but I feel that it will be a waste of time as the information that I want to look at (at a glance) I can no longer see. Georgie Now I know what has been wrong with the tree I have been working on for the last 5 years. I have 12,760 people on my Online Family Tree and a significant number of records tied to these people. If I had known that the vast majority of my time and effort building an online tree would have been lost to me I would have found more productive activities for the past five years. It seems to me that Jenny Nowak (message 17) and many others who think they have lost hard worked ancestral data deserve a public response directly on this blog page. My question is when changing the tree from public to personal, how long does it take Ancestry to make the change? Sandy I am incensed that someone else can access my photos and especially my certificates and all the work that goes with them and then RIP ME OFF without so much as a by your leave.
Dave Sandy, if you read all the commments in the different sections of this blog, regarding the new tree and the ability to upload documents and photos, you will see that several people have already posted their concerns about this. Someone mentioned that they performed a name search in the photo section, and counted the same exact photo of the same person uploaded to numerous different trees, and that one particular photo appeared on nearly every page of the that name search. If you upload birth, death, marriage, and other documents into your tree that you have paid money for and then make them public, other people will steal them.
More and more new trees are disappearing or are being made private, and more of the old trees are being deleted.
If it ain’t free (1), if there are no notes (2), if there is no option for a table of descendants (3), if it’s slow as a dog (4), and if others can instantly paper clip your findings as their own (5), then I think it’s a total loser. Cornelia Warner snippet of the original report, though not the one Ancestry sent to all Rootsweb users reassuring us that they would remain free.
When working on this kind of thing, I want speed and efficiency, not fancy looks, pretty graphics and a lot of fiddling around. If Ancestry put as much work and emphasis in ensuring a secure and fully functioning system BEFORE launching as it does sponsoring TV shows of Celebrities tracing their family histories; I’m sure the site would be a much better place with happier users! One of my pet dislikes is that you have no way of telling it to permanently disregard a match online that your system thinks is likely, even if it is nothing like the person you search for. Another point, it should be possible to save the FTM file in a format directly compatible with earlier FTM versions without going back to gedcom format. I am a long term paying customer of Ancestry and am very disappointed at the direction it’s taking.
Does the new Tree system automatically update Rootsweb, or do I have to upload a new GEDCOM to Rootsweb to update my trees? I do hope the Notes will be restored because I relied on them to discern if there was any value to the info posted on some of the Trees.
I agree with those who do not want to upload photos & docs that will be used by others without remuneration or discretion. I will check out what Rootsweb has to offer, I had become lazy using Ancestry all these years.

David Wild Reading the comments here I think confirms my view of the new version 2008 I think. David Sterling I am a relative newcomer to research, having only done it for the last year. I sent a question asking about why new trees and trees transfered from the old Ancestry system don’t appear to others even when I have made them public. Jerry Fortner I agree with #1 I lost some of my tree when i changed over to Ancestry Member Tree about 3 years work. Dee What is the purpose of posting your tree online if you want to keep everything to yourself? After reading a number of comments, I decided to see if I could download my AWT file to FTM (the 2006 version). The bottom line seems to be that AWT does have some nice features but I am not sure that the positive outweighs the negative. Glenna Daughdrill AMEN sister~~~ I am so tired of going to the online trees and seeing my hard work being butchered to death by novices downloading, uploading mixed, unverified, and unsubstantiated information. Rootsweb and Ancestry have been very useful to me in putting me in touch with others connected to my tree and I’m happy to share what I have collected but, unless I have got it wrong, it sounds as if only subscribers will be able to view what is left of my tree. Sharon Costigan I have been using what looks like the new system for quite some time now, so am a bit concerned about what has changed??
One thing I did was to click to convert to the new tree system and apart from the fact that the tree was halved in terms of the number of people, it had mistakes in it that I corrected almost 2 years ago! I must say, I knew nothing about these changes and yet I note that there have been emails or bulletins??? Janet why have the actual census records been expunged from the districts 1-250, Buffalo,Erie,NY.? In the course of the investigation Chris Hanson is working with a computer forensic scientist and monitoring the transactions of a band of persons involved in the exchange of personal information on-line.
How can we protect ourselves and our living relatives from identity theft other than adopting the steadfast rule of never including any information about living relatives in our-on line family tree? And most importantly, am I putting myself and my living relatives at risk by including them in my family tree?
Barry Williams I have recently purchased family tree 2008 and having established most of my tree with 2005 version. The group certified research that traced Raney’s roots to William Turpin, a patriot who fought against the British in the Revolutionary War. Raney respects her ties to her famous ancestor, but he is not the reason the 39-year-old smiled like a beauty pageant contestant as she walked the halls of a group that at one time barred black people. Raney, a systems engineer and mathematician with degrees from Spelman College and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, talks less about the third U.S. It is rare that black family history such as Raney’s is unearthed, traced and documented, historians said.
Tens of thousands of blacks with fair complexions such as Raney can only guess at their origins because of the secrets that hid them, historians said — and because of records that were lost, burned or never searched. It makes entry into groups such as the DAR harder for black women, said Darryn Lickliter, the group’s director of genealogy.
In the years since, the DAR apologized profusely and invited Anderson to perform at the hall several times before her death in 1993. Wilhelmena Rhodes Kelly, 66, a genealogist and writer who joined the DAR nine years ago and became the first black woman to start a chapter last year, in Queens, New York City, said the group has changed. The project sometimes shines a light on long-hidden relationships between slaveholders and slaves.
Raney heard family members talk about links to Thomas Jefferson’s relatives but paid it little mind.
A sequence of DNA tests placed her ancestors in Mali and other West African countries, but also contained a surprise — she was 30 percent European. The product is eight year old, which is a very long time in internet years, and we are not comfortable that the system is capable of living much longer. We want to focus all our available resources on this one system, and make it the best it can be. So we’re helping you transition your family tree file to our Ancestry Member Tree system before the Online Family Tree system is no longer available.
The original file is untouched, and a separate, new copy of your file is created in GEDCOM format.
If for some reason your tree contains information that doesn’t work with this standard, we may have difficulty transitioning your tree. While building and viewing your Ancestry Member Tree file is free for you and your invited family guests, others who want to search your tree must have a paid subscription in order to do so.
We never display information about people we think are living in any search results from your tree. However, making your tree “Personal” allows you to limit the information others can access and decide if anyone gets to see more. Logsdon I have tried a dozen times or more to transfer over but the same error of not getting all my family happens every time. New work submitted by me is anticipated by other researchers because it is backed up by documentation.
I ran across one where the child was born after the mother had died (this is impossible), I have also had people duplicated when the information to be merged was the same as what was already in my tree. While this may be small compared to many trees, it does represent close to 5 years of research which I have been able to share with many other members researching their families.

The best that I have been able to do is to get 2,125 names across into AMT, a 17% success rate. I do share my work but today all those certificates copied to another tree left me feeling violated. Note that the OFT system will no longer submit files to Ancestry World Tree, which is part of of the Rootsweb WorldConnect project.
It is an excellent way to summarise family content to show others and was available in the earlier versions. Once you upload your tree there seems to be no way that I have found to update the online version periodically without uploading the whole thing again, surely that is not really the case. I’m on Ancestry most days and the first I heard of it was when I was idly scanning the home page and found the notice. I have reviewed these census records in the past and now I can’t correlate between the 1934 directory Buffalo and the census. She carried Virginia’s flag in a procession that walked down a carpeted aisle at Constitution Hall.
Her place in the DAR, a predominantly white organization whose annual convention in Washington at DAR Constitution Hall ended Sunday, was proof of her extraordinary family history. It is rarer still when it is linked to a storied family with power, privilege and a celebrated legacy.
The DAR, established in 1890 to recognize descendants of patriots who fought for American independence, uses rigorous genealogy searches to verify the claims of applicants. The group is still working to repair its reputation, which was marred decades ago after it blocked Marian Anderson, one of the world’s most famous opera singers, from performing at a 1939 concert at DAR Constitution Hall because she was black. In the 1980s, it started Forgotten Patriots, a project that works to identify black and Native American men who fought in the Revolutionary War, so that descendants can more easily link to them. Digging deeper, she spent thousands of dollars ordering more DNA tests for herself, her mother, Carolyn, and her father, Robert. In the last 8 years the Online Family Tree system has aged–gracefully, but is now unquestionably old and ready for retirement.
Important note: Even paid members must ask your permission before viewing details in your tree. You only need to make some simple decisions about how much access you want to give other members.
We look at dates (birth, marriage, death), and relationship information to determine if a person is living. Trees marked “Personal” will allow other members to discover if someone they’re seeking is in your tree, but they won’t be able to see any personal details or relationships without contacting you for further permission. I have enjoyed the online family tree system for years so I will probably drop my membership for the next year. After merging to create the soucre citation I discovered that the person wasw now in my tree twice.
I upgraded from version 11, which is still being sold around here, to 2008 because I wanted better ways of citing sources. If you are going to retire the system there needs to be a better way of letting people know – my husband, who is on Ancestry EVERY day also knew nothing about it. The houses were burned when word got out, but then were rebuilt, according to a family memoir. She is the leader of the Harmony Hall Chapter of the DAR in Fort Washington, Maryland, and is credited with saving it from being dissolved by recruiting younger women as older members passed away. What we’re bringing out into the open is that white men and black women did have relationships. Thomas Jefferson’s intimate relationship with his young slave, Sally Hemings, is one of a few. My trees are too big for Ancestry now to make effective use of the publishing tool – time to move on. The site now, as far as the family trees and the resulting erronious information floating around on it is concerned, is rapidily becoming a joke!
I was quite happy having a completely seperate, isolated tree on my personal computer as my main file and only uploading the stuff I wanted to ancestry. I was happy with the idea of adding pictures and certificates, as long as they stay attached when I update, but without the notes and sources it doesn’t work. I hope that this change will correct ALL the errors and duplications that you have on my family from other people who don’t research but copy anything blindly. I also host a private Myfamily site and they are using the same tree format so it looks like time to try and find a new way to display my work. Yes multimedia is much better supported, and of course online is better, but they have gone overboard there. Custom event does not recognize that there may have been a child to be listed in the family section.
I would happily go back to a previous version even if it meant scrapping the new work I have done in 2008.

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